Remastering Ada and Her Arsenal (Work in Progress)!

Hello everybody!

This is the second post related to the weapon texture and 3D model remastering process. At the same time, I’m taking the opportunity to show you the “work in progress” results of my work toward remastering Ada. It still requires some touch-ups here and there.

Regarding her weapons, this is what’s been done so far:

  • Hi-poly inventory models (they are the same models the game uses in the Merchant store)
  • Examine view 3D models used in-game (this feature already was included in the latest release but I’ve optimized them a bit more)
  • New re-created textures for the Examine view have been applied to the Inventory and in-game weapon models

And here’s what’s been done for the Ada’s in-game model:

  • Corrected some clipping issues with her neck ribbon
  • Hi-poly hands for all the weapons (She still had the low-poly PS2 hands!)
  • Re-created textures
  • Imported textures and gun models to the cut-scenes

And that’s it! The progress on Ada is still a work-in-progress. For example, her neck ribbon and eye textures still need to be redone. I really like how her face looks now: She’s virtually identical ingame, but in HD (and I don’t see the dreaded “uncanny valley” result that some face re-texturing work suffers from).

I hope you enjoy the comparison images and video. We are waiting for your feedback! 🙂

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106 Responses to Remastering Ada and Her Arsenal (Work in Progress)!

  1. Lion says:

    It looks clean and amazing! so if any character got a grainy skin so how do you grid this out from the texture?

    • albert says:

      Could you tell me an example?
      Most textures are re-creations from scratch, but I’m not sure I understood you XD

      • EPD Gaffney says:

        Yeah, I meant to answer this earlier, but as albert says, this project is going to use brand new textures, from photographs if I remember correctly.

        But if you wanted to remove the graininess on an existing skin texture like Ada’s old one, there are a lot of tutorials on-line on how to do this using tools like the noise reduction tool in PhotoShop. These tutorials are often on how to up-res things as well, as that process is prone to adding noise, so these tutorials help you to reduce that. With most images, the result is not as good as a from-scratch texture but it’s impressive, all things considered.

        • albert says:

          Yep, in this case I used an Asian young woman face as base to re-create Ada’s new face 🙂 And body parts textures to re-create the rest of her skin textures

  2. HHRSN18 says:

    Everything looks amazing! Just one question: will you be able to improve her dress physics or something like that?

    • albert says:

      Right now we can’t edit physics/add bones/animations etc… everything in this game is very strict and hard to mod. We’ll see if we can do something about that in the future…

      • gamer gamer says:

        what about make shotgun reload more realistic ? Although Iam guessing would be difficult

        • albert says:

          Yep… We still can’t edit animations. Maybe someday!

          • EPD Gaffney says:

            I always assumed this type of thing was outside the scope of the project, but if you ever get to edit animations, that 30FPS rifle animation murders my eyes. That’s the one I’d change if I had my way.

          • albert says:

            I hope we can edit animations someday… For the time being I’ve been able to restore an animation that was missing! 🙂 You’ll see it how and the results in the next update!

          • EPD Gaffney says:

            Well, I remember there was a time you thought you couldn’t edit the lighting, and we know how that turned out. So maybe some day. I read that earlier about the replaced animation. That’s fantastic. Can’t wait to see it.

  3. EPD Gaffney says:

    Wow wow wow wow wow (and so forth). I am overjoyed. She looks great, that awful clipping is gone, some of the weapons just look incredible…great stuff.

    So, two points I’d bring up are 1) what do you think of making the grenades look a bit more metallic? and 2) I notice the crossbow has a mirrored texture now. My guess is that this comes from the UV maps on the inventory models but I don’t know that that’s accurate. Either way, if you feel inclined to make a non-mirrored texture for it, mirrored textures are a bit of a pet peeve for me, but I know there are limitations here that make it necessary at times, so whatever you need to do is fine with me.

    • albert says:

      Yep! I noticed the crossbow think too late! I’ll fix that for sure. It looks terrible because it’s in front of your nose haha.
      About the grenades… I’ll need to take a look at some real life grenades, but I don’t want to deviate too much of the original textures/design of the re4 grenades. As you know, our main goal is being faithful to the original, not to the real life (unless the original is a messy rushed job of course XD in these cases the real life is a good reference)


      • EPD Gaffney says:

        Thanks, albert. I’m just more used to the RE5 (and now 6) grenades and haven’t seen RE4’s since I decided to abstain from playing it till this project is done. But it’s not a big deal to me either way; they look good as you have them now.

