Separate Ways – Chapter 2 + BONUS

Hello everyone!

Here comes the second chapter of our favorite spy mini-game.

Everything mentioned in the last post is also applicable here: Remastered textures, no more PS2 remnants (other than the video cut-scenes), and tons of lighting adjustments (especially during the night-time areas). The big barn area (with the Bella sister and the key) was terribly illuminated compared to the Leon’s counterpart. Everything is so dark for no apparent reason, and we also have that nonsensical yellow light covering the entrance of the area. 

I’ve added some comments in the comparison shots but don’t hesitate asking any of the adjustments I’ve made.


BTW, I recorded the video before taking the screenshots, and so some final touches like the super-bright boxes or the barn area being slightly too bright are not fixed. But these are minimal differences.

I hope you like this work in progress!
Greetings from Barcelona!

BONUS –  Improved inventory items sneak peek:

As I mentioned, the inventory item models have strict polygon limitations so, they can’t be as good as the “examine” models.

Fortunately, this is the closest (and static) view we have of them: the Merchant shop. They are the same models used in the sub-screen case, btw.

Absolutely all items and weapons have received the same treatment, but I want to re-create all background sub-screen textures before making an exclusive “Inventory Remaster” post.

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117 Responses to Separate Ways – Chapter 2 + BONUS

  1. NEGAARMAX says:

    Me encanto ese detalle del ropero roto, simplemente magnifico y las mejoras o correcciones en la iluminación realmente le dan un toque mas realista, ademas también me preguntaba de donde venia esa luz amarilla XD.
    Espera mejoraste el modelo del arma del maletín o_o WOW siempre que lo intentaba se me crasheaba a mi, muchas gracias por conseguir esta mejora.

    • NEGAARMAX says:

      PD: tras ver el vídeo me gusto mucho el cambio o mas bien la agregación de la cabaña de Luis tras el puente, muy buen detalle que le hace tener mas lógica al juego.
      También note que cortabas las escenas del maletín, no se que ocultabas pero se que es algo muy bueno y que aun no quieres revelar, lo cual solo hace que me cause mas curiosidad de ver esos cambios que haz hecho.
      PD de la PD: Ademas de que salgo ahí jugando Paladins XD

  2. Steven says:

    I think that all of your changes made sense to me.

  3. Rafael says:

    Everything is cool, but there are too many white dots on the trap, can an unsuccessful texture? it seems that this is not a trap but something else.

  4. Start101 says:

    but the most important question is….
    Is that spider gonna have an HD re-creation?

    The old barn kinda have this ominous fog in it in the original. It would be nice if that was kept.

  5. Cris Without H says:

    The boards covering the old well at the start of the level look oddly bright in comparison with the rest of the wood around well.
    I’m sure glad this bear trap is a work in progress. It has this odd, ceramic look to it.
    I think that the torch in SW2-F is really unnecessary and somewhat destroys this feeling of overall abandonment that this area has.
    In SW2-G and H, I’d say the yellow tint was added for atmosphere, but I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary for it to be there; just something they added for the mood.
    Other than that, I think it’s a really good job.

    • albert says:

      “The boards covering the old well”
      Hummm I didn’t notice that! but you are right. Could it be a “made it slightly brighter so the player knows he can do something with that” case? Just like the Gigante path chains in the doors… Any thoughts about this?

      Yep, that trap… it’s the first texture attempt. I also see something is off. Too much grain everywhere makes the different pieces of the trap to blend all together or something…

      “I think that the torch in SW2-F is really unnecessary and somewhat destroys this feeling of overall abandonment that this area has.”
      But In Leon’s game there were 2 blue torches and the place as highly illuminated so that feeling was completelly nonexistent. I admit my decision is plucked out of nowhere but the reasons are explained in the image. Any other thoughts about that torch guys?

      “yellow tint”
      Someone at Capcom had an obsession with yellow lights XDD

      Thanks for the feedback!

      • sean says:

        Hummm I didn’t notice that! but you are right. Could it be a “made it slightly brighter so the player knows he can do something with that” case? Just like the Gigante path chains in the doors… Any thoughts about this?

        Personally, I think it looks silly how the chains are lit up, because the player knows how chains/locks work as we must break locks in earlier parts of the game. Having interactive objects was fine 15 years ago, but in HD its unnecessary, especially considering most people have played the game many times by now. But its a minor detail, not a big one

        In Leon’s game there were 2 blue torches and the place as highly illuminated so that feeling was completelly nonexistent. I admit my decision is plucked out of nowhere but the reasons are explained in the image. Any other thoughts about that torch guys?

        that one torch is fine because without it, I wonder to myself, did the merchant pack all that stuff up into his coat to carry it to the next location? lol

      • Cris Without H says:

        The chains on the El Gigante path are a crucial gameplay element, while the boards are not. Also, the chains don’t stand out nearly as much as those board. The piece of wood keeping thos boards up is done just right, it slightly stands out without looking completely unnatural, I’d say the boards should look the same.
        Yeah, in Leon’s game there were the torches, because the Merchant was open. In Separate Ways, his shop is closed. Also, the whole point of a different scenario was creating a different feel for a familiar game, so of course the atmosphere’s going to be different. Same with the dark shed where the boss battle with Mendez takes place. You’d think it’d be darker after a fire.
        And yes, someone at Capcom has that obssession.
        Feliz Gazpacho keep it up.

        • albert says:

          Heheh Gazpacho for President XD

          “Also, the whole point of a different scenario was creating a different feel for a familiar game”
          Yep. I get your point and it has a lot of sense. Anyway I really think that corner should be somehow highlighted because of the typewriter. Any other suggestion to accomplish that is welcomed!

          “You’d think it’d be darker after a fire”
          If I’m not mistaken it all happens before tHe Mendez battle. Take a look at the cutscene just before the fight. Everything has that blueish moon light vibe outside and inside the barn.
          The barn is still intact when Ada’s reach it and she is the one that activates the “aerial tramway” or however it is called… and the fire would justify the darker look inside the barn bou not the darker look outside.

