Starting on some Tile…

A small update for tonight from what I’ve been working on. Enjoy!

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  1. Lukas says:

    Amazing work and detail!
    Btw, think you can mail me a picture of the cigarette box? 🙂

    • Lukas says:

      Also, did you re-re-re-make the tombstones after I found those pictures? 🙂

      • albert says:

        Yes, we did! 😉 but… didn’t you download the Village release?

        • Lukas says:

          I can’t, my computer is too slow… at the time the whole thing is finished i’ll be able to play through the whole thing.

          • albert says:

            Ahh too bad. Well I hope you have the oportunity of testing it by yourself soon.
            If it’s any consolation to you, my PC is dead right now and I can’t do anything until the new computer arrives next Tuesday. The poor machine couldn’t resist that amount of textures XD

  2. Alvare says:

    Great quality textures. As always. 😀

  3. Plumeex says:

    I just completed the village section with your pack… After all the versions I’ve done (GC, Wii, Xbox), I really feel like I’m playing the “Ultimate” Resident Evil 4, and it’s thanks to your incredible work.

    Entering the castle was a shock! I can’t wait for the patch to the best looking section in the game.
    Thanks a lot guys!

    • albert says:

      Thanks to you! We are happy you enjoy the results. And yes, without a doubt, the new textures benefit the castle area the most 🙂 well… from my point of view. There must be people enjoying lab/technological textures more than architectural textures so they prefer aesthetically the island area.

  4. KALUDIO says:

    what’s with the trapezoid smudge on the second picture, left of the door?

    • KALUDIO says:

      amazing work i forgot to add, specially on the wooden patterns, they really compressed the texture on the original release, they look really different from what they’re supposed to look

  5. KALUDIO says:

    I’ve been playing the game and i’ve found some odd stuff that could be fix with some remapping. the First one is a ceiling texture that, i think it would be quick fix if the texture was rotated so that the darker ends face the walls 2nd would be a wall texture that end on a dark mold and the texture on top of it is a light color that makes obvious where a texture ends and were the other begins (blue) , it would be better if the top texture is remapped so that the it starts on a moldy/dark like in the bottom picture on the link (red) 3rd is a texture on the holes of the tombstones (single, doubles and the ones that are deteriorated), is seams to be mapped to a part of the front face that that has a curved ornament and it seams to loop (blue), it would be nice if it where to be remapped to a more clean an homogeneous part of the texture like the ones highlighted in (red) 4th is a gap between the geometry of the shadows (red) making the parts not darkened seam like a glitch or a beam of light 5th is a texture mapped to a deteriorated tombstone, the problem with this texture is that it is the part of the front of the tombstone and it features texts that is legible and some patterns (blue). it can be fixed by remapping the texture to the texture of the rock wall on the same areas like one of the other type deteriorated of tombstone already does (red).

  6. KALUDIO says:

    continuing with the previous post here are five more other weird stuff i found 6th this one is not just one texture but series of fixes, first are the two fireplaces on the house where you find Luis. The fireplace texture (blue) are from the bridge from the same area, prompting me to think they (capcom) only did this due to the gcn RAM. It could be awesome if the those texture could be remapped to the textures to the ones on the fireplace on the Mendez house (red). there would be some altering of course, since the fireplace on Mendez’ house has an arc, but it wouldn’t be so hard i believe. second is the random cloth texture on the sofa (top green), you guys made a really good job disguising it, but it would be even more cool is it was fixed xD. and last is the lack of shadow on the floor under the fireplace on Mendez’ house(bottom green). 7th, this is a missing shadow on the bottom of the chasm on the beginning of 1-2 8th, i don’t know if there is a fix to this problem but on the last part of 1-3 you can spot how the shadows of the ganado poke thru the mist xD 9th, this one is a tedious one, on the beginning of 1-2 you can find some sacks with sand. the hd texture seams to be darker and more saturated than the original texture, aside from that is sports some odd foldings (red) and some shadows (blue) on the ends of the texture (i think, i don’t have access to raw texture packs xD) that create patterns like the ones psychologist use. its really distracting cuz those pasterns (mirrored pasterns) pop out of the picture and are really easy to spot, IMO a more bland texture without folds or shadows on the ends of the textures would fix it, since it on the ends where it mirrors and it’s more obvious. i altered the hd texture image by adjusting the brightness and contrast (+74 brightness, -7 contrast) on photoshop to look more like the original source, i also used the clone stamp and dodge tool to clear the foldings and shadows. this also happens on the cave near the elevators on 2-3 and in other part where the walls of sacks are used but i’m not sure. 10th, this one is easy, and it been bugging me since the Wii demo xD the texture on the pots and the metallic roofs has some weird circular patters (red) that are distracting and make it easier to spot where the texture begins and ends and if it tessellates. also it would be nice if some rust was added to the ends of the texture (green) so that the texture tessellates smother. i induced a preview of how it would look if changed on the bottom

    as always thanks guys for the time end effort

    • albert says:

      Many thanks again Kaludio! All images saved and stored for future revision!
      The only thing I guess it’s not possible to fix is the enemies shadows not being faded by the fog. All the other fixes are feasible.
      We are collecting a good bunch of thigns to touch up!
      It’s much more easy for us if people send us screencaps. After all those months working with the same textures… I couldn’t find anything at all XD
      Your “fresh eyes” are much more effective than ours 😉

  7. Steven says:

    All this work you are doing is pretty good, I’m glad you guys seem very capable of doing a true HD texture remastering.

