Image Gallery Issue Corrected

Hi everyone! The issue with the image galleries has been corrected – thanks for your patience! I’ll delete this post once the next update goes up and it will be as if it never happened hehehe. 🙂 We did lose a couple of recent comments made on the site, though – I’m sorry (it was unavoidable).

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2 Responses to Image Gallery Issue Corrected

  1. TG says:

    I know Capcom has pinned this to the forum or what not, but someone tried making a HD remake of RE2 and they were given a cease and desist order and then Capcom announced RE2 remake. Are you not worried that Capcom will serve you a C&D as well at some point?

    • albert says:

      It’s not a problem. That team was making an entire game using Capcoms copyrighted characters and assets. We are just remastering the textures and models of an existent game using thrid parties (or even our own) pictures and textures. Besides, you need to buy the game before using our remastered pack, which implies more sales for them if someone is interested in our project. 😉

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