        One other thing I forgot to mention is I think the UVs inside the rifle scope are basically not done. It could be the angle, meaning that could be the lens, but I don’t think so.

  4. Chad says:

    something about inventory seems off to me, you can see the colors are really washed out compared to the original hd version especially when you look at hangdun and shotgun ammo

    • albert says:

      Yep, We don’t take into consideration the original HD textures. The creators of those textures didn’t take into consideration the context of the textures they were remastering. This is obvious when you see certain stage textures that don’t match at all with the 3D model, unused remastered textures and those terribly dark inventory textures that were obviously a copy-paste from the examine and ingame textures. That uncontrasted and lighter look is intentional so you can see clearly the item in the merchant store.
      This is a clear example:

      And the extra difference you see when you compare with the Original-original textures mode is because the new textures are based on the examine model textures so all the versions of the same weapon have the same look no matter its context 🙂

      Of course, there is always time for some adjustments here and there. For example, the Chicago Typewriter could be a little darker. But I need to see if it would look ok in both the merchant store and inventory because the models and textures used are the same 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback. As always, we’ll take it into consideration!

  5. Isaac says:

    Guys, first of all I want to say that I’m gay and second you’re doing an outstanding job with this project. You have my support once the whole thing is finished.

  6. jonas says:

    great work! 3d retouch is what I was waiting the most. I just hope you guys will adress Leon’s abnormally long arms, they always distracted me while playing

    • albert says:

      Oh really? I never noticed something wrong with his arms.
      Anyway, people proportions are not always the same. I’m glad they gave Ashley super ears 🙂 there’s no need everybody in videogames look like super top models XD
      Thanks btw 🙂

    • Toni Ostarcevic says:

      This actually made me laughing out loud! 😀 No offense, but I’ve never noticed this, or have ever heard or read this before and the game is out since 13 years.
      I’ve also just re-checked it – they are completely normal…

      • Just re-read my comment and realized, that… it’s really been 13 years already…
        It happens way too often meanwhile that something was “10” or “20” years ago. Becoming old sucks, guys. Play as much as you can. ^^

  7. Rafael says:

    Ada has long eyelashes, this changes her appearance. The rest is as always cool.

    • Toni Ostarcevic says:

      @Rafael Are you serious? When had Ada a natural look? She’s wearing a DRESS! The eye lashes look perfectly fine to me and they suit the character.

    • If anything, I’d only cut them just slightly in the upper half near the nose if. But I doubt that I’d ever have noticed this without a direct comparison…

    • albert says:

      Well… thats because they were blurrier before haha. It can be adjusted anyway. It’s quite easy 🙂

      • Sean says:

        Its not a big deal really and maybe Im just being weird but I think her eyelashes look too thick they need to be thinned down lol xD

      • Catbus says:

        Is it at all possible to clear up the issue of her eyelashes clashing with her hair/sunglasses? You can see what I mean in CUT4 and CUT6.

        • albert says:

          The only way woudl be making them shorter (NO WAY!) or… moving the glasses position forwards just a little and making the glasses arms longer to compensate it.
          But it would change its look and also the scene with the glasses in the floor reflecting Ada and Leon would suffer the consequences of that edit…

          Fortunately this is something that happens so quickly that is almost unnoticeable…

  8. aymj says:

    Incredible work as always, can’t wait to play it!

  9. Daniel Mahon says:

    I have never wanted Ada more!!! Epic detail, you are truley a talented team and true Resident Evil fans!!!

    You can’t go WONG with ADA!!!

  10. Michael says:

    Wow looks amazing!

  11. NEGAARMAX says:

    Esa Ada se ve magnifica, digo editaste incluso los zapatos :v
    Ademas de ese efecto de brillo que le agregaste al vestido se ve realmente espectacular.
    Ademas de que hiciste algo que yo no pude y es editar las granadas, púes al compartir el modelo del personaje y varis archivos tpl. no sabia si estos eran de la granada de luz, la incendiaria o la explosiva, muy buen trabajo ahí.
    a manera de retroalimentación el porta arpones… si se le puede decir así, no se (la municion de la ballesta) los detalles están ami parecer muy grandes, no se si los pudieras hacer más pequeños, haciéndolos menos perceptibles, ya sea aumentando un poco el tamaño de la textura o reduciendo el detalle pues aunque la idea de darle ese tono de cuero es buena, siento que esta un poco exagerada, y con respecto a la ballesta el colo se ve muy palido ademas de que en la parte de atras la textura se pierde, pero se que lo arreglaran en un futuro pues por algo es un WIP.