    Also I’m very happy that when people give you criticisms, you seem to listen to them. (the valid ones anyway) Criticism is the best way to grow and get better at any art form, it can suck being told that your work isn’t good enough yet, but its all for the greater good.

    I do believe you guys are doing some professional work though, keep it up, and please keep listening to valid criticism, I’d love to play the truely Ultimate RE4 version you’ve created.

  8. KALUDIO says:

    i have a question , how does the texture work, is there a list of textures and each area calls them form there or is there folders full of textures for each area? if it is the latest how are the recurring textures handled, for example the brown leafs that are used on lots of background throughout the game? do they repeat, or is it one for all the areas?

    • albert says:

      Every “room” has its own pack file. This pack file contains all environmental textures loaded in that room, including item textures… Yes… every pack file contains all ammo/herbs/spinel/treasures/etc textures one time and another and other other other…

      These textures are only used for ingame items and for the exact moment you grab them. When you see the items in your item menu and when you examine them the textures come from 2 other pack files.

      So, no need to say identical environmental textures are also repeated even if they are in 20 different areas.

      You can’t imagine the number of identical textures this game contains. I’m not talking about stage textures only. almost every cutscene contains just duplicated textures.

      For example, in room 106, the texture for the cabinet in which Luis is trapped is repeated 11 times. One for the regular stage model and 10 more just for the cutscene. Why? Well… I guess every single dynamic part of the cabinet in the cutscene is a stand-alone 3D model: left door, right door, cabinet itself, latch, broken left door, broken right door, broken cabinet… and … I have no idea what the remaining 3 come from…
      Then every single 3D model in the cutscene calls to a different texture even if the texture is exactly the same. It’s ridiculous!
      And there are as much Leon’s faces as cutscenes in the game. We could make Leon’s face get dirtier and dirtier as the game progresses if we want to XD

      • Alvare says:

        “And there are as much Leon’s faces as cutscenes in the game. We could make Leon’s face get dirtier and dirtier as the game progresses if we want to XD”

        Sounds funny.
        Maybe add some beard stubbles on his face that slowly appear throughout the game. Or texture some bruises after a scripted fight has passed.
        Or perhaps after Leon got possessed, you could texture a bloody nose that confirms even more clearly that this virus is dangerous.

  9. Mohsen.86 says:

    As you know it already, there’s a little difference in the color-tone of textures between the wii Edition and the UHD Edition-2014 of the game.
    It seems on the UHD, they have boosted up the “Green Channel” but on the wii edition, we can see more Blue+Red in ALL textures. I personally prefer the wii colors. and what about you? I want to know your opinion.

    Just check this picture for example:
    (The top two textures are original and untouched. But at the Bottom-Right, I have just changed the HUE by -3 degree)

    • Sergey Tokarev says:

      I second that 🙂
      Also, are you planning to release a texture pack for emulated wii version (if custom textures are possible to run with Dolphin) of this mod when you’ve finished UHD?

      • albert says:

        Hi Sergey!
        Copy-paste of what I said previously ;P

        «It’s possible, but there is no automate way of doing it. Someone should dump all textures with dolphin and then those textures must be replaced one by one with the new textures.»

        It’s a tedious and time-consuming work —but simple aswell—. Maybe someone will take the needed time to do it 😉

    • albert says:

      Hello Mohsen!
      That colour differences yopu are refering are different in my computer. And the colours I’m seeing in your picture are different of the colours I’m seeing right now in my browser, and they are different in photoshop due to the colour profiles PS uses XD In fact, I’m seeing in Photoshop exactly the same tone GC textures have

      Anyway, if it’s proved the overall tone of all the textures of the game is altered in someway compared to the wii/gc versions then it can be easily fixed by editing the gradient files 😉

      We can decide at the end of the project if some slight overall tone change is needed
      Thank you for the heads-up!

      • Mohsen.86 says:

        But I’m sure that the difference in appearance of the textures, is not because of the ‘Working Space’ in the Photoshop or ‘Color Profiles’ of pictures.
        Also both Wii and PC textures of the game, are NOT assigned with any Color Profiles. Even from the ‘Windows Explorer Thumbnails’ I can see the difference. Anyway I don’t know about the GC. I’ve just played the PS2 version, the PC release and the wii edition of the game. 😀

        Please download and watch this (6 MB) mp4-video file:
        PC vs Wii (6.7mb).mp4 – 6.76 MB

        and check this Screenshot from my ‘Windows Explorer Thumbnails’ (from PC and Wii – Original Textures): (This photo is NOT assigned with any color profiles and this will not put any effects on it’s appearance on different browsers)

        Also in the game we can feel the difference. No need to do much comparison between textures 🙂
        But after all, I wanted to know your views and opinion about this.

