Walkthrough | Chapter 2-2 Fully Remastered

Hello everyone!

Sorry for taking so long to make a new post. I’ve been touching up previous chapter according to some feedback I’ve received from the latest video (and decorating my new home, too)

Adieu moustache!

This chapter is quite short compared to other parts of the game. There are almost no texture 3D edits other than the ones I made in the daytime version of the same areas. The important edits I’ve done (compared to the July, 2018 release) are related to light and effects stuff.

I’m sure I forgot to comment in the new video a lot of things I’ve improved, but I reached a point I can’t remember what and when I’ve remastered certain details ;P

Anyway, hope you like it! And if you like all weird and complicated stuff about this project take a look at the final part of the video. I’ve improvised all those explanations, so don’t expect any accurate tutorial XD

Have a nice week!

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41 Responses to Walkthrough | Chapter 2-2 Fully Remastered

  1. Pliskin says:

    Looks great!

  2. Michael Wolfe says:

    Looks great dude! Can’t wait to do a fresh play through once the full version is released. Any updates on an ETA for the 1.0 release? Keep up the good work!

  3. Frank Nitty says:


  4. ItchyTasty says:

    Thanks for showing how you do the shadows! It’s really neat to see. Not sure how you managed to figure out what each number and value means in that table, but it blows my mind. Great job on the Red9!

    Also, no worries for not responding, but hopefully you saw my comment on the last update about El Gigante’s stomach glitch.

    • albert says:

      Thanks! I’m very persistent hehe.
      Oh yes, I remember the comment. I have it in my mind. Not sure if I can fix it. If the issue wasn’t there before I’ll probably be able to fix it. If the problem has been always there then I’d need to take a look at the bones and weights for the vertices and see if it’s possible to improve the movements by editing those weight values

  5. HHH207 says:

    I hope you will post pictures comparison.

  6. dreadfield says:

    awsome as always!!
    please can you ad 1440 pixels for the videos?
    1080 looks like 720 on my 1440 monitor
    hopes you can do it if not to much problem on recording those videos

    • dreadfield says:

      and lens flare in Spanish is written destello de lente

    • V I D A L says:

      Yep.. I watch in a 4k TV and at 1080p I can barely see any difference in these videos compared to vanilla. That’s why I’ve always like photo posts better as they were much bigger res.

    • albert says:

      My monitor max resolution is just full HD… It doesn’t support higher resolutions 🙁
      But well, a good reason to wait until the full release is published hehe. Anyway I’ll post pictures when chapter 2 is completely done!

      • Sean says:

        how do you make 4k images if you cant see in 4K?

        • albert says:

          Is this a technical or “philosophical” question? XD
          If it’s a “why do you do things you can’t see” question: It’s just becasue I know some people has higher resolution monitors.
          If the question is technical, it depends of the circumstances:
          Some wallpapers using stages assets I’ve done in 4K are renders created in 3Dsmax, not ingame screenshots (Although now than I know about Nvidia DSR I’ll be able to do 4K screenshots). And the images I’ve done in 4K (for example the end of chapter background and lots of textures that reach up to 8192×8192 pixels) I edit them in Photoshop so I can freely move around the image and edit “piece by piece” of the image. 🙂

      • dreadfield says:

        thankyou cris!
        i love your magic
        waiting the next update!!

  7. mariano says:

    Hola quisiera aprender a modificar las animaciones del juegos para hace mod con animaciones personalizadas y si lo sabes hacer te lo agradecira mucho y agregar otro mapa en mercenario sin quitar los q estan es posible ya que todos los mods remplazan algo ejemplo en vez de agregar un arma le cambian la eskin quisiera saber si se puedecreo que este capitulo esta perfecto si fallos

    • albert says:

      Gracias! Las animaciones es una de las pocas cosas que no podemos modificar.
      Y solo podemos modificar contenido ya existente, no se puede añadir contenido extra, ya que eso requeriría programación y no sé si ni siquiera es posible reprogramar algo en este videojuego…

      • Mariano says:

        Gracias por la explicacion ya que no sabia por que se agregaba contenido con mods y modificaba las animaciones

  8. El Quesadilla says:

    Keep on working so good guys, awesome job again, can’t wait for the final release <3

  9. Innovade says:

    These videos really need to be recorded/uploaded in 4K, YouTube’s compression kills video quality and makes it difficult to see your great work.

    • albert says:

      Unfortunatelly my monitor max resolution is just full HD… Anyway, I’ll post comparison images when chapter 2 is completely finsisehd 🙂

      • Innovade says:

        Your monitor’s resolution doesn’t matter, you can use Nvidia’s DSR or AMD’s VSR to run the game in 4k. I highly recommend at least giving it a try because the videos you’ve been uploading are doing a disservice to your hard work.

        • albert says:

          Yep. I’ve tried it but the max resolution my Nvidia Geforce Experience can record is 1440 even the game is running at 4K.

          I enabled the DSR and the game works perfectly fine at 4K and 30 fps but it’s quite slow at 60fps. I guess I need a more powerful PC. I had serious problem playing RE2Make and I needed to downgrade the graphics quality to play the game properly. So, I guess someone that has a computer powerful enough to play RE2make with high quality graphics will also be able to play RE4 HD project at 4K and 60fps.

          I read in a forum that the trick to record 4K videos is set the recording video settings to “custom” and “in game” resolution and set a higher birate than 50mb to allow Geforce to record 4K videos. Unfortunatelly, even I set to “custom” I can’t select a higher than 50m bitrate (maybe some limitation of my video card ¿?)