    • albert says:

      Los modelos de las granadas están dentro del udas de cada personaje (plXX.udas). Es uno de los archivos bin. Uno solo para las 3 granadas y luego hay 3 tpls que “llaman” a la textura verde, roja o azul. Pero el modelo 3D es el mismo. Lo mismo pasa con los huevos y los misiles (el verde y el rojo): un solo archivo 3D, varios archivos tpl, todos dentro del .udas del personaje.

      Efectivamente me gustaría mejorar la mochilita esa de cuero donde están las flechas y la ballesta en sí también. Esa textura de cuero la hice así de grande porque en el inventario parecía “ruido” en lugar de cuero, pero en la tienda sí que es cierto que se ve un poco grande… En el modo examinar el detalle de la textura es más pequeña y el cuero se aprecia mejor 🙂

  12. Hellboy. says:

    This is the best remastered weapon you have made so far.

    Great work

  13. IlDucci says:

    Buenas, te ha quedado un trabajo para quitar el hipo.

    Veo una cosa que se puede mejorar y tengo una sugerencia:
    – La parte trasera de la ballesta, en la foto ingame, no queda bien por ese UV hecho un poco rápido. Deberías afinarlo un poco reubicándolo dentro de la textura o buscando sitio (Imagino que imposible) para hacer otra nueva.
    – Sugerencia: ¿Has pensado en duplicar o triplicar el número de hileras de polígonos en los hombros para que no destaque tanto el bajo poligonaje ingame?

    Un saludo.

    • albert says:

      Si, la ballesta necesita varios retoques… no es problema! Se puede retocar el mapeado tanto como queramos sin límites 🙂
      En el caso de los polígonos no creo que haya problema en el caso de Ada, pero sí que lo hay en el caso de Leon. Si aumento la cantidad de polígonos del cuerpo de Leon (la cara no es problema), en ciertas cinemáticas desaparece su cuerpo por sobrepasar el límite de polígonos que puede asignarse a los personajes (escenas con muchos ganados).
      A ver qué podemos hacer!

  14. Ernesto León says:

    me alegra mucho ver que hayan implementado el modelo correcto para la Thompson

    todas las armas se me hacen algo… raras, siento que sus texturas no están en tan alta calidad como lo que han hecho con los objetos del mapa, pero seguro que ingame se ve adecuado y que habeis hecho un buen trabajo, seguid asi!

    • albert says:

      Sí, a veces es mejor comprobarlo uno mismo. Entre que Youtube comprime las calidad de imagen y las comparativas estáticas a veces no hacen justicia. También señalar que los modelos de la tienda del buhonero no son los mismos que los que llevan en la mano los personajes, son de menos polígonos por limitaciones técnicas.

      Pero la resolución de las texturas ha sido aumentada como de costumbre x 8 o x 16 vecse la original 🙂

  15. Max says:

    Hey Albert, I have a question.
    How did you manage to make her hair textures have more detail? Like her hair in HD have more lines like every single strand of hair has been placed?

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      It’s just the higher-resolution textures. The way hair is almost always done in video games is using a technique that involves placing ‘hair cards’ (sometimes called ‘hair plates’) along the model’s skull, and then when you texture these hair cards, you use an alpha channel (usually; could be a different opacity technique depending on the engine) to make the hair cards transparent where there isn’t any hair.

      It’s a very convincing technique and it’s used on things like grass as well. Some newer games are moving towards individual hairs, but I think this is overkill considering the performance hit I’ve seen with it (though maybe it won’t matter with newer technology).

      I think this image demonstrates the technique really well:

  16. junjunleon says:

    Very nice looking and a masterpiece indeed. Looking forward to the final complete version. Thank you for all efforts.

  17. Max says:

    Hey Albert, why did you decide to work on Ada instead of Leon?

    • albert says:

      It was quite a random decision but since her hands were terribly low-poly (a PS2 remain) I saw in them a big challenge and an opportunity to know the limitations of the 3D edits on the character models. And after that the rest of 3D edits will be easier because I’ve learned a few things 🙂

  18. Max says:

    Hey Albert, this Isn’t related to the project but what do you think of the new Resident evil 2 remake? Are you excited for it?

  19. Jack Walden says:

    Man you guys are awesome!

    Must be getting close to completion now? How much is left?

