Separate Ways – Chapter 3 + BONUS


Better late than never. ;P Here’s a new update covering the 3rd Chapter of the Separate Ways Mini-game.

There’s nothing new compared to what you’ve already seen in the Leon’s counterpart areas, nor the improvements we can do to Ada’s campaign. But I took the opportunity to further improve some lighting / shadow issues here and there.

SW3-D: There was a light coming from a non existent last window in the floor.

SW3-E: I added a new shadow in the torch corner. If the towers cast shadows, that small corner should have its own shadow too.

SW3-H: The entire room was filled with light coming from unspecified points for no apparent reason. I made all the lights to have sense without altering the overall atmosphere. I also added flickering to some of the lights coming from the candles (see video).



During the remastering process I found that a bloom effect was missing from another cutscene. We’ll have to compare all the cutscenes side by side with the Gamecube version to be sure there are no more missing effects…

Also, another sneak peek of what you can expect for menus and background sub-screen image remasters:



Have a great week!

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65 Responses to Separate Ways – Chapter 3 + BONUS

  1. warby says:

    nice 🙂

  2. E.P.D. Gaffney. says:

    I drink your updates instead of water. This is so gorgeous.

    Sorry, correct me if I’m wrong but I think the rug is somehow under the pillar, both in the original and your project:

    Looking great. Looking forward to more.

  3. NEGAARMAX says:

    Que buen update, de verdad así dan ganas de jugar a este modo, por un segundo pensé que el fix del efecto bloom eran las cinemáticas mejoradas o en tiempo real hasta que leí :,v
    El fondo de la radio se ve excelente ahora, solo que noto el color rojo muy vivo en comparación con el original se que es WIP aún pero se ve excelente.

    • albert says:

      Ups. Siento haber generado falsas expectativas XD
      Sí, la verdad es que ahora que me fijo es frustrante incluir esa imagen en un post dedicado al Separate Ways haha

      Lo del color rojo… es que el original parece apagado, y no tengo claro si esa luz debería estar encendida o no en ese contexto…

      • NEGAARMAX says:

        Bastante diría yo :,v
        Vale comprendo y a manera de sugerencia si la intención es que se vea encendido, no has pensado ponerlo un pequeño efecto bloom como resplandor alredor

        • albert says:

          Esa sería otra opción. Como el fondo se ve tenue/apagado (como si de un “file” se tratara, que de hecho así es en este contexto), no sé hasta que punto debería brillar. Lo iremos meditando!

      • jhomar sair says:

        como lo descargo porfa

        • albert says:

          De momento solo hemos publicado 2 demos:

          La parte del Pueblo esta muy “verde”. Solo se han retocado texturas. No están incluidos los arreglos 3D de iluminación etc.
          La parte del Castillo ya está más terminada, a falta de ciertos arreglos, podríamos decir que es un reflejo más fiel de lo que será la versión final.

          En cuanto sepamos cuando publicaremos algo más lo anunciaremos, de momento el avance del proyecto lo vamos mostrando en forma de videos y comparativas pero sin compartirlo por motivos de tiempo.
          Un saludo!

  4. HHH207 says:

    Thanks for update, great as always.
    Dear Albert-Chris, when i play the game, i see there must a fix for somethigs. Here:
    1.) In the game, the “g” letter is not completed when you take gold or look at a text, please fix this little glitch.
    2.) When its night, in the church room, outside of the windows is not rainy. Normally, there is storm and thunder at outside but in the room we cant see that. Please fix this and make we can see rain and maybe you can add rain sound (the sound of rain when drop to the window)
    3.) Do you make HD for all main menus (first and after game completed main menu, seperate and mercenary main menus) , HD for in game guide (the guide pictures is very low resolution in game and needed HD textures) and HD for chapters end pictures?
    Thanks all your work Albert and Chris, and, i send pictures about the glitches and other things. Take care of yourself!

    • albert says:

      Thank you for the feedback and pictures compilation!
      I guess we can fix that “g” letter issue. But right now we can’t add sounds. This is beyound our knowledge.
      I’m taking note of everything. We’ll probably re-create most of the things you are mentioning 🙂

  5. Angered Fox says:

    Looking great!

    On that picture of Leon where you restored the bloom, is there depth of field in the Gamecube version that’s not present in the PC version?

