Look familiar? (XVI)

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  1. kaludio says:

    WOW that even more impressive than the floor on the shooting gallery mini game xD

  2. Lukas says:

    You have a great eye for finding stuff.

    A question about the Ashley sequence: IIRC, the japanese version of that sequence had fixed camera angles like the classic Resident Evil games. Is this possible to restore into the EU/US Steam versions?

    Another minor question: how did the cigarette box turn out? :^)

    • Cris says:

      Hi Lukas! Sorry for the delayed reply — modifying the camera angles in the Ashley section is currently outside the scope of the project (and I’m not sure anyone knows how to do that at this point). The cigarette box turned out well! I’ll try to post a screenshot in my next update. Thanks!

      • Lukas says:

        I was wondering if it was possible since I would assume these files are in the game data and unlockable. I realise it’s not in the scope of the project but still… it just sounds like a really easy fix.

        • albert says:

          We would need someone with japanese version installed and then compare files. I think the difference could be inside St2\r20d.udas.lfs\cam file but it’s just speculation

  3. kaludio says:

    can you remap a texture to a texture that is not on the original files… in other words to make an additional call to a texture not present on the texture calls that the game has originally? for example the game loads 100 texture when entering a given area, can the tools available now make the game loadl 1o1 textures?

    • albert says:

      Good question! Yes, we can. As much textures as we want! 🙂

      Although there is a problem : if we add new texture calls into the 3D models the game will crash when using “Original textures” because the models will try to load some textures that are not inside the “original textures” pack files.

      Solution: we should create 2 pack files when new textures are included in a room: one for “HD textures” mode (ImagePackHD folder) and the other one for “Original textures” mode (ImagePack folder)

      Anyway, there are very few instances new textures are really needed, I think

      • Pedro says:

        Would be great if you could make an Ultimate Graphics Pack (ImagePackHD folder) and a Performance Pack (ImagePack folder), so then to change between then it’s only needed to press a button in the menu.

  4. Lukas says:

    Happy 10 year anniversary RE4! Hoping for a special post in tribute of that. :^)

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