Poorly Mapped Beams, Floors, Walls, Everything…

This room is, without question, the room I’ve spent the most time on in the game. It has been my “Mt. Everest.” Just about every beam structure, object, and piece of machinery in this room needed some correction.

Additionally, I learned that there is an upper limit (though it is unclear exactly what that limit is) re: how complex the geometry of a single level can be. You see, this room has many chains that in the original game are represented using flat textures. In revising this room I replaced every chain with fully 3D modeled versions, which was too much for the game engine. Optimizing the 3D models to reduce the complexity of the chains (especially those far away from the player) corrected the issue.

I’m really happy to be able to leave this room for the time being. Please enjoy these comparison shots, which are just a small sample of the sheer number of corrections made. Thank you!

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23 Responses to Poorly Mapped Beams, Floors, Walls, Everything…

  1. Kaludio says:

    WOW! this room looks fantastic, it looks like a complete different room… and those floor texture look amazing, I cant get over how good the metal beams look. My only complaint is not a having a video to see the beauty of your craftsmanship in motion xD. man, i can’t wait for whats next!

  2. RE4 Master says:

    LOL! This is some amazing work guys! The room looks stunning, its beautiful! Good job, cant wait for the release. Keep up the good work.

  3. Alvare says:

    Great work. Donated a few seconds ago as promised. 🙂

    ” In revising this room I replaced every chain with fully 3D modeled versions”
    Haha, you should only retouch the ones nearby. That goes for every other small 3D geometry.
    That’s what we have level of detail for. As long as these flat chains are angled at camera most of the time, it is perfect. Anyway, you can definitely leave that room, as it looks great.

  4. Dalton says:

    Absolutely insane job, just found this page yesterday and OMG you are a legend, making one of my favorite childhood experiences this damn good looking is a blessing. You are the king. I only have one question, I installed your texture pack right about at the beginning of the game, and after I met the merchant for the first time and went through that massive area that you need to get the two insignia pieces to open the door for right? Well after that you have the small area where you find the mask and the fish down the latter at the end, but every time I tried to leave that area to continue to the house where you meet the big cheese, the game would crash. Thought I’d let you know, I’ll do more testing, but i think the texture pack caused this. Since after I took it out it worked fine.

  5. Luke Stud says:

    I can’t believe how good the game look with your patch/retexture, because now it’s more than just retextures, you are fixing many vanilla bugs than Capcom never fixed even when they released so called ”Ultimate HD” version…
    I wish you the best guys, you rock!

  6. Eric says:

    Amazing work !

  7. Frannz says:

    It seems Capcom really rushed the last levels of the game… There seem to be more and more obvious errors in every update you guys show.

  8. ED2P says:

    capcom should buy this this out and have it an official free dlc texture pack. Id buy it for 5 bucks even.

    • Alvare says:

      Capcom would need to spend way too much time implementing them. There’s zero probability that that’s going to happen. Besides, who else but Capcom would like a quick buck with a re-release which has ‘ultimate edition’ or ‘remastered in it’s title. lmao

  9. Frank Nitty says:

    Keep up the good work

  10. Ramón Medina B says:

    me encanta tu trabajo, es fantástico, muero de ganas por volver a jugar res 4 con tu proyecto, cuanto consideras que tomara finalizar el proyecto desde este momento? saludos desde México 🙂

  11. BG says:

    Hmm… The textures on the circular parts of this lever look really warped. Like they’re being twisted inward, off-center. The meter looks sort of egg-shaped lol.


    It’s less apparent in the more front-facing image after:


    • albert says:

      Hehe yes. That’s the way it is. I’m not sure if there is some kind of meters with this shape, but Capcom modeled this way on purpose. It doesn’t seem to be a modeling mistake. So, we kept that shape.
      I looked at that so many times that it no longer looks weird to my eyes. And I’m guessing that’s what happened to Cris, too. Does it look bad to someone else?

      As always, thank you for the feedback!

  12. Nacery says:

    Man the original room was so poorly made look it was a total pain in the asss to get the job done. Stunning work as always. 😀

  13. Nicholas Spaziani says:

    You guys are great, so much support from all of these people too. That’s how you know your doing it right, keep it up!

  14. baketfut says:

    Hi. Will u make a new textures for playable and npc characters, after u’ve been done with all map textures?

  15. Bonk says:

    Fabulous work as always.

    I wish capcom cared half as much as you do.

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