Quick update about Chapter 2-1

Hi! I’m working on the new characters and enemies from Chapter 2-1 and I wanted to share a pair of work-in-progress pics in the meantime before I publish the video. El Gigante, Saddler, and the final stage refinements are half done.

As you know I’m doing things as fast as possible. So, thank you again to everyone for the patience, support and comments. 🙂

Have a nice weekend!

Ashley having a crush on Leon
Colmillos having a crush on Leon’s neck
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30 Responses to Quick update about Chapter 2-1

  1. Frank Nitty says:

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the chapter’s completion.

  2. Unicorn Hole says:

    Excellent captions for these pictures. I’d almost think you made this post because you thought of those and wanted to share em.. 😛

    Can’t wait for this bad boy to be finalized. You guys are awesome!

  3. Spoony says:

    Our favourite monkey-eared damsel in distress is looking better than ever!

    Good job with the punisher textures too. Can’t wait to see more on chapter 2!

  4. Gabooz says:

    In my memories of NGC release there was a light on the torch, to say there was an item hidden in it if you break it, near the merchant in the cave at the beginning of this chapter, but was missing since PS2.
    Will you add it back for all torches if it’s possible? (not that i really care about but it was in the original release)

    • albert says:


      I can’t check it right now I’d need a video or picture showing that. Do you have it? Are you 100% sure about that?

      Can you remember any other spinel in the game that shines before shooting the torch?

      I guess I can copy its appearance configuration to other spinels aswell 🙂


    • albert says:

      I’ve check it by myself the original Gamecube version and there was no shining comming from hidden spinels in torches

      • Gabooz says:

        After verification it’s on the 1st PC release this litte help, the spinel is even visible attached under the torch and there was the same shiny effect you have for the items revealed after you break the torch in the tunnel between the village ans the chruch (chapter 1-3).
        To answer the question in the other response, yes there are others i remember, 2-1 after you got the key for the church in the room with the boat there is a torch on the right when you’re in, 1st chapter of the castle in the second room break the torch close to the door to the next room after the merchant, another later in the trial about lion and sacrifice in the room where sand is falling there is a torch here too, and maybe others but i remember that better when playing.
        But like i said ‘m more interested about your choice to do it or not.

        • albert says:

          Ahh! the PS2 and old PC versions had visible spinels because you can’t break the torches in those ports. That’s the reason.
          The idea is you don’t know which torches have something and which don’t, but since those terrible ports were donwgraded and all the breakable items were no breakable anymore there was no choice but to make the items completely visible to the player. So, those items will remain invisible 🙂

          • Gabooz says:

            Ah so that’s why, i’ve noticed it wasn’t breakable but i hadn’t thought it could be the cause of PS2.
            So yeah it makes more sense to leave it hidden like it originaly was, thanks.

          • albert says:

            Don’t mention it!
            It’s a relief to me it wasn’t another broken thing of this port after all haha

  5. Kevin says:

    Thanks for all of your hard work, I can’t wait to replay this game in all it’s new found glory, I’ve finished this game at least 15 times and have all the achievements on Steam already, but this is one that never gets old!

  6. enrique garcia morales says:

    que buena pinta tienen estas capturas! deseando ver el video como siempre 😀
    Por cierto una pena que el motor no permita esas sombras proyectadas, el juego de sombras con la linterna y los perros hubiese quedado brillante.

  7. Hi, congratulations for your amazing job on it. Instead of asking when will it be released, I would like to ask if you guys have a standard that you aim to achieve. Cause you know, a perfectionist without a deadline will never stop tweaking details and etc… And if you do, how far is it?
    Um abraço do Brasil.

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      We’ve reached that point with Chapter 1.
      As I mentioned, we’ll focus on next chapters and we won’t touch up anything else until the “pre-final” release is out.
      Then we’ll wait some time to collect feedback of possible graphic inaccuracies and/or bugs and we’ll polish them, which won’t take much time because I guess they will be minimal edits 🙂
      After this, the project should be over (We’ll probably pay attention to some ideas some people had about making specific and optional patches to change a few things (for example, a patch to make HUD smaller, a patch to deactivate completely the grain, custom colour filters, etc… but they will be small and separate bonus packs)

      What if done with Chapter 1 (1-Post a video. 2-Pay attention to feedback and correct a few things. 3-Final huge comparison gallery for the entire Chapter) is what I want to do for the rest of the game.

  8. Infected Gamer says:

    Those pictures look beautiful!

    Your comment with the Colmillos really made my day, the freaking picture also fits just too perfectly with his smile xD

    Thank you for that 😀

  9. mariano says:

    siento la naris de leon muy plana y peresosa es un pequeño detalle http://www.usbdata.co/leon-s-kennedy-damnation-gif.html podria quedar a si como en el re6 con mas forma

    • albert says:

      El modelo (persona) que escanean para modelar el personaje en cada juego es distinto. Cada uno tiene una nariz distinta. En RE4 la nariz es así, en juegos posteriores usaron a modelos que tenían la nariz más “afilada” por lo que parece. Así que no es una cuestión de que esté mejor o peor, sino que la persona en la que se basan para crear al personaje es diferente.
      Hay que recordar que estamos haciendo un remaster, no un remake, y queremos ser fieles al material y diseño original.

  10. Alvin says:

    Lookin’ great. Looking forward seeing geometric improvements on Ashley’s in game model.

  11. V I D A L says:

    Awesome as ever.
    Take your time. Don’t need to work as fast as possible.. just take it easy and keep it enjoyable for you.

  12. Dago3250 says:

    Can I have a crush on Ashley? ?

  13. Bruno says:

    you’re doing a great job, you’re remastering the whole game on your own,
    this gives too much work so it’s more than normal for you to delay, thank you very much

  14. Victor Valentim da Rosa says:

    Can I ask something that has nothing to do with your project?
    Does not this game have dynamic shadows?
    Because in my view, it looks like the shadows are something that stays static, as if it were drawn manually and not generated.
    Congratulations on the job, I have never seen anyone doing something on this level.
    Send a hello to Brazil.

    • MAGG says:

      The game engine is too old for that. It would have to be change from very deep in the game code, and I dont want to imagine the amount of glitches it would create (if it is even possible).
      In any case, the shadows could change the artistic design of the game, and they are trying to stay faithful to the original version.

  15. Alex says:

    So glad to see an update!! Thank you so so much for your work!!!

  16. Ventura says:

    Dude, capcom really need to sign a deal to re-release RE4 on PlayStation with your hard work. I would buy it for sure.

  17. Jo ão Paulo de Moura Risbeiro says:

    o jogo está ficando lindo parabe
    ns pelo trabalho encrivel que vcs estão fazendo…

  18. mofail says:

    So000 looking forward to seeing the new regenerators & other enemies in this project lol

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