  6. Alvare says:

    Great work. 🙂

  7. MAGG says:

    Cada par de domingos reviso la pagina esperando una actualizacion. Albert, eres tan puntual que me preocupo que se retrasaran una semana jajaja. Considerando todo lo que esta ocurriendo ahora en españa, es 100% comprensible. Esto es un regalo que haces a los fans y no deberias sentirte obligado.

    La actualizacion, como siempre, es impresionante. El nivel de detalle es asombroso. De todas las mejoras de textura, siempre he sentido que la mejor seccion es el castillo, por el gran trabajo en encontrar las texturas originales y lograr llevarlas al juego. Pocas personas logran mantener un proyecto fan de tanta calidad y por tanto tiempo (el cual ni siquiera es mucho, considerando la gran cantidad de mejoras y el hecho de que solo sean dos personas), los felicito.

    • albert says:

      Muchas gracias por el mensaje 🙂
      No es ningún sacrificio el subir actualizaciones. Al contrario, nos encanta ir compartiendo lo que vamos haciendo, pero claro, requiere tiempo. Y como dices, estas semanas han sido un poco moviditas por aquí…
      Pero ahí seguimos! 😀

  8. Cris Without H says:

    Yo soy bebe gazpacho 😀
    The only thing that bothers me is the saturation on the red button and the blue lens. It was less intense in the original.

  9. Suckable_Lemon says:

    Thanks again for all your hard work Albert. It’s hard to find faults but something unsightly with the walls around the maze jumped out at me. If you pause your video at 1.24, you can see what I mean. The textures used all in a row here have all have this blurry/smeared pattern, and the way they contrast with the rest of the wall almost makes it look like a seam issue or an entirely misplaced texture.

    Everything else looks great. I could nitpick about wall cracks and moss textures being repeated too often in places but I know you already have too much work on your hands. Looking forward to the next update!

    • albert says:

      Ahh I see what you mean… hummm I’m taking note of that too. That texture is part of another one and this area already has a huge ammount of super HD textures but maybe a simple remap work would fix the problem here and in other similar areas with of the same issue

      • Suckable_Lemon says:

        Thanks for the reply. After posting this I noticed the small breakable vases look rather odd as well, like something went wrong with the lower half of the texture. You probably already noticed this though.

        • albert says:

          Oh I’m not sure. which ones are you refering to? Could you specify the min:sec in the video?

          • Suckable_Lemon says:

            Pause at 4.11 to see what I was referring to, but I think that all the small vases in the video look like this. Perhaps it is intentional? It’s just the lower half has this brown discolouration and top half doesn’t. It looks a bit strange to me personally.

          • albert says:

            Oh, now I see what you meant. Humm I’ll need to check with the original textures but I think we made it quite similar to them. It doesn’t look bad to my eyes. To me it’s just an irregular ceramic pattern. But I’ll take a look anyway.

          • Suckable_Lemon says:

            My mistake. It is faithful to the original vase textures, the ceramic pattern has just been darkened quite a lot. Feel free to take artistic liberty with it though. I feel there is room for improvement.

          • albert says:

            No problem. I’m taking note of that darker texture problem!
            Thanks again!

  10. [ROLO] says:

    Thanks for the update, amazing as always!
    In this picture:
    the leaf pattern on the wall is just a relief in the original, while in yours is also “painted”, it doesn’t bother me at all, but I’m curious to know why did you took that decision.

    In the video, around 6:35, Ada walks on a hallway full of windows, but the light coming from them doesn’t seem to affect her (or maybe just a tiny little), I think it’d look great if that light was cast on Ada’s body as she walks through there.

    Gracias por el gran trabajo que hacen, sigan así.

    • E.P.D. Gaffney. says:

      Hi, Rolo. If I understand your question about the ‘painted’ relief, that’s just an improved normal map and what you are seeing are shadows cast by the relief.

    • albert says:

      Oh it’s just the relief is more pronounced in our re-creation but it’s still a stone carving

      About Ada and the windows: hehe nice remark. It does reach Ada in fact. If you pay more attention you’ll notice it. What’s different? Now the light reaches Ada at the right direction.
      When she comes back after killing the enemy the lights reach Ada’s back directly (see video 7:02). That’s why it’s almost unnoticeable when you walk towards the opposide side: because the light is reaching Ada’s face.
      I just made all room lights consistent with the moonlight angle direction

      Thank you too for the comments and feedback!