          Thanks for the tip!

          • el tío RAtA says:

            Yo corro RE2make con los gráficos altos y me va bien, RE4 no está muy bien optimizado lamentablemente porque a mi me va con bajones en 60 FPS en algunas partes (por ejemplo, la aldea del principio) así que puede ser que solo sea mi procesador del año 2011 pero bueno :/

  10. mofail says:

    Fantastic video with spooky music & lots of details explained ! Thank you, these videos are amazing & I’m looking forward to more. The shadow work is tremendous & the lighting looks great too. I never noticed the moths before really just so much the player runs past without examining, next time I go here I will look out for them lol The red 9 stock is fantastic & it really looks like a container for the gun now. Its a bit sad that the sky details can’t be seen properly in some areas, I was wondering if the moon could be shown more often in the night areas of this game. I think the moon is only shown in three or four open areas at night by default. Good luck with your decorations & thanks again guys, this is legendary modding !

  11. CiTRiC says:

    You’re doing god’s work. Keep up the amazing work! 🙂

  12. frank says:

    So first let me say how much I love these videos. 95% of what I see is perfect, the texture work in particular is incredible. However I hope that its more helpful to comment on the other 5% that I think could use some improvement.
    First the flashlight, to me everything about it feels off. I understand the changes were to make it more realistic but IMO it messes with the atmosphere and feel of the original game. It moves and sways too much and the distance, strength of the shine seems excessive. I’m also not a fan of how it points to the left when the knife is out for gameplay reasons. My biggest issue however is the color, its way to bright of a white. I remember this being discussed in a previous post, that it changes throughout the game sometimes it’s yellow, sometimes white. My personal perferance is yellow but logically it would make more sense to at least split the difference and make the color something in between.
    My next concern was the lighting. I know you play at max brightness, so that may be why it looks off to me. But everything in this and the last video looks way to moonlit. Which doesn’t make sense because there are storm clouds and rain covering the moon currently. Here is a comparison to the Wii version to show what I mean.
    https://imgur.com/2SePD7d – Wii
    https://imgur.com/ko5XLWT – HD Project
    Lastly a small thing, the specular effect on Luis vest seems a tiny bit to strong. Thanks for all the hard work you two have put into this project.

    • mofail says:

      I noticed the shiny Luis vest too, it shouldn’t be reflective at all I think but he has a giant head too & nobody cares about that either lol

      • Kaludio says:

        I’ll say wait until you try it before you dismiss it. Personally I like the sway of the flashlight because it showcases the lighting engine a little better, it is more dynamic. The gamecubre release looks darker because of gamecube limitations such as a reduce bit-depth and lower amounts of pixels on screen. Now we can see more and thus is less “scary” and “brighter” then we remember. In HD we can see so much more, than we no not need the flashlight, but is is a nice touch that it is more present on the game and that it add a touch o realism, i really like it…. Luis in the other hand is a quirky character, i think if you “fix” his it would take away form his hollywood cliche mid 2000’s persona.

        • scotty says:

          RE4 HD doesn’t really have a great lighting engine though. It uses vertex-based lighting, so any bright area lights (spot-lights or point-lights) in dark areas will cause triangular artifacts. The same lighting is used in Silent Hill 2 on the PS2 (it’s not as pronounced in RE4 since most areas aren’t pitch-black, but it’s still visible whenever the flashlight is used):

          (btw, the GC had 24-bit RGB/ 32-bit RGBA colors – which is all you need to display any arbitrary color – and resolution doesn’t affect brightness – at this point the level of brightness is an artistic choice, not a technical one)

          • albert says:

            Yep, that’s exactly what annoys me the most, those triagular artifacts. This is the reason a smaller but more realistic flashlight light would look worse becasue the triangles would be much more noticeable, while a wide radious flashlight light makes this problem almost unnoticeable

  13. Ernesto Antonio León Cabrera says:

    Hola, os he escrito un mail, no tiene que ver con resident evil pero querria saber si podrian contestarlo

  14. Jack says:

    This (((((AMAZING)))))
    I have a question :
    In the End of the project how we can download this pack? Or what is the system requirement?
    Your Job Is Great Bro Or Should I Say Incredible

  15. SLH says:

    Nice video! Interesting to see the tools used for this mod, and great commentary as always
    I just wanted to mention that Leon’s hair parting should not be separated from the forehead. It can look more natural (and realistic) like this:
    https://imgur.com/a/feWeKsY (picture on the right)

    Also, the flashlight turning to the left when using the knife can be a little inconvenient and distracting. How about putting it on the right side of the belt instead of the left? That way, the light can stay mostly in front of Leon when using the knife.
    Keep up the great work!

    • SLH says:

      Also, in the end of chapter 1 render (it’s from 24/11/18 and I don’t know if it’s been modified since) there appears to be some kind of clipping near the base of Leon’s index finger (something is sticking out of the wood) and the edge of the wood (near the finger) has one instance of aliasing:
      Just very small details I wanted to point out, but nothing major
      PS TMP = Tactical Machine Pistol

    • albert says:

      Thank you again!
      Unfortunatelly if I do this the light would point to the right side while not using the knife. Anyway, I’ve found a better and more balanced way to generate dinamic but not distracting flashlight (IMO) You’ll see it in the next video 🙂

      About Leon’s hair, I’ll see what can I do!

  16. Jon says:

    I’d love to see a one-off video showing how you go about recreating a texture from scratch, not using Gigapixel or whatnot. The process you go through to get something looking faithful, etc.

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