          • Cris Without H says:

            So it was before the fight? Huh. Apparently, I forgot some stuff.
            Well, I think that people will notice the typewriter anyway.

          • sean says:

            “Everything has that blueish moon light vibe outside and inside the barn.”

            In the barn where you fight Mendez, you brightened it up. But I feel like you might have gone a little too bright.

            fire would justify the darker look inside the barn but not the darker look outside.

            At 12:48 in the video – I see how the moonlight shines through the upper part of the barn. Is it possible for you to make the light more distinct from the top to the bottom? Like make it darker on the ground than it is up by the windows?

            In this one particular situation, I think the darker vibe works a little better than having the room filled with light. I especially remember the first time fighting Mendez and that feeling of being trapped in a building burning, and it was very bright. If the PS2 version had this room darker, maybe it was for a reason besides just being on PS2.

            Also about the yellow light in that one area. Theres a few ways to look at this one, maybe it could have been a torch? Like I said before, it was kind of interesting and eerie, and I feel like Separate ways should feel different and not exactly the same as when playing normally.

            Of course, these are minor tiny little details and everything else is awesome 🙂

          • albert says:

            “Also about the yellow light in that one area. Theres a few ways to look at this one, maybe it could have been a torch? Like I said before, it was kind of interesting and eerie, and I feel like Separate ways should feel different and not exactly the same as when playing normally.”

            I understand what you mean but there’s a “problem”: Only this room has different lighting in the entire Separate Ways game. That’s why I did what I did.

            “At 12:48 in the video – I see how the moonlight shines through the upper part of the barn. Is it possible for you to make the light more distinct from the top to the bottom? Like make it darker on the ground than it is up by the windows?”

            I can try it. In fact I want to do it because of the same reason: It’s all full of windows but they are all up there. and I’d like to make the floor level sliiightly darjer. but just a little ;P

          • sean says:

            damn no edit button lol…
            I didnt mean to say Bright, I meant the Mendez fight is Dark

            Obviously when playing as Ada your there before the fire, but I think its just slightly too bright the way it looks in the video. then again I usually play with brightness turned down

          • albert says:

            Take a look at the cutscene just before Mendez fight. You can see the inside before everything is on flames 🙂

          • sean says:

            “I understand what you mean but there’s a “problem”: Only this room has different lighting in the entire Separate Ways game. That’s why I did what I did.”

            its the chainsaw sister in the barn that I think looks too bright, when she jumps down off the 2nd floor, the ground floor should not feel so lit up just because there is light above, the windows are much higher up, its not a big deal just seems like darker would be better in that one spot

            “I can try it. In fact I want to do it because of the same reason: It’s all full of windows but they are all up there. and I’d like to make the floor level sliiightly darjer.”

            if you could make the floor more contrast from the moonlight above it would probably look better/creepier cuz the video you posted seems as if there is no roof on the barn at all lol

            again, everything else is great I’m just nitpicking 🙂

  6. Brandon says:

    Es increible el trabajo que estan realizando, realmente estan haciendo la version definitiva del juego. Recientemente adquiri (de nuevo) el juego para PC pero ya conocia de su remaster, por lo que simplemente estoy esperando ansioso para re-jugarlo. Mis felicitaciones y gracias por su asombroso trabajo!

    • albert says:

      Gracias a ti por seguirnos y tomarte la molestia de escribirnos! Esperamos que el resultado final esté al nivel de las expectativas! Al menos, haremos lo mejor que podremos.

  7. Oliver says:

    YES YES. We alrealy knew you finished the cp1-cp3.You didn’t need to remind us by some screenshots we don’t even need.Please post something we don’t know such as what have you done about the island part or just like i said , you did almost nothing? AND when will the ” back to village”release? after five years? or may be ten? Funnything is I don’t even want to know when the island part release, i just hope my son maybe grandson will like it.

  8. Julio ADSJ says:

    This is how you immortalize a game… thank you guys for everything!!

  9. E.P.D. Gaffney. says:

    Wow, great work on the weapons. How did I never notice their UV maps were so terrible in every version of the game I had? I refuse to play this game again until this project is done. May be the best delayed gratification of my entire life.

  10. sean says:

    Everything looks great, just some minor details I noticed

    Theres a barrel on top of a bridge, where you use the hookshot, at 4:55 in the video, the barrel seems to be floating slightly ? maybe just not sure though

    The yellow light in that one area is odd, but it reminds me of when you did the disco/colored lights in park of leons campaign, it was interesting because it created an eerie feeling

    I notice you edited out the parts of the video where you go into the inventory, I really wish there was a way to change weapons that quickly, like using the dpad lol

    • albert says:

      Thanks again!

      Foating barrel:
      Good eye! Yes, but the barrel positions can be calibrated with no problem 🙂 It’s in my pending list: Doing a complete game tour at the end of the project and fixing these slight item bad placing

      Yellow light:
      Hehe yes. it’s somewhat interesting but completely out of place for a reason: No other Ada’s area that have a Leon’s counterpart received any kind of lighting change. It all was copy-paste. I’m guessing they tweaked this room’s lighting because the Leon’s version contained all the Mendez battle lights, etc…

      Yep. I didn’t want to spoil too much before the future Inventory post XD although I already did it with the Mercenaries videos…


  11. Ernesto Antonio Leon Cabrera says:

    Hey, i’ve always wondered, will you guys remaster the separate ways cutscenes? it will feel terrible with all of this wonderful hd stuff to have some crappy ps2 video file

    • albert says:

      Unfortunatelly, that’s impossible… Separate Ways cutscenes have always been prerendered video files in every platform the game was released on. To re-render them at highter resolution we’d need the original files that probably not even Capcom have anymore. Otherwise they’d re-render them for all HD ports. But even if we were able to re-render them or improve the video quality at some degree, the game won’t allow higher resolution video files. It automatically zoom-in any higher resolution video to the 512×336 pixels area of the new video (that’s the resolution of the re4 video files) so it gets cropped all around

      • E.P.D. Gaffney. says:

        You’re probably right about Cacpom not having them anymore, but honestly, I really don’t think we can be sure that they would re-render them if they did. They called this a HD remaster after all.