  11. DarkShinobu says:

    Hola Albert que tal? como te comente en el video que subiste, aun sigo buscando alguno que otro error de iluminacion, esta vez me puse a buscar a ver si ya los habian corregido, pero en todo caso los subi igual y ennumero los detalles del video:

    El primer detalle, busque el update que hiciste de esa parte, pero no vi lo que quiero mostrar, no se si sea editable o no, pero esa luz de candelas se nota que esta ubicada sobre leon y casi encima del techo de las escaleras digamos, y no proviene de las candelas a la derecha, como te digo, son cosas pequeñas e insignificantes y no se si merezcan un arreglo, pero bueno, esa es la primera.

    La segunda es esa antorcha no provoca ningun efecto de luz sobre leon, yo creo ya corregiste esa, aunque busque los post y no lo vi, pero seguro lo corregiste, bueno, ese detalle, esa antorcha genera iluminacion, pero sobre leon no genera nada, queda igual la iluminacion de leon despues de destruida.

    La tercera, en esa parte de la mina, esa pared inicial genera luz, y obvio, no hay nada ahi, simplem,ente la pared genera iluninacion, y segundo el set de candelas genera luz pero como si viniera de la pared, y no de ellas, trate de mostrarlo en el video, leon se ilumina del lado contrario de donde estan ubicadas las candelas.

    La cuarta, busque y encontre el update de esa area pero no vi esa parte, a lo mejor estaba en el video que subiste, esa luz cuando subes hacia la parte de la estatua de salazar te genera iluminacion, pero ahi abajo no, el detalle es que se nota el bombillo esta “encendido” levemente, pero no genera luz, tal vez si generara alguna luz tenue se veria mejor, opino.

    La cuarta, encontre el post de esa parte y un video tuyo mostrando la nueva textura de esa copa/caliz de luz, pero en el video me parece aun no estaba arreglado la otra luz, que deberia generar tambien iluminacion, por estar en la misma zona y altura de la primera, es extraño ver que solo una de las dos luces generan iluminacion tanto en el area como en leon.

    Al final, son detalles que posiblemente ya has corregido, pero que vale la pena mencionar y mostrar, grabar y subir un video hoy dia no cuesta nada, asi que no hay problema en eso, si ya todo esta corregido pues me alegra sea asi.

    Un saludo 🙂

    • albert says:

      Hehe gracias por la lista!
      Has descargado el pack del castillo? ;P

      • DarkShinobu says:

        Si, lo tengo en la version de steam, a lo mejor el error es que estoy usando la version de GC para ver estas cosas, pero queria volver a jugar esa version jeje, luego me fijare si tengo un save por ahi cerca y ver si esas partes ya fueron retocadas, en todo caso siempre nos alegrara ver el avance del proyecto

        Un saludo 🙂

        • albert says:

          Verás que todo está arreglado. Salvo lo del elevador que no recuerdo si hice algo ahora mismo…
          Pero no dudes en seguir subiendo todo lo que vayas encontrando! La última vez ya nos sirvió para arreglar una luz que no habíamos detectado 🙂
          Gracias de nuevo!!

  12. LunarD3ATH says:

    Excellent work as always.

  13. V I D A L says:

    Great work as usual.
    Just a quick question.. since this project had long shifted from simple texture replacement to a whole bunch of other improvement such as better meshes, light adjustments, water, bloom etc… It is possible at all to restore the depth of field that was present in cutscenes in the GC/Wii version? I understand why it was removed from HD version as the effect used don’t scale well in HD and look awkward generating ghostly images rather than real blur… but is there anything you guys can do to have a convincing depth of field brought back? Like adding more samples to reduce the ghostly image caused by the effect? Don’t sweat though.. Just thought of asking.

    • albert says:

      Right now I have no idea what made this effect to disappear… I’m not sure we’ll be able to restore that effect but who knows…

      • Sergey Tokarev says:

        Heh, you said the same about missing water ripple effect before, but you managed to restore it 😀
        Great work, looking forward to Chapter 4 update.

        • albert says:

          Hehe Chapter 4 is my favourite and the one I’m having the best time remastering it of the entire Separate Ways minigame. Don’t miss it! Because I put into practice a new remastering method for some shadows 🙂

  14. Sisco10 says:

    Hello thanks For this incredible work !
    and please please please, can You made a COUNTER STRIKE Source HD REMAKE Like This One.
    CSS Still a Great Game and played By millions of Gamers in the world.
    Textures are really Horrible For 2017 and All textures Mods are not as good as your word…
    So please can you do some Thing ?