  20. Alvin says:

    Stellar job, once again. 🙂

  21. entonces el modelo de leon no podras tocarlo poligonalmente?? ni las manos ni nada?? por cierto grandisimo trabajo como siempre, especial mencion a la nueva piel de ada que le da mas volumen y al pelo con un acabado espectacular 😀

  22. MAGG says:

    ¡Como siempre, excelente trabajo! Se ve muy bien la nueva textura de Ada, sin volverla un nuevo personaje. Incluso si no es posible mejorar los modelos a nivel de poligonos, se ve muy superior a la textura original.
    Pero cambiando de tema, ese GIF de la textura de la cara se ve TERRORIFICO ¡En serio, parece salido de la pelicula de Jeepers Creepers!

  23. mofail says:

    Okay just popped in to say great work on everything, very excited to finally see some work on a character ! May I ask about her new hands? In some parts of the video her hands skin connect to her arms perfectly but at other times it looks like a slight disconnect. Is this a model issue or skin texture issue? Video at 1:37 compare to 1:40

    • albert says:

      Good eye!
      I probably forgot to replace some hands. I’d say this hand wen using the shotgun is not updated (the 3D model I mean)
      There are a looooot of hand models. It’s not strange I missed a few. I missed the Chicago Typewriter hand, too. But it’s easy to check one by one and insert the hi-poly seamless version for all of them 🙂

    • albert says:

      Now I’ve noticed I forgot to replace almost all the “Inventory hands” XD
      Yep, the Inventory hands and the Ingame hands are different models. This game’s structure loves duplicated files…
      I’ve fixed all of them. No seams at all will be present in the final verison 🙂

      • mofail says:

        Very kind of you guys to communicate with fans, thanks very much, I’m grateful that you listen to feed back & requests to improve this classic game. Best wishes!

  24. Ane says:

    Looks amazing! little suggestion if you don’t mind: maybe you should slightly tweak new Ada’s skin tone to better match original one, like maybe add very little contrast and brightness, because she seems a bit pale compared to original, other than that it’s <3 Also, is it actually possible to replace her ingame model with a cutscene one? I remember seeing mod like this long time ago. Or are you working only on textures? C:

    • albert says:

      Hello! The differences in colour and contrast are a consequence of a broken filter in the “original” that make some areas of the game (including the characters) to look more red/yellowish and more contrasted. But both original and HD textures have the same brightness and colour.
      Yep, we’ll touch up the models. Specially the Ada model which uses the PS2 low-poly version. I’ve updated her hands, but she can look even better

  25. Frank Nitty says:

    Awesome work guys, you never cease to amaze with your updates

  26. Marius Johnsen says:

    I really like the detail on Ada face and dress. Great improvement over the original, the details on her dress really pop.

    The color tone of the tommy gun i feel needs a little more work, it looks a little too bright compared to the original.

    Incredible work 🙂

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the feedback!
      Yes, some weapons need some brightness adjustments because the ingame models of the weapons look brighter than the rest of models and the textures need to be slightly darker to match the orginal. We’ll work on that!

  27. Tatacloud says:

    No soy muy especialista en encontrar detalles ni nada por el estilo, pero eso no quita en reconocer todo el mérito en cada una de ¡Las actualizaciones que nos dan del proyecto!
    Muchas gracias, desde el tiempo que llevo siguiendo la web cada vez espero con más ganas la siguiente novedad 🙂

    PD: Ojalá pueda comprar un nuevo ordenador para el próximo parche y disfrutar al máximo el juego xD

  28. Leon says:

    Thanks for wonderful work!
    can fix laser line in this weapon?!
    in picture:

  29. jim says:

    if only someone could recreated from scratch the ada cutscenes then this would be perfect but this 9/10 instead of 10/10 because of that fact I understand but still

  30. ItchyTasty says:

    Not sure how you managed to make Ada look better without making her look like a totally different person, but you pulled it off. Great job! Only thing I’d like to point out is at certain parts in the video, like at 3:33, when Ada’s aiming you can notice a small gap between her neck and the bottom of the ribbon. Everything else looks flawless and I can’t wait to see more characters remastered! That pistol is damn impressive too btw!

    • albert says:

      Oh! good eyes!
      It won’t be a problem to fix that. In fact, I still want to do a lot of edits to her body model… Wish me luck!

      • ItchyTasty says:

        Oh, ok. Glad to hear! Best of luck to you as always, man. This is leagues beyond any other visual mod I’ve ever seen and your attention to detail–as well as your interaction with your followers–is super appreciated 🙂

  31. cikame says:

    The update to Ada’s face is barely noticeable, and i mean that in the best way possible!
    I was prepared for the character updates to look a little odd in some ways, but Ada looks the same, just higher res, and that’s massively impressive!