        • albert says:

          Does some OFFICIAL Capcom note about RE4 PS4/Xone port included the word “remaster”? To me, they are just simple ports.
          It’s a real question because I’m not sure XD

          • E.P.D. Gaffney. says:

            Funny, everyone but Capcom calls it a remaster, so I suppose not, at least that I can see. But they do call it ‘HD’ and even more insulting, ‘Ultimate HD’. None the less, my point stands at least on the RE1 remaster, which in my opinion looks worse than my GameCube copy and is objectively inconsistent and half the music was accidentally sped up with the frame rate. I was probably thinking of that. In fairness, I haven’t played the RE0 remaster and a lot of people said that was much better.

      • sean says:

        what about the parts where they play a cutscene that is identical to one from leons campaign? is it possible to replace those?

  12. Pliskin says:

    Looks really good! Especially those leaves and tree textures. The lighting also adds to the immersion. Two questions though why does Ada’s dress have a weird shine to it? Is it assumed it’s made of a silk like texture? Also shouldn’t the torches that the villagers carry emit it’s own light? Anyway can’t wait to see the character model revisions.

    • albert says:

      Hehe someone finally noticed it XD That double shine in her dress is a side effect of the new specular textures I’m using to make better specular effect for the entire game. But I’ll adjust the specular values for her model and this will solve the issue 🙂

      Torches emiting light. I’m not sure we can do it but it’s not agood idea because of some lighting limitations of this game (the ammount of lights the 3D models can receive at the same time is limited). It would generate several pop-in light issues when several villagers with torches are on screen.

  13. therealest says:

    Hey Albert. Everything looks 10/10. I have a small critique, but this post looks long because of the gigantic links.
    #1. The dark ends of the fence in the ground look weird. I think it’d look better with out them.
    #2. I know you said you were going to get to other textures at another time, but I noticed you’re going against the work timeline you originally made so I’ll just mention: the spider looks really cartoonish.
    #3. so Ava showed up after leon… interesting. Was she going to check on luis? (it’s funny, I haven’t played in so long I thought of him as “that merengue dancer guy” and had to look him up lol)
    #4 Honestly, making the torches’ fire extinguishable with bullets is a bit silly. They’re not light bulbs, so shooting at fire shouldn’t make it stop. You’re not destroying the actual torch, your just stopping the fire in a super-unrealistic way. I remember shooting and knifing torches for special items, but they never stopped the actual fire (I could be wrong).
    #5 lol albert I see what extreme precision you used in making the vertical first two lights cream, and the other four white. Lol, if you want to take the precision further, make the 2nd knob (4th in the cream row) turned diagonal, instead of horizontal like the knob above it.
    #6 Adding extra torches ruins the continuity a bit. Why not just leave it in congruence with leon’s story? If it’s supposed to be pitch dark, why not leave it pitch dark?
    #7 Do you think maybe it was just a different time of day? (Moonlight vs no moonlight?) I say this because the darker version looks more realistic with the fog. There doesn’t seem to be a light source anywhere. Both versions look good though.
    #8 Everything looks perfect, what do you mean by “work in progress”? This is a general question I’ve wondered for some time now.

    • sean says:

      #1 – true, but you would never notice it in actual gameplay, and the original had them there

      #2 – I always liked the spider, but they mentioned possible updating the spiders too (I think they are doing character models last)

      #3 – Looking at the broken cabinet, it seems as though its a little too brightly lit??

      #4 – Thats how the game was designed

      #5 –

      #6 – Adas missions were made after the original game was released, and by a different developement team. Adas missions have lots of flaws due to being made on PS2 which was inferior to the Gamecube version. Adding torches doesnt break continuity, it fixes it

      #7 – IMO the original was too dark, and the new update is too bright, somewhere in the middle would be best, but yes the moon is definitely lighting up that area

      #8 – work in progress means unfinished, unreleased, possibly will change, the images are not final

      • therealest says:

        #6 I’m talking about the physical continuity that Leon’s and Ada’s stories take place simultaneously. To add torches to Ada’s makes no sense, because Leon’s didn’t have those extra torches. The merchant’s blue torches in Leon’s run go where the merchant goes, so that’s irrelevant to what I’m talking about.

        #8 I know what the words mean. I was asking what needs to be done out of curiosity, because I couldn’t tell. They finalize stuff all the time, so I was wondering what wasn’t finalized about it.

    • albert says:

      Quick answers!

      #1. Do you mean the dark piece of woode that apears at the floor level? that’s the shadow 3D mesh. It’s always at certain distance of the floor/wall/whatever surface a shadow appears ingame
      #2. Yep, We’ll probably re-create the spider too XD
      #3. Yes there’s a cutscene you see the Villagers taking Luis and Leon out of the house. After that, Ada enters the house.
      #4. That’s the way Leon’s main game works. I’ve just restored the missing interactions with environtment you can do in Leon’s scenario
      #5. Well… I’ll think about that XD
      #6. In Leon’s story it’s all filled with blue light from Merchant torches
      #7. Don’t worry about the fog. Different screenshots were taken at differnet moments and the fog is moving. It’s density is the same. My point was: If all the other rooms have the exact same lighting Leon’s counterpart room… Why this area doesn’t? In fact, the realistic solution should be… everything in the entire game during nightime to be completely dark unless you are near a light source but that would be unplayable hehe
      #8. This means we’ll do extra adjustments at some point and we like to receive feedback and we change a lot of things because of the feedback 😀

      Thanks again!

      • therealest says:

        Hey Albert. Thanks for the quick answers.
        #4 Couldn’t you shoot and knife torches for items and they wouldn’t go out, or am I mistaken?
        #5 You could just rotate them randomly, so they don’t all look like the exact same one. I guess just doing whatever you did for Leon’s would make the most sense, lol. The previous versions were so bad you couldn’t even see the knobs.
        #6 But didn’t the creators leave it dark for Ava’s? Or did they add distinct light emanations with no light source, or was it all just subtly moonlit?
        #7 I think it’s the moonlight. I agree though that Ava’s should be identical to Leon’s.