  15. Galileo says:

    Are these latest update have included in the download release

  16. Frank Nitty says:

    Once again amazing work. Kudos guys

  17. deSeRt EaGlE says:

    It seems to me that the remaster version of the inventory has more contrasting colors. In the original colors are softer, faded, less saturated

  18. VampY says:

    Hey bro, How are you?!
    First of all, thank you for your great work!
    And my question is that will you release your game for PS4 or not?!
    Thank you ♥

  19. therealest says:

    Hey Albert. 10/10, as usual. Small critique:
    1. the red part and the purplish lens should be a bit more washed out. The original was made to look like it had a filter over it; I don’t know if you’re going for that look, but the colors are still too vibrant, regardless.
    2. Do you know what that thing’s called? They are so cool, lol. I remember as a kid I wanted one, seeing superheroes/people in movies use them.
    3. Yeah, the rug under the column looks funny, lol. Maybe just make it “a little” smaller to keep the proportions in tact.
    4. This is a relatively small issue, but I don’t know how easy or hard it would be to fix. If the fix isn’t easy, then forget it: The yellow diamonds on the floor look a little huge. It kind of reminds me of a cafeteria floor, lol. When I played through it you could barely notice them, now its so noticeable the floor looks blue and yellow. Again, if it’s not an easy fix, then forget it. Everything looks stellar either way.

    • albert says:

      About the feedback:
      1. Yep you are right. I’m still not sure about the red light. I don’t know if it should be on or off. About the lens, it’s easy to fix 🙂
      2. I have no idea XD Maybe some native English speaker could help you with that.
      3. I have already that in the “things-to-fix-list”. Good eyes!
      4. Hummm I think it’s a combination of 2 factors: the yellow tiles are slightly bigger compared with the original and the floor has been completelly remapped (6 tiles in the original = 4.5 tiles in the revision). Do you know what bugs me the most in these comparison shots? the wooden boxes at the right side and those small white repeated lines O.o I’ll fix that for sure XD

      Greetings and thank you again!

      • therealest says:

        Hey Albert.
        4. I didn’t realize what you were talking about, so I looked up the wrong, left boxes, and because it took 5 minutes of energy. I’ll still post it, lol. I think they were going for a double tied, lighter colored version of this look :

        Now that that’s out the way, are you saying the tiles would be too hard to fix? I’m not trying to argue lol. It looks good either way.

        • albert says:

          Haha and now you say “lighter colored” and my eyes automatically see thoes tied boxes too illuminated. I need to make those darker or something…

          But I didn’t understand you. Maybe something got lost in translation… English is not my native language haha.
          What’s exactly the problem with the tied boxes? Keep in mind they are not paper/cardboard. it’s made of some kind of fabrick/sack texture.

          About the tiles. It’s not difficult it’s just… I can’t remember the reason of the floor remapping. Probably it all was remapped because of some inconsistency. It all was well aligned and as a result we got bigger tiles and –consequently– bigger yellow tiles, too. I think this is one of those things that are only noticeable when you compare side by side but I’ll take note of that and I’ll make sure they have at least the same proportion in comparison with the original texture 😉

          Thanks again!

          • therealest says:

            Hi Albert. Nothing’s wrong with the boxes. You mentioned them, so I thought to share some insight on what I thought they were supposed to look like, but I chose the left set of boxes not the right set you mentioned.

            And your English is way better than most Americans’, lol. You even have a bigger vocabulary than the president, LMAO!

          • albert says:

            Haha really? Well, I must admit wordreference is my saviour most times XD

  20. omae wa mou shindeiru says:

    eyelashes texture bug (bottom part)

  21. mofail says:

    Beautiful work again, i especially love the detail in the radio communication graphics! The large room where Leon finds the rocket launcher is pathetic in the original lol I think there are three candle light sources but the entire room is bright in a ridiculous way. In my mod i made that room as dark as possible but it is great to see what has been done here! Thanks for the video I will download for later & enjoy watching it1

  22. mono says:

    great work, i think the radio background is too clean an too vibrant/saturate it feels less dusty but i guess it’s a wip and it’s still awsome good job guys

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the feedback!
      In fact it’s just a version of the radio scenes background image. And since Leon’s radio and is an official and decent device it shouldn’t look dusty and/or old. But you are right, on/off red light discussion aside, it still needs to be even more faded/darker.

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