Look familiar? (XVIII)

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8 Responses to Look familiar? (XVIII)

  1. kaludio says:

    in what part of the game is this texture used?

  2. Steven says:

    I love most of it, the only thing I think looks out of place in the game is the brick arch, it just seems like a odd thing to put on a wall (without a window.)

    • kaludio says:

      if the texture is used on the outside of the castle, they could restore the window, i think

      • albert says:

        No, it’s only used inside. If you don’t know the original wall you could think it’s just a decorative arch. The problem is when you know a window was there XD

    • albert says:

      Hello Steve! That’s the original texture Capcom used. It’s like this in the original game 😉
      In fact, lots of things in this game are out of place and unlogical in the real life haha

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