        Also, I subscribed to your channel a few weeks ago Mr. Marin; who knew you were a Master Roshi/Dragon Ball fan? Just thought I’d share, lol.

        • albert says:

          Don’t mention it!
          #4 I’m not sure if I understood you but when Leon shoots or knifes the torches they get destroyed and the fire disappears aswell.
          #5 It would be needed to create a new double door texture. That would be the PERFECT result. Otherwise it would generate a weird diagonal symmetry effect.
          #6 Yes they did but I thought it was a good idea to highlight the typewriter somehow the same way it was highlited when the merchant was there. My theory is they just removed the blue torches but they didn’t thought about the typewriter is most times highlighted in someway. Besides, that corner is full of little objects that lost all life without a light source. As I mentioned it’s just an idea I had and any other suggestions are welcomed (for example: creating a subtle moonlight reaching just that corner)

          Hehe yep, my last project was to entirely restore Catalan dub of Dragon Ball/Z/GT/movies to the maximum audio quality possible. The official DVD releases of Dragon Ball suffered of heavy audio denoise filters for the audio that ruined the sound quality. So I used some Hi-Fi VHS recordings and the result was a much better sound quality than the official DVD releases! I did the same with Utena which never received an official release here in Spain…

          • therealest says:

            Last question, lol. You can speak english, so why not just watch the HD english versions; is it because you grew up with/favor the spanish version or something else?

            Okay I lied, THIS is the last question, what do you think of the new DB series? I only watched the first 2 or 3 episodes when it came out before deciding to wait a few years for the series to flesh out. Back in the day, whenever I watched DBZ I tended to binge watch, so I’m letting the episodes pile up before I start watching fully. I don’t like being left in suspense all the time, and dragon ball is notorious for that lol. (frieza saga)

          • albert says:

            Haha because it’s the default languaje in my Steam account. Just in case someone doesn’t know. I’m from Barcelona 😛

            About Dragon Ball Super… the first 2 sagas…. meh… rehash versions of the two last movies. Black saga was OK but the power levels makes absolutely no sense. Even worse than GT. I suggest you to follow the manga version of that saga. A lot of events are different and they make much more sense in every way. If the anime had followed the manga script and events it would be a really good series…
            The new Universe Survival saga is ok. A lot of interesting moments and concepts but we never reach any climax moment like we had with Z. It gives me the feeling it’s all riddled with “nostalgic/reminiscent” DBZ moments. Yes, we have 2 new transformations and all but again, the nonsensical power levels make the new transformations almost useless. I mean… there’s almost no differences between a base form Goku battle and a full power Super Saiyan Blue Goku battle other than the aura around him.

            To me, DBS is a low-cost series to earn more money from a super famous franchise. No more, no less.

          • therealest says:

            Hey Albert, thanks for that brilliant description. Again, I only saw the first 2-3 episodes, but when I started seeing the blue and red sayian god stuff online with the gold frieza I just thought “same shit, different colorway,” and wondered where Akira’s imagination went. For as much hate as it gets, I actually enjoyed DBGT; at least ssj4 made some sense and looked cool with the whole ssj ozaroo and what not. Blue hair is just blue hair. I’ve only seen a few pics online here and there, and don’t know the names of the new forms or anything. The simple colorway change was a bit of a let down, but I figured the story had to still be fun. Is DBS as good as DBGT? Does it have it’s own classic niche, like how DBZ had buu and cell etc.? They have 100+ episodes now, which is more that GT had. I’ve barely seen any of it, and want to be optimistic for when I do, lol. It was my favorite anime series as a kid.

          • albert says:

            “same shit, different colorway”
            That’s a perfect definition of the series XD
            Well not exactly.

            It introduces some quite interesting concepts, characters and literally Universes into the Dragon World but they are somewhat poorly developed from my point of view. Also the series have been toned down a lot compared to DBZ. That goreish touch you can see in Z is out of the equation forever. The series main target is children and this is more obvious than ever. For us, who grew up whatching the original series, DBS have a “wannabe” vibe I personally don’t like. That’s why I suggest you to follow the manga better. More consistent whith the previous series, more blood and brutality, just like Z, more love and passion in the drawing too, more freedom, etc…

            Anyway, DBS is better than GT (again, personal taste) because it’s more enternaining, more Toriyama touches, Toriyama humor moments… GT was sometimes boring and somehow a big mess of ideas and poor development…

            DBS is full of “Hey this doesn’t make sense inside the DBZ universe” and DBS Goku’s portrait is the most childish, annoying and sometimes stupid version of the character I’ve seen but if you can ignore these facts, you’ll definitelly will enjoy the series. In fact, I’m aware of all these weak points the series have but I still see the new chapter weekly 🙂

          • therealest says:

            Thanks for that. I really resonate with your description. What I liked about DBGT was the approach towards new ideas, like ssj4, blackstar dragonballs, baby, and super 17–well now that I think of it, I didn’t like it all THAT much; it just wasn’t bad. I do think it was a bit lacking compared to DBZ, and definitely a flawed product. If DBS is as family friendly as you say, that is definitely a turn-off, but I don’t know about the mangas… catching up on mangas sounds more daunting than catching up on videos, lol. I won’t mind “goofy Goku” that much as long as he has his wise moments. I just hope Akira got with the program and stopped drawing black people like sambos. That shit pissed me the f off, lol. Edit: I looked up the mangas and there aren’t as many as I thought–I might have to check them out at a later date.

            Thanks for the DBS feedback! You confirmed what I guessed the new series to be. I feel like I just talked to a future version of myself that already saw and read the new series.

          • albert says:

            Heheh don’t mention it! It’s interesting to compare both versions manga and anime. This way you see clearly the anime flaws… so I suggest you to see the anime first XD Then, the manga experience will be a much more “wow” moment 😛

  14. Frank Nitty says:

    Damn, do you guys ever sleep? Lol. The improvements you’re making to this game is mind blowing. I just bought RE4 HD on Steam last week so I can replay this again in “real” ultimate HD when the project is completed. Thanks for your hard work and contributions

  15. Shiny Spats says:

    Huh, I’d always assumed the barn was blackened because this mission was set after Leon’s when it had been burned. But apparently not?

