Room 329 almost done!

Hello everyone!

I’d like to share another preview comparison shot before posting the complete room 329 update. I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Enjoy these exceptionally huge renders! 🙂 Almost everything in this area was re-created button by button… ughh…

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16 Responses to Room 329 almost done!

  1. That1Gamer says:

    That remake looks too realistic and by the way there’s a typo in the description of the post, “before”

    • albert says:

      Typo fixed, thanks!
      About being too realistic… Are you pointing out that as a good or as a bad thing? The entire project textures are made of photos. So, I guess being realistic is inevitable ;P

  2. therealest says:

    Masterful work, as usual. Don’t mind the haters. The realism you put into it looks like too much from afar, but close up it goes perfectly with the resolution of the game. The original is reminiscent of N64 close up.

  3. Majora says:

    Always great, Cris and Albert! Keep it up, boys!

  4. Alvare says:

    That1Gamer, I hope you’re kidding ’cause that comment makes my blood boil.
    Anyway, another donation is considered.

  5. gazzellone says:

    Most of the updates leave me speechless, but this is something else.
    You are a bit crazy Albert, the best kind of crazy obviously!
    I think I’ll donate again soon because you guys are pouring an insane amount of effort into this, and it clearly shows.

  6. Kamilu says:

    Wonderful, as usual ! I follow for a bit more than one year and each post really amaze me.
    Being a total stranger to the work of re-texturing a game, I don’t really understand in what way this room is more complicated than the others. Not that I don’t see the quality of your work, but I’m curious.
    Still, a wonderful work.

    Bonne chance et bon courage pour la suite !

    • albert says:

      Merci beaucoup!!
      The reason this room is harder than any previous area is the ammount of 3D detail the textures need in order to get good results.
      A quick example: Think about a wall texture and the model containing it. The most we need to do is improving the texture and maybe we’d add some extra 3D detail such as some border or ledge.
      Now thik about a texture showing a messed up shelf plenty of papers and all kind of weird and ultra blurry/unrecognisable stuff. We need to re-create the texture piece by piece, elemnet by element, but then we’ll need to generate all the 3D detail from scratch. Otherwise, the new texture would look like a plain poster full of junk.
      Well, this room is full of textures like the second one. And there are a looooot of them: panels, weird machines and devices, lab and industrial stuff… O.o’

  7. Guitar Player says:

    That keyboard has nothing to do here. Beautiful work by the way.

    • albert says:

      Yes, it will have if you open and see the original texture 😉 All the differences are for a good reason (from my point of view of course)
      This room was clearly a rushed job with some senseless choice of textures and some models have obvious symptoms of being created by modelers that had no specific idea of what exactly they were modeling. My guess is that they just wanted an industrial/lab look with no real intention of being realistic. All this factors give us some room for creativity when we create a HD remastered version of this place.
      Some room for creativity = some room for debatable decisions… I’m aware of that.

  8. Michael says:

    Great job!

  9. amir says:

    Fantastic job !!!!

  10. Dago says:

    ¡Muy buen trabajo!
    Ya para terminar igual y la silla necesita unas rueditas xD para poderse desplazar hasta la pc y de vuelta 😉
    Sigan así ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

  11. Guitar Player says:

    Argh ! im wrong

  12. isaac pavon says:

    hard work. keep it up man, can’t wait to play the game again but with this improvement.

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