Two El Gigantes?? No problem – I Have a Huge Hole in the Floor

Hi everyone! Tonight I’m sharing some of the revisions made to the room where you fight the 2 El Gigantes. This room was a bit tedious due to the number of pipes and beams that needed minor mapping corrections. But it also had some satisfying elements, like being able to improve the central opening (where you can drown one of the behemoths) and finding floor panels and pipe structures that were incorrectly placed below the floor. I’ve tried to explain the corrections in the images themselves, so please take a look! Thank you!!

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27 Responses to Two El Gigantes?? No problem – I Have a Huge Hole in the Floor

  1. Majora says:

    Great updates as usual Albert and Cris. I think those pair of chains you removed and supposed to signify holding up the weight of the floor, but I’m not entirely sure.

    • Cris says:

      In this case they were just floating in mid-air and not attached to anything (you might not be able to tell in the image). And thank you!! 🙂

      • breezerHOG says:

        maybe replace them so they appear to hang from the pipes? despite being random they were a nice touch to the atmosphere 🙂

        • Cris says:

          Thanks! That might work. In this case it’ll likely be pretty far down on the priority list, but I’ll keep it in mind!

          • Vick S. Bateman says:

            I think the “pipe” itsef (pic 5) need some additional work as the texture pattern doesn’t really make much sense, i prefer the older revision and the original version in this case. I hope you can understand of what issue i’m talking about. Amazing work as usual anyway

          • Cris says:

            Yup – it makes sense. 🙂 Thanks for the feedback!

  2. urbanman2004 says:

    Good job guys once again

  3. Kingseeker Camargo says:

    Man, the way I drool with each of these updates… 😀 Your work is mind blowing

  4. Daniel Mahon says:

    Outstanding work!!!

  5. Gabriel Meoño Barahona says:

    What’s up with the blurry image. Are you using a DOF modifier?

    • Gabriel Meoño Barahona says:

      Maybe you recorded the footage and took pictures out of Sony Vegas. To fix the blurry images you have to right click the clip > Switches > Disable Smart Resampling.

      I hope is that.

      Amazing work as always.

  6. metroidguy says:

    You guys must be so frustrated you couldn’t find at least one original texture for the El Gitantes room :/ But hey you guys did a goodjob like always 😀

  7. lolman says:

    Great and cool as always. Good job guys, cant wait for the release!

  8. Mardok says:

    I remember this room. I had ~10 fps with Geforce FX5200, one core Athlon 2400+ (2GHz), 256MB RAM (with first non steam release without mouse support).

  9. mofailed says:

    I love the way you have placed wire mesh in all the massive holes that Leon could easily fit through & fall into the lava! Very nice work & I cant wait to revisit these areas & get stepped on while I try to gawk at all the changes lol
    @Mardok I remember an area that always was bad for fps but it was the watery area just before the Verdugo boss fight. There’s a merchant next to some ladders, after I climb up & look at the water in the sewer tunnel i get a fps drop. Does this happen for anyone else? Also come to think of it the telecom conversations were like that too.

  10. Cris Without H says:

    That’s some great work right there. I wonder, though, was the lava texture remade?

  11. Eric says:

    once again it’s nice 😉

  12. Patrick says:

    Fucking beautiful mate

  13. Luís Matheus says:

    The addition of the grates is brilliant. Always felt like Leon would just fall down in one of those holes.

  14. Gabriel says:

    Yay, the room makes more sense now! In real life he would of been dead due to the heat of the room, though. But alas, great job!

  15. amir says:

    Amazing job guys,
    @Cris,Why there is no plan for improving graphic of game like effects,shaders after finishing this job …?
    I think your work will be more completed with this!

  16. aymj says:

    Nice ! Can’t wait to play this when it’ll be done.

  17. BAKETUSHKA says:

    When u have been done with the castle, will u share it like village files?

    • albert says:

      We haven’t make a decision about future releases yet. So, I have no answer for this question right now. We are just focusing on making progress 😉 Thanks for your patience!

  18. Guitar player says:


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