    Is that yellow lighting you removed there for Leon too?

  16. Ernesto Antonio Leon Cabrera says:

    i dont know if you guys from this project know a web called ”IMFDB” = Internet Movie Firearms Database, it has all sort of information about guns seen in popular culture games, counting, of course, Resident Evil 4, here you can get some interesting pictures, for the moment you guys do the retouching of the weapons, one thing related of this and that can be seen on the page as well is that the Shotgun Shells ammo box reads ”hybred” instead of Hybryd, will that be fixed? also will GUI-HUD elements we remastered as well? ill put the resident evil 4 article from imfdb down here

    • albert says:

      Oh yeah! I have this website in my “favourites list” hehe No doubt we’ll use it a lot when the time arrives 🙂
      Hummm I’m sure there are some other typos in the ammo boxes. Does someone have a list? XD
      And yes, everything will be remastered.
      Thank you!

  17. Kaludio says:

    Wow! the game is looking really good, the lighting effects really make a difference. I can’t wait for the next update! thanks guys

  18. dao linh says:

    awesome!!, 4:06 I feel like Levitan paintings.

  19. Kaludio says:

    after rewashing the video i wanted to say that the ceilings look really good, specially this one i look like a 3d mesh and not a decal. One thing that really popped out is the yellow lights inside the house where Luis was to me is a tad bit to yellowish maybe changing the hue will improve the effect? Other things that a noticed was that lots of backgrounds are just a wall with a tree or bush texture to it and sometime they clip themselves or are really close to the player. For example in this picture the background texture clips or something maybe its something you guys might be interested in after most of the work is done. One last thing is that some door feature this mirror texture effect form when remapping wasn’t a thing and they really stand out from the environment. As always thanks a bunch guys, those are odd things i noticed, the rest of the game looks awesome, magnitudes above what the vanilla games looks on pc.

    • Kaludio says:

      just to clarify my first comment on the ceiling its a compliment, as in there is nothing wrong with it xD

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the comments!
      Yes, the ceiling is now 3D. It was a transparency texture before with lots of opacity conflicts/bugs
      The light in the window…. Again Capcom artists obsession with yellow lights XDD I didn’t notice that one. I made the dust particles smaller but didn’t pay attention to the light colour. I’m taking note of that.

      “the background texture clips or something ”
      Yep, it’s a game bug. some effects act like this at the distance and I didn’t find the way of fixing that (not yet…)

      Mirrored doors:
      There’s a lot of them in the game… let’s see if we have the time to “fix” some of them at some point.

      I’ve saved all the images in our “things to fix” folder 😉

  20. Luigi Impero says:

    Waiting for each update for me is an indefinable joy.

  21. Nozomi Tojo says:

    Why are the UHD base textures so blurry?
    They aren’t so blurry on the GameCube. Did CAPCOM use PS2?
    Sorry for the dumb questions but I haven’t played the game in ages…

    • albert says:

      No worries!
      They are the exact same textures Gamecube version used. Same resolution, same quality. But they look worse because we are seeing the game at higher resolutions compared to when we played the game on a SD TV

  22. Cris Without H says:

    Right now, I think that most of these different lighting effects and such might be a result of trying to show the passage of time: the weather in Ada’s campaign is sligthly different than in Leon’s.

    • albert says:

      Yes, but why just in one room? That’s my point exactly

    • sean says:

      “the weather in Ada’s campaign is sligthly different than in Leon’s.”
      Where? which room?

      Over the past few days, I put together a chronological order of events between Ada and Leon. I’ve also read somethings online, and I have found that a lot of people do not consider Adas missions to be official canon, which is a fair point of view.

      IMO if you play the Ada missions at specific points during Leons game, it really does make it seem as though Ada and Leons storys are happening all in one single day. Obviously, we know that Leon and Ada meetup at certain points to talk or help each other. But also, both Leon and Ada have spots in the story where they either passout or are knocked out, and then wake up at a later point in time. When Leon falls asleep at chapter 1-3, it becomes night time. Ada falls asleep towards the end of chapter 2 and then it becomes night. If we were to play the game in chronilogical order, I would place these missions towards the end of Chapter 2-2 because when Luis helps Leon protect Ashely at the cabin (before Mendez) we see ada meetup with luis

      Chapter 3 of Separate Ways has Ada running around the castle, and the rest of Adas chapters happen during the Island. Some people think that because Ada is dressed differently during Assignment Ada, that it takes place at a different time, but that is not true either. At the end of Assignment Ada, she fights Krauser and he has his mutater arm (meaning he already fought Leon in chapter 5-3) and then Ada fights Krauser again at the end of Separate Ways, where she says “I guess I was wrong about you being dead)

      If you ignore the change of clothes, we can assume that Assignment Ada takes place after Leon gets to the island, so Assignment Ada starts around Leon Chapter 5-2 but continues through until 5-4, and then she would go into the last chapter of Separate Ways

      I posted about this on the re4modding forum 😛

      • albert says:

        I’m pretty sure Assignment Ada is non-canon. My guess (just my opinion/theory): It’s a summarized version of what Separate Ways should have been. Maybe they hadn’t time enough to create the real “The Another Order” for the Gamecube and simply created an enjoyable and short mini game with Ada as protagonist.

        In fact, having both “Separate Ways” and “Assignment Ada” mini games have not much sense from my point of view (I like both so I’m happy they didn’t replace one with the other). It gives me the feeling it’s somehow repetitive. It’s like Assigment Ada was the “Hey let’s try doing some fan service Ada’s scenario with a cool movie ending that gives the player the feeling this is what Ada was doing while Leon was rescuing Ashley” and Separate Ways was “Ok, now let’s do it seriously… and let’s make everything matches with Leon’s scenario”.

        About Ada-Krauser interactions. She report’s Krauser is dead in Separate Ways to Wesker because she thinks Leon has killed him (remember Wesker response: “Really? Leon doesn’t die easily”) So, Ada’s reaction to Krauser’s attack was of “surprise” because she thought Leon killed him. Actually, Ada doesn’t kill him in Assignmnet Ada, he makes his flash grenade trick and disappears.

