Walkthrough | Chapter 3-4 Fully Remastered

Happy Gray Thursday!

One month later, I’m back with a new chapter. Chapter 3-4. We’ll see Ashley struggling in HD!

Click picture for full resolution image

What’s new since the last July 2018 release:

  • Adjusted lighting and effects.
  • A lot of small model and texture edits.
  • Improved stage shadows where needed.
  • Remastered File and Chapter End background images.
  • Remastered new enemies’ textures and models (Armaduras).

The fisrt area Ashley passes through was the most complicated to retouch. It looked off in so many ways… But I didn’t want to change too many things and make it an unrecognizable room, of course, so I’ve had no choice but to deal with the existent elements in that area and simply make them to look more detailed.

Darkness engulfs Ashley

After adding more detail to the stage 3D models I’ve also touched up a bigger ammount of textures than in previous videos because I have now access to even more original source textures. So, some portions of the re-created textures have been replaced with the original texture, but in HD of course.

And finally, as usual, the new shadows add the final realism touch.

I hope you enjoy the video! It shows both European/American camera angles and also Japanese exclusive fixed camera angles (and a cool extra ;))

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42 Responses to Walkthrough | Chapter 3-4 Fully Remastered

  1. Frank Nitty says:

    Your texture work is impeccable especially for making this classic game from 2005 look brand new. I’m really impressed by the reflection manipulation that’s detailed within the marble flooring. Keep it up as always, thanks.

  2. Gamer says:

    Great and also, is there texture detail that you cant make 3d even if you wanted because of polygon setting ?

    • CiTRiC says:

      There’s a limit to the amount of polygons you can have within a level, otherwise the character models would blink or dissapear because there’s too much to render on the scene.

  3. mofail says:

    I never knew about the Japanese camera angle scene with ashley, it’s a shame European/u.s version fans can’t experience that. It looks much better than the European/u.s version & much more creepy.

    I think that the small hole Ashley crawls through might be a Salazar thing, it is his castle after all & he is very small too. Maybe a play thing when he was young & still human? I like what you did with the books there it’s a great touch really.
    Interesting video!

    • albert says:

      I really have no idea what else that hole could be… It’s really unnatural.
      Maybe a file talking about a young Salazar playing in those areas would make that hole makes sense XD

      • Sean says:

        I like what you did by adding the carpet and books, the hole in the wall never made any sense before but now it looks natural imo! maybe there could be a little cart nearby that gets pushed through the hole for the books to sit on? but what really doesnt make sense is why theres several gates with cranks in that little area, did salazar really think his mosaic puzzle was going to fool anybody? lol

        I’ve played this game about 40 times and cant believe Im still learning new things about it lol… I never knew about the japanese camera angles either, I wonder why they removed them in us/euro 🙁 sounds really cool I wish there was a mod to download so I can experience the different camera angles, seems like it would make ashleys section more interesting/creepy and nostalgic!

        by the way, am I the only one who thinks Ashleys dress flutters/waves around too much when she falls? it looks kinda glitchy xD

        • mofail says:

          ashleys skirt ? i think it’s that 60 fps bug this game has, it might move more normally at 30fps. It’s so brief i’m amazed at some of the things you all notice in these videos !

  4. NEGAARMAX says:

    Se ve muy bien en especial en la versión japonesa, esperare el recopilado de imágenes comparativa con ansias.
    y a mi no se me ocurre nada mas del oyo, dejalo así con la alfombra y libros

  5. CiTRiC says:

    Otra vez Albert, muy buen trabajo. Sólo tengo 2 nitpicks:
    La silla con referencia del Palau Güell podría estar mejor. La textura de los detalles en la base del asiento se clippean un poco.
    La sombra de Ashley en la sección de las armaduras es demasiado oscura, incluso considerando la poