Deeper into the castle. Retrieving Queen chalice (r211-212)

Hello everybody!

These last weeks I’ve been working on 8 rooms at the same time! Today I’m showing you just 2 of them. Rooms 211 and 212. I’m proud of the results and the amount of textures I was able to find. 🙂 This and the visual wealth of this area make this portion of the game a critical point in terms of texture restoration.

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44 Responses to Deeper into the castle. Retrieving Queen chalice (r211-212)

  1. Handerson says:

    You guys are doing a flawless job, keep up with the good work, cheers 😀

  2. Hideo Kuze says:

    Absolutely stunning! It’s really amazing to see how your progress is coming, and how your skills have improved.

  3. Lukas says:

    You never seize to impress me, Albert!

    The door that Capcom took from the prophets mosque looks great, but I really suggest changing the pattern behind the Los Illuminados symbol, because it says “Mohammed”, and if you know that, it’s very distracting. This is probably something Capcom overlooked when taking the texture from Google. The door itself looks great though, but the words behind the symbol… yeah.

    This might be the only time you hear me suggesting a departure from the source reference, but I think you can understand my reasoning.

  4. Lukas says:

    Also, did you find the original chair texture now, haha? 🙂

    • albert says:

      Guess were I find it ;P
      cha cha channnn… REmaster! The room with the bird cage and the stairs is rendered in real time. Just 2 or 3 rooms are 3D in the game… I think. And the chair texture was pretty good. But I’m not sure if it’s good enough. The other textures of REmaster are really low resolution.

  5. Hssain says:

    change this door of the mosque please change the door
    or at least remove the circle that contain the name Mohammad
    I am Muslim and i feel sick when I see the door like that
    you said in the FAQ ( the whole point of this project – for everyone to enjoy as good-looking a version of the game as possible)
    if you really means this change the door

    the Name Mohamed is sacred
    it is forbidden for Muslims touch the name Mohammad without Ablution (wash our hands and our face in certain way)
    that door is the door of distinctive mosque the prophet Mohammed build it and contains his grave.

    • albert says:

      Oh I learned a little about that and you are completely right. The picture is from المسجد النبوي a place were only Muslim people have access, and a really sacred place I see… Am I right? If that’s the case I have no problem in changing the door central detail to something similar. Besides, there’s no point this text is inside this castle.
      I will talk to Cris about this but I guess there’s no problem.

      It would be great if someone could redesign for us that circular pattern with “Iluminados” o “Salazar family” words in arabian. It would be really cool 🙂
      A sketch and the words used in plain arabian text would be enough for us!

      I hope everyone take this as case of respect, not censorship 😉

    • Pedro says:

      Which door are you talking about?

    • Cris Without H says:

      [Comment removed. It lashed out against another poster based on their religion.]

  6. kaludio says:

    i propose that you mirror one side of the circle so that’s is unlegible, like the paintings

  7. togan says:

    Looking real professional guys…keep up the great work. Can’t wait for the final build.

  8. KALUDIO says:

    is it within your scope to replacing the in-game gun models and textures with the higher ploy and resolutiom models from when you inspect the items on the pause menu?

    • albert says:

      Surely we will update the weapon textures (using “check item” textures or even better re-creations). About the models, I don’t know if it’s possible do it in this port (I guess it is possible) but if it’s easy to accomplish I have no problem giving a try 😉

  9. Link3rd says:

    THOSE ARCHES!!!!!! Wow!!!

  10. Derrick Son says:

    I can’t wait till play…….good job!!!!!!!

  11. Daniel says:

    First, your work is awesome, cant wait until its finished.
    Did you guys ever tried to put a polish effect on your graphics or is it impossible or looks like crap ?

    • albert says:

      Thank you Daniel!
      Do you mean specular effect? If that’s the case: We can add specular effect to whatever we want but the results in this game are not very natural because of its old graphic engine.
      This and the the time needed to implement that effect into the 3d models are the reason of adding specular effect just in very few models.

      • Daniel says:

        Thanks for your quick answer. 🙂
        I dont know, but i think the specular effect is mirroring things, but i just mean a shiny look, like nintendo does it with Mario Kart 8 and the new Mario games for example… I hope you know what I mean.

  12. Maik Schaffer says:

    Hey Chris & Albert! All my fattest props to you guys for your absolutely stunning work!
    Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!
    Here’s a bit of a question: Will I be able to use your mod with the boxed version of ResiEvil 4 HD (PC)? ??
    You know why I’m asking? I’m from Germany and I won’t be able to activate the uncut Version of RE4 over Steam, cause my country sucks big time when we talk about blood in videogames. We will always get the cut version (without the mercenaries). So it would be cool for us Germans, if you could make it work with the boxed version as well! Thanxs heaps!

    • albert says:

      Hello Maik! and thanks!
      I had no chance taking a look into the boxed version folder structure yet.
      Could you please provide us with a screenshot showing folders and files inside game’s directory?
      I guess it’s the same but who knows…
      Did you try our demo or village pack? 🙂

      • Maik Schaffer says:

        Hi Albert! Greets to Spain! I would love to send you screens, but can’t right now, as I don’t own the game yet. I played it on PS3 so many times- dude, you have no idea. But I will prop. buy it next month and then I can send you some pics- or maybe someone (who owns the boxed version) is reading this and could send you some screens instantly!?
        Anyhow, I did not check the village section yet, cause I want to play it in a row! How far is your progress, Albert? 80%!? Shit man, anticipation sucks!

        • albert says:

          No problem! If someone else could provide us with those screenshots in the meantime…

          We are still far of completion. But here’s the chart showing our progress so far:

          I really hope you enjoy our regular updates and all the long journey this project entails. And thank you for your patience! (yours and everyone else of course!)

          • Maik Schaffer says:

            Thanks man! I really do! Feels like Mini Me waiting for Christmas… I will regulary check in here and let you know when I own the box. Hang in there and greetings to Chris!

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