      • sean says:

        I didnt say Ada killed Krauser in AA, just that her fight with Krauser in AA would fit in to the timeline after Leon fought him. Yes she told Wesker that Krauser was dead, but he wasn’t so it seems as though she is unsure. I understand why people say its non-canon, but its just an RE game. I realize how AA was condensed probably due to time, and maybe SW/AO was planned to possibly be different. But its still fun to imagine them as a congruent whole, even if there are flaws.

        I just look at it as though AA and Chapter 4 of SW/AO happen at the same time, or Chapter 4 of SW is supposed to be in the middle of AA. Its not perfect, but if you watch a play through of the game with all the cutscenes and switch between AA/SW/AO and Leon at certain points it does, and its just fun to see 🙂

        If we take it just at face value, it would seem as if Ada drops Leon off at the island, then she goes somewhere else briefly (which we dont see). Shortly after she follows Leon’s path to collect the samples (in AA) but before fighting Krauser in AA, she would go through chapter 4 of SW/AO to save Leon during the knife fight, and then she would return to the science lab in AA before fighting krauser on the radio tower. And then she would go into chapter 5. Again its not perfect, but its what we got and its the best explanation for it lol

    • sean says:

      If anybody wants more details I can write up a longer explanation

  23. kaludio says:

    as teenager playing re4 for my first time i thought if I killed all the spiders in the game i would get something special, I also remember hearing a rumor that if you managed to shoot all the breakable light sources like lamps and torches before entering the castle fireworks will appear on the sky. too bad they didn’t turn out to be true 🙁

  24. metroidguy says:

    The weapon comparison looks nice but you should try to add some bump maps instead on the grip of the handgun since it looks kind of odd how the shadows point down while the gun is tilted up. Amazing work as always.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! bum the bumpmaps work specially with items in momevent. This is static and it’s really hard/near impossible to obtain the exact bumpmap specular effect inclination we need to make it looks perfect. But we can edit the texture 🙂

  25. [ROLO] says:

    Awesome work as always. I really like that you added the boken furniture (where Luis was being held), the torch, etc.

    I noticed that here the lights do not line up perfectly with the buttons (in the video is even more noticeable).

  26. Lu says:

    What the hell with all the yellowish lighting? i don’t know if it was Capcom’s lighting system or whatever in their engine or what but i recently notice the same yellowish lighting on both Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil Zero Gamecube versions while in the HD Remasters both games had a more natural, or at least realistic compared to, lighting than the absurdly yellowish one, great job as always guys!

  27. togan says:

    Hola Albert ^^

    Very nice work as always you and cris provide on this classic game !!
    Though I’m sure you like feedback from your fans…So here is mine.

    Regarding Rooms SW2-G to SW2-K and the Environment Lighting.

    I think this was intended by the Developers to make the scene look more fitting for Ada.
    Do we know what time frame she is on this Mission during Separate Ways ?!
    She could be doing her Mission late at Night/Midnight, where the Full Moon (Yellow) is shining brightly from above down on her. This would make sense, as she is more stealthy than Leon; using the Shadows of the Night to her advantage. This is also why the other rooms in this area are more dark compared to when Leon made his visit.

    Many of those SW2-G to K Rooms look better with darker environment.

    I hope you can find a balance of light versus dark, this is very important to set the mood in Horror Game.

    Good Luck with further works <3


    • albert says:

      Yes, she arrives the barn a little sooner than Leon. The problem here, as I mentioned, is all the other rooms have the same lighting. Only this one is different.
      If you play the game you’ll notice that yellow light is only over the entrance of the area. The light disappears 5 m ahead. It’s like there is an invisible yellow bulb light floating around there O.o
      I need to make the floor level of the barn a little darker because the light inside it comes from the windows in the upper level.

  28. cikame says:

    As usually pretty much all your work is great!
    The only thing i want to discuss is that light patch in front of the barn door, is that lighting or a ground texture? Because since it’s a door it’s a high traffic area compared to the surrounding area, so while it maybe shouldn’t necessarily be “lighter”, it should look different from the less worn ground, lots of stuff dragged in and out of that barn would go through that door.

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      Are you talking about the light you can see in the Original (left) screenshot?
      That’s a light they placed there on purpose. I guess it was there so the player can see… something… XD

      That’s a good idea! but we would be entering in that famous “neverending spiral of perefectionism” I’m always mentioning hehe If I do this here, I’d need to do it in a loooot of other door entrances in the game. But whow knows… maybe I end up doing something about that XD


      • cikame says:

        Understood, other doorways in the game are in tighter spaces, on concrete floor or attached to a residence with lightweight foot traffic so i wouldn’t worry about those. It’s because of that original “highlight” that’s got me hung up on it, otherwise i probably wouldn’t have noticed :P.

  29. Johaan says:

    Those cave texture are looking mighty fine, Looking photo-realistic, but not to much to look out of place.

  30. Spyware says:

    1# As the realest said, I think this area should stay dark as it was, just without the unrealistic light infront of the door, it gave that area more scary feeling that something is gonna happen 🙂
    #2 Also, cannot wait for the spider and the models to be remade!
    3# Regarding The Mercenaries, I think the water effect/texture should be even better, both inside the stage and outside the stage, the water just feels unrealistic, look, this is a water in a swimming pool which is curently ingame and this is a sea water (sorry for such a long link)
    4# Found a little detail while exploring the models and textures in the game, J.J.s model (Gutling Gun man) is having an eye patch, but if you check under it, he actually has fully working healthy blinking eye! just a little detail that is bothering me because I am a perfectionist, so I wanted to ask if youre going to do something with it when you get to remastering the models and characters 🙂 same goes for Mendez, when you kill him there is this cutscene where his fake eye drops on the ground from his eye hole, but, if you look closely in a very specific angle, you can see that he still has the eye! hes a magician :O
    5# I think its the room “r108“, when you go to the El Gigante area, you have to cross the wooden path and jump over some holes, when you stop and aim a bit right while standing right before the first jump, you can see there is a castle-like construction, its actually a big gate, I wondered if you pay attention to these details and remake them too 🙂
    6# Are you going to retexture/remaster the 2D textures that are used in the distance? For example, when you arrive first on the Island, you can see across the sea that there is a Castle where you just came from, but it looks kinda weird. Or when youre in the village, you surely have noticed the trees that are around the whole village section to cover up end of the map, but the texture is just a poor flat greyish texture with trees painted on it.
    7# little fun fact, at the end of the Separate Ways, Ada is leaving in a helicopter and you can see the pilot, but this is where the things get interesting, I found out that the model for the pilot is actually Mike, who died when helping Leon, but now the thing get even more interesting – his eyes are yellow, kinda same as Merchant, I dont know why, maybe Mike didnt die, or maybe its just that developers were lazy to use different model and the eyes are just badly textured.
    8# In the Castle section, there are these guys shooting catapults at you and loading them with big boulders, if you wondered where they get them, there is actually a a disgusting nearly flat texture of rocks which is next to them, and they take the boulders out of it, please fix.
    9# Fun fact: I thought I know everything about the game, have more than 3000+ hours, finished it countless times, know every single item position, enemy position, you can even see me in the Leaderboards for the Steam version, I am about 55th in the world which feels good, but I never knew, you can do tricks on the Jet Ski at the end of the game! :O found out yesterday LOL
    Anyway guys, sorry for very long post, great work as always and hello from Czech Republic!

    • albert says:

      Thanks for all the detailed feedback!

      #1 “I think this area should stay dark as it was”
      The proble is it wasn’t that dark in Leon’s main game. This is the reason I made the change. To match with Leon’s counterpart area the same way aaaaall the other areas have the same lighting. There’s no reason this specfic area doesn’t have the same light when all the others have it.

      3# Yep, that kind of water texture would be a nice replacemnet. That area needs a second revision so we probably will change that texture too. Thanks for the suggestion!

      4# How can we see that eye blinking if it’s under the patch? Could you provide an ingame screenshot showing that bug?
      “same goes for Mendez”
      Yep I noticed that but I’m not sure if we can fixe that. We only can do it if the “dead” model is a different one than the used when you fight him. Otherwise, if we remove the eye it won’t be there when you fight him either.

      5# Again, could you provide screenshots showing what parts of the structure do you think should be improved? thanks!

      6# The general answer for everything is we’ll improve anything that looks too flat/blurry unless there is asome kind of technical limitations.

      7# Developers reusing models and textures for a character you barely can see is probably the answer XD

      8# I never notice this O.o (Or maybe I forgot it). Is it really visible ingame?

      9# Hehe yep, I also discovered a hidden barrel a few months ago I had no idea it was there XDD


      • Spyware says:

        Before I start, thanks for your answer Albert! And apologies for all the missclicks, I was trying to type fast!

        #1 I understand what youre trying to prove here, but my point is, Ada is going to that area after Leon, and I think that the area was dark on purpose, I totally agree with all the other areas matching with Leon’s lighting, but this one has a scary feeling that we all got when we visited the area, because you know Leon already killed Mendez, and you are not sure what awaits you in there, he might just be alive again! Or there might be some jumpscare! It was this creepy scary feeling that I think is why the area was darker in Separate Ways than it was in Leon’s campaign.

        #3 Yes sir! Thank you

        #4 I can provide a screenshot of the eye, can’t show it blinking tho + little funny fact: just noticed that he also has one black teeth! Too much candies on the Island I guess! As for Mendez, I think the dead one should have it’s own model due to the way you kill him and the fact that Luis also has his ’’dead’’ model.

        #5 I’m sorry, everytime I try to screenshot it the game crashes and the Steam re-launches it, propably caused by the camera modding tool I’m using.

        #6 That’s what I wanted to hear! Love you!

        #7 Yeah, I guess

        #8 It’s visible in some areas, mostly when using Snipers to take them out.
        There is a screenshot!

        #9 Love the fact that when you think you can’t be surprised, the game kind of slaps you in the face with something you didn’t know!

        #10 Fun Fact: Hunnigan’s model doesn’t have legs, but you propably know that. You never see under her waist in the game so, why give her legs, said a Capcom developer.

        #11 Scene where Krauser is driving his boat to the Island, I wonder how does he do that without a face!

        #12 One of many textures used to create an illusion of outside environment, these look terrible!

        #13 A very, very rare photo of someone that is propably the Alpha version of Wesker, unfortunately developers forgot to fully remove it, and if you stop this cinematic at a very unique and lucky point, you can see this

        • Suckable_Lemon says:

          I’m surprised how many people think Ada visits the barn after Leon fights Mendez in there. You guys need to replay that chapter to jog your memory. Ada finishes the chapter by meeting Luis as he exits the cabin, part of the ending cutscene for the “cabin fight” where you work with Leon to fend off all the ganado. Leon still has to open one of the two gates and fight his way through to the sky-lift area before he reaches the Mendez boss fight.

          • Spyware says:

            #1 Yeah, my mistake, I realised that Ada visits the barn before Leon just a minute after I posted this. You’re right, but still. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter, I believe that Albert and Chris always decide what’s best for the project and the game will look amazing anyway!

            #4 A little grammatical error, I meant “one black tooth”

            Still waiting for Chris or Albert to respond! I can’t wait for what they have to say about all this.

        • albert says:

          Don’t mention it!
          Quick answers:

          #1 Ada arrives there before Leon does (read Suckable_Lemon reply) The same theory could be applied to every Separate Ways room: Different lighting to generate a “what’s awaiting there” feeling. But that’s not the case. They needed to redo the entire lighting structure because the lack of fire light but the results were somewhat plain and too dark. Not need to mention that weird yellow light at the beginning of the area… IMO it’s just a bunch of unfortunate lighting choices.