        Thanks for that….

        • albert says:

          Thank you again Mohsen!
          Now I’m seeing it clearly 😉
          Did you compared it with other textures? The Leon face you are comparing here is not the same texture (look at the eyelids) But I guess you did the comparison with other textures too

          Anyway, our recreated files probably have way more differences in colour than the textures you are comparing here… ^-^’
          It’s almost impossible recreating a texture and obtaining the same exact tone. Doing our best, there will always be a 0-5% of tone deviation. Sometimes to the red, sometimes to the yellow, green, blue…

          What I mean is… even if the PC textures have that differences in tone, we are going to increase that diference or even fix it by accident because of that unavoidable deviations.

          IMO the difference in colour tone (comparing a gameplay of PC and Wii versions) is due to other reasons too, such as lighting and gamma “issues”.

          If there is a consensus the overall tone of the game needs to be shift to somewhat more reddish or magenta it would be easier to get the right tone by editing the gradient file. That would change the tone of all the game automatically 😀

  10. Toni says:

    You really do some awesome work here. It’s very rare that a modder make such efforts to keep the original tones/mood of the game. I greatly admire that.

    Do you add all the udates that you post here also to the mod, so that we should re-download it every time?
    Or do you wait untill you have finished a larger amount and then announce it as a major update?

    Another question, could you maybe make it possible that we just can update our game with individual updates like this one? Maybe by uploading it with the correct folder structure inside, or by adding a readme file that tells the exact paths where the files should end up?

    • albert says:

      Hello Toni, and thank you!
      We just upload “big” packs. We shared a fisrt 2-room demo months ago and the recent complete village pack.
      I guess we’ll do the same when all castle area is completed. It would be very time consuming releasing individual packs for every room we recreate. The entire project would be affected with serious delays because of that.

  11. KALUDIO says:

    hi, i’ve got some more suggestions to share 1st, is the 3d model used on the door outside Mendez’ house. It look really out of place due to is lo poly model. My suggestion would be to add more polygons to the model so that it looks 3d rather than 2d textures. In (red) is what i picture it would look IRL, and on (green) is a more simplified version. 2nd, is a problem i noticed on one of your videos. due to the hd nature of the project, is easier to notice bad mapping (capcom why u so lazy!). the problem on hand is the inside of the fame of some doors located on the castle rooms. the texture they used is of some kind of pillar-like structure and is mapped inside the door which looks odd (red), plus the seams of the block don’t match (blue). the solution to this would be to remap the inside of the door to just the blocks and not the entirety of the column-pillar structure. on the bottom are some locations where this happens plus some shadow problems. left to the entrance of the castle, on a door before the encounter with el Garrador, right before the horse heads that breath fire, right after Ashley get kidnapped the first time and right before the encounters with the invisible insects, before entering the room with the giant axes on the ceiling, PLLUS SOME SHADOW 3D MODEL PROBLEMS ON (GREEN), before exiting the room with the giant axes on the ceiling, on the hallway with the crows before entering Salazars labyrinth, plus some unusual bad mapping on (green) and those are just the one i found before the end of chapter 3-1

  12. KALUDIO says:

    another thing that i noticed is that the room that hold the key to open the door to enter the castle has a bunch of mapping and 3d model issues.

    starting with a gap between the floor and the shadows (red),

    which may or not cause the shadow beneath the barrel on the corner to glitch (green),

    then on the right side of the room you can notice some weird ass tessellation on a pillar (green) xD,

    you can also notice the same weird tessellation on the left side of the railing (red) and spot another glitching texture (green),

    on top of that xD there is some disparity between how beams on the 3d model of the railing are rendered (green and red), and another glitching texture (blue). it is also very weird how throughout the room the same texture is mapped to several 3d models but at different scales (yellow), which makes for an odd scene. in my opinion most if not all the 3ds that use that same wooden (or metallic i don’t know) texture should be remapped so that the feature a somewhat uniform scale.

    • KALUDIO says:

      i forgot to link the picture for that last suggestion, here it is

      • albert says:

        We already remade the entire mapping for all the wooden structure in the room in the last picture hehe ;P
        We add 2 new textures too because the same wooden surface was used for structure, shelves and even sacks. 🙂

        As fot the doorways you are refering we are aware of those problems and we are trying to minimize the mapping issues. Don’t take as reference my videos. They show just texture improvement. It lacks Cris work and final revisions 😉

        • KALUDIO says:

          haha yeah i went and saw again the least videos after posting my comments and it seems like you guy already fix the doors, oh well xD. i would like to keep post things i fin in the demo and on the vanilla game for the sake of record keeping if you guy don’t mind.

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