  32. Kaludio says:

    some stuff i found odd on my play thru, the images have a description of the issue, as always this are suggestions, i enjoyed the texture pack regardless, thanks for the effort and time guys 🙂

    • albert says:

      Excellent! thanks!
      We’ll fix all this for sure.
      About “there is a random shadow on the ceiling , also the cutscene with sadler has the chandelier vibrating or something”
      Could you send us a screenshot pointing the exact moment this happens? I’ve seen the cutscene at both 30fps and 60fps modes and I didn’t notice anything

  33. togan says:

    PS2 was a great gaming machine !

    And the work you do on this all-time great game is wonderful !!

    Keep it up albert & cris^^

  34. jun Chen says:

    very nice

  35. ¡Olé chavaaaaal! ¡Me quito el sombrero! Estuve de temas de hospitales un par de semanas y me perdí este update, pero ¡menudo regalito de post que me he encontrado a la vuelta!
    Excelentísimo trabajo. Estaba un poquito escéptico al principio, al ver el unwrapping de la cara, pero una vez la he visto en movimiento, ¡chapó! ¡Está perfecta y la textura se adapta perfectamente! ¡Es Ada, ni más ni menos! (Y más guapa que núnca, no le cambiaría ni un pelo)
    ¡Si ya estaba emocionado antes con el proyecto, ahora mi hype se ha montado su propio programa espacial a lo SpaceX para poder llegar a Marte de lo subido que lo tengo! ¡Deseando ver el próximo update!

    • albert says:

      Heheh gracias!!
      Pues espera que le he hecho unas mejoras extra a Ada que ni yo mismo esperaba poder arreglar. Otro de esos momentos “¡No se como puñetas lo he hecho, pero ha funcionado!” XDD
      Más info en el próximo post ;P

      Yo también estoy muy contento con su cara. Ha sido un placer ponerle poros y sutil vello facial a nuestra espía chino-americana favorita XD

    • albert says:

      Ai! por cierto espero que no haya sido nada.
      El estrés y las prisas reducen mi cortesía sensiblemente!

  36. Ian Birch says:

    Fantastic work, as always. One observation, the yellow detailing on Ada’s dress doesn’t look quite right. It’s difficult to tell from blurry originals but looking at that and official artwork, it’s either a floral/butterfly print on the dress, or it’s stitched. The large yellow flower near her waist in the final screenshot doesn’t look like a print or stitching though, if I had to liken it to something, I’d say it looks like cake decoration/piping.

    Keep up the excellent work guys, the end is in sight!

    • albert says:

      Thank you for the feedback!
      Haha yes, it looks a little too much embossed. I’ve revised those details again and the final results will look better 🙂

  37. Estuve viendo un video de gameplay de la versión HD de Devil May Cry y, LOL ¡no paraba de ver texturas reconocibles! Nada más empezar, antes de entrar por el agujero del muro, ya estaba viendo partes de la torre central de la catedral de Barcelona, las ventanas de Chepstow, los canecillos de Ranglan, y ya una vez dentro, las paredes tenían texturas de la fachada de la catedral de Toledo, y al cruzar una puerta o dos en seguida ví un escudo de águila de dos cabeza, que enseguida reconocí como toledano (y efectivamente era el del torreón del puente de San Martín).
    Lo que más me llama la atención es que, dentro del disparate de mezcla de estilos arquitectónicos que es DMC, parece haber cierta sensatez arquitectónica: en el hall, los techos y pasarelas están sostenidos por arcos, y bóvedas floreadas, la mayoría de habitaciones tienen elementos que las sostienen… etc. Pero para cuando se pusieron a desarrollar el RE4 definitivo, creo que ya había pasado tanto tiempo desde el viaje que hicieron a España que ya no se acordaban de dónde iba cada cosa, usando las texturas de manera libre, y por eso el castillo de Salazar es un sindiós donde enormes techos se sostienen sin pilar alguno, los arcos o bóvedas son una opción de estilo, que no una necesidad, y eso cuando no texturaban un techo entero con una textura de muro de sillería en aparejo isodomo (¡y no se caen!)
    Imagino que cuando tú ves imágenes o gameplay de DMC ya vas notando todas las texturas reutilizadas en RE4.

    • ¡No terminaba de identificar la tracería de la puerta que sale al borde de un acantilado nada más empezar el juego (y que luego usan en todas partes) hasta q1ue me he dado cuenta de que es un recorte de las tracerías flamígeras del claustro de San Juan de los Reyes en Toledo. (Al ver una fuente en el juego con la tracería entera la he identificado)

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