          #4 #8 #12 But these angles are imposible to see in a normal game, right?. I guess you are using the Cheat Engine free floating camera script. We can’t improve things the player can’t see in normal circumstances. Otherwise we’d need to recreate the entire universe around every room! XD

          #13 I don’t see it in this camera angle. It’s only visible when you see the choper getting away but the image is really small. Where did you get that picture? At least it’s not visible in UHD at 30fps.

          • Spyware says:

            Thanks again for answering so quickly!

            #1 It took some time, but I agree with you

            #8 Sometimes you can see it. In the tower section for example.

            #12 Thought that remastering these would be great, it would look like there is really some outside world when inside houses. The ones used now are very low res.

            #13 The screenshot has this weird angle because of modded camera, every version of Resident Evil 4 have this. The chance for the player to see it during the cinematic is 0.0001% plus the fact that the image can be seen for only split second. I noticed this only once and that was in the PlayStation 2 version.

          • albert says:

            #8 Oh I’ll take a look at it then, thanks! I wanted to make sure it’s really possible to see it without cheating the game.
            #12 We are making all those textures HD so there should be no problems with the final look of it 🙂
            #13 Ahh PS2! We are doing all this with the UHD PC version and it’s not visible in this version, only when the chopper goes away and you see the monitor at the distance. We’ll probably change it to an actual re4 Wesker picture 🙂

            Thank you again for the feedback!

  31. DarkShinobu says:

    Hola Albert/Cris que tal? espero que bien, el otro día jugando la versión de GC por emu…(recordando como era la versión NTSC de GC que jugué hace años en ese sistema, enemigos mas rápidos que pal, etc) bueno, llegue a una antorcha que me llamó la atención, no se por qué siempre en este juego desde que recuerdo siempre me ando fijando en la dirección de las fuentes de luz, fue algo q me llamo la atención desde la primera vez q lo jugué, bueno, volviendo al punto, pasaba la parte del segundo gigante y una antorcha me llamo la atención, la final cerca de la puerta para ir hacia la zona de “transición” entre el castillo y la pelea con Mendez, esa antorcha me puse a fijarme y su fuente de luz es directamente arriba, no proviene de esa antorcha, escomo si realmente hubiera una “luz o antorcha” invisible sobre esa parte y no al lado como “físicamente” está, grabé un video de la zona tanto en GC como en la de steam para que se entienda mejor.

    Mi pregunta es, a lo mejor suena algo “quisquilloso”, es esto modificable o es algo que no se puede tocar? como aparentar q la fuente de luz provenga de esa antorcha, como una luz alta pero lateral, si revisas las otras antorchas de esa área notaras todas o casi todas te dan ese efecto de luz “lateral”, pero solo esa que muestro en el video, su luz es sobre o arriba, no lateral, posiblemente esté equivocado pero bueno, queria preguntar y compartirlo.

    Un saludo 🙂

    • albert says:

      Hola! Gracias por tu mensaje y nos encanta recibir este tipo de comentarios tipo: “Ei! me he fijado que esto está mal” porque 20 ojos ven más que 4.

      Me alegra decirte que esta luz ya está arreglada 🙂 Ya me di cuenta también en su día e intento arreglar todo este tipo de incoherencias de luz. A menos que el hecho de arreglarlas implique que el escenario luzca peor, en cuyo caso concluimos que el motivo de la “mala” ubicación fue puramente estético. En esos casos seguramente intentamos cambiar de lugar la fuente de la luz (es decir, la antorcha o lo que sea) o alguna otra trampa…)

      No dudes en compartir otros fallos que vayas encontrando aquí y allá!

      • Cris Without H says:

        I started studying Spanish today 😀
        Soy Gazpachopor Novidad 😀

        • [ROLO] says:

          “Soy Gazpachopor Novidad” That doesn’t make any sense (Novidad isn’t even a word hehe), also, gazpacho is a cold soup, which, obviously, you aren’t =P

  32. DarkShinobu says:

    Hola Albert que tal? aqui con otra luz que a lo mejor ya encontraste y arreglaste, es en el salon de las estatuas de cabeza, el segundo set de candelabros produce una “doble luz” sobre leon, como si existiera otra fuente, la cual no la hay, los otros sets solo producen una sola fuente:

    No se si el error sea ese set, o los otros sets q solo producen uno, me parece q el error si es q hay, esta en ese set central de candelabros.


    • albert says:

      Gracias! Pero el video está bloqueado

      • DarkShinobu says:

        Corregido, fue un dedazo jeeje, saludos

        • albert says:

          Ya está arreglado 🙂
          Veo que también has notado ese pequeño salto en la luz (segundos del 17 al 20). Eso es a lo que llamamos “light pop-in issue”
          Estos los he arreglado TODOS en todo el juego. Se trata de reemplazar unos bytes por otros y automáticamente la transición de luz es suave en vez de “terminarse” de golpe.

          La doble luz ya está arreglada. Gracias! Esta se me había pasado!
          He hecho que esa segunda luz afecte solo a los modelos del escenario de manera que no varía el aspecto de la sala, solo afecta en el hecho de que no afecta a los personajes.


  33. HHH207 says:

    New post?

  34. Abz786 says:

    Are you guys using the latest patch for the ultimate hd edition?

    • albert says:

      Yes, 1.0.6 offcial latest patch 🙂

      • Abz786 says:

        That’s great! Can you describe how you make these upgrades? like i know you go to spain and photograph the places used in re4, but then how do you get it to photoshop? also do you only use photoshop and 3d max? A detail reply would be great. Thanks for all the work btw.

  35. Alvare says:

    Even though Cris and Albert do a great job on this,
    as expected, I am less excited by these updates because I only care about the main game. I am patiently waiting for the character retextures, which I’d be way more interested to see. The handgun retexture is absolutely perfect. Keep it up guys. Don’t lose the motivation. 🙂

    • albert says:

      We won’t lose it never!
      Sorry for keep you all waiting!
      I have a looot of new stuff to show. It’s just I had no time to prepare a new post. All the Catalonia “conflict” drained the time I needed to do it. But the progress rate is the same, so no worries! 🙂
      I’ll try to publish the Chapter 3 post very soon and I assure you the next posts will be more interesting 😉

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