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Island Improvements (Part IV) + Enemy Dynamic Lighting

Hello! Here’s a new round of Island area comparison shots showing the latest refinements (see gallery below). Also, I’d like to show you how the dynamic lighting looks now on enemies with torches and crossbows, along with some extra improvements … Continue reading

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Island Improvements (Part III) + Assignment Ada (END) + Surprise

Hello! Here is the surprise: As you can see, this is a cutscene using the “Special 1” costume option, which (as you probably know) gives Leon his costume from RE2. The surprise is that now Ada is wearing her RE2 … Continue reading

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Brief Update: Ganado Torches Casting Light, New Coin Chest

Hello! This is just a small update. I already posted the new coin chest in one of my answers in the previous post, but I also found a way to implement realtime light sources for the Ganado torches and I … Continue reading

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Island Improvements (Part II) + Assignment Ada (Part II) and more…

Hello everybody! Let’s continue with the Island / Assignment Ada remastering and refinement process. I’ve just made progress in 3 rooms: Room 307/40b (lab): I’ve polished some textures and 3D models (nothing really major was needed since my first revision). … Continue reading

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Island Improvements (Part I) + Assignment Ada (Part I)

Hello everybody and Happy New Year! This is the first post of 2018… time passes quickly… but nothing will stops us! So, let’s continue with the progress updates! Now I’m focusing on the lighting and effect improvements for Island areas … Continue reading

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Separate Ways – Chapter 5 (Part 2 – END)

And here goes the last part of the-most-elegant-spy-in-the-world minigame! This post contains the last three areas of Separate Ways: Krauser battle: This is basically a touched-up version of room 327 in Leon’s campaign. They added some new geometry for the … Continue reading

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Separate Ways – Chapter 5 (Part 1)

Hi! Here comes the Ada’s final chapter (part 1 :P) I’ve spent more time that I thought in the first area… I didn’t remember it looked so bad! It seems they reused PS2 assets because the area was slightly different … Continue reading

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Separate Ways – Chapter 4 (Part 2)

  Hello again! And here comes the second update from Separate Ways – Chapter 4. All comparison shots are from the first area, as the other 3 rooms are almost the same as what you saw in prior posts from … Continue reading

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Separate Ways – Chapter 4 (Part 1)

Here goes another round! Today I’m showing you the 4th chapter of Separate Ways. Since this chapter has some exclusive areas (or heavily modified areas from Leon’s campaign), I’ve split this chapter’s update into 2 parts. The first part covers … Continue reading

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Sub Screens HD Remaster!

Hello! This week I’ll show you all the progress I’ve made with the sub-screen and inventory screen textures and models. This remaster work will be for all 5 languages. Please take a look at the entire gallery bellow. OPTION SCREEN: … Continue reading

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