The Chimera

A few updates tonight, with a focus on the Chimera ornament where you have to assemble the three pieces of the Chimera. The coloring still needs to be tweaked, so consider it a work in progress, as usual. In case anyone is interested, the scene depicted is adapted from the story of Bellerophon riding a Pegasus and slaying the Chimera – but the original artists made the Pegasus into a real horse.

Note: The final two shots are included from the Village section as a request from someone who isn’t able to play the Village release.

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  1. Alvare says:

    “In case anyone is interested, the scene depicted is adapted from the story of Bellerophon riding a Pegasus and slaying the Chimera – but the original artists made the Pegasus into a real horse.”

    That’s actually pretty funny. 😀
    Everything looks good, the cigarette box too btw.

  2. Marco says:

    Hi guys, first of all congrats for the great work you’re doing with one of my favourite games. Absolutely a fantastic project that must see the light, can’t wait to play it again with your textures!

    I’ve played a bit the demo and I’ve found a texture that probably has not been updated, I’m referring to the tree in front of the first house on the left when you start the game. Here below a rar with two pics of the tree:

    Thank you a lot, keep up the good work!

    • albert says:

      Thank you Marco! Yes, the texture was updated but that blurry area is caused by a mapping issue of the 3D model… but it can be fixed 🙂
      We’ll keep your pictures for the final revision 😉
      Many thanks again for your comment!

  3. Colmillo says:

    Looks amazing! Still impressive how good it looks compared to the original. I’ll probably buy the game on Steam just to play with this when it releases. Keep up the good work!

    Also, how near to release would you say you are? I know that you have a lot to do still, but I’m curious how much you’ve done. Could you give a % estimate?

    • Cris says:

      Thank you! This is from the FAQ:

      How much has been completed?

      We are working through the game in the following order:
      – Environmental Textures
      – Items and Weapons
      – Enemies, NPCs, Playable Characters, Misc.
      – Mercenaries, Separate Ways, and anything not covered above
      As of Feb 2014, we are approximately 40% through the environmental textures. I will update this periodically (every 2 months or so) as we progress.

      Check out the FAQ for more info:

  4. grub says:

    Looking good! Just a quick note — in the original, there’s a bit of ornamentation above Bellerophon’s head that you missed 🙂

    • Cris says:

      Thank you for the feedback! I’ll go back and revise as time allows.

      • Marco says:

        BTW, it’s just my impression or the original sun has a face with eyes, a nose and a mouth?

        • Cris says:

          You could be right! It’s really hard to tell sometimes whether a few pixels were intentional or simply added for “noise.” 🙂 I’ll make note of this for a future revision.

          • togan says:

            Also relating to the Sun; to me it looks like the “rays” are straight,not wavy like you currently have used. With the original textures so low res,sometimes zooming out is best way to view them…other textures however may need to be put under the microscope 😉

  5. kaludio says:

    more updates plz xD

  6. Steven says:

    Great job, you guys have a really good eye for this stuff!

    One update I’d like to see is a behind the scenes on how you guys redo a texture. I find it really interesting seeing how good all your stuff is, I’m just really curious what the process is like. If you find the time, this would be a cool thing to read and look at.

    • Cris says:

      Thanks for the kind words and the support! I think any “behind the scenes” content beyond Albert’s “Look Familiar” updates will come at the end of the project. Our focus is on completing the project first. 🙂

  7. Steven says:

    Another thought I had, which should come as a compliment, you guys do such a good job that you make Capcom look pretty shit with their lack of passion for a true HD release.

    Are you prepared for the possibility that Capcom asks you to stop this project (potentially under legal pressures)? I’m sure you’ve thought about this, but I’d like to know what you two have in mind? I’d like to hope that Capcom would be humble about this project, however, history has proven greed is highly common for corporations. Either way, I also hope that this possibility doesn’t discourage you two in anyway.

    • Cris says:

      We don’t think this will be a concern. Capcom generally is supportive of the mod community, and specifically for this project we know there’s an awareness of its existence and support for its continuation. Thanks again!!

    • albert says:

      Hello Lukas, and thanks!

      Yes, we were aware of that texture 🙂 But I’m not sure where the texture came from… bio4 trial disc??
      That book is used in Remake, RE4 and REvelations too (and maybe some other Capcom game like DMC)

      BTW, That shield was used in Remake too, in the greenhouse ;P

  8. stevens says:

    Did you see this image of Chimera from RE4 artbook?

    I think it higher res, than the texture from the game, maybe it will help somehow…

    • Cris says:

      Hi stevens! Yes, originally the Chimera and wall panel textures were remade using the image from the Artbook. However, even the higher res image from the book was not of a high enough quality for our efforts. You can see what the first attempt looked like in this post: Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Cris Without H says:

    I can’t help but to think that the lion’s head looks odd. Also, in the original, the sculpture appears to have blue tint. Perhaps some more blue-ish shade of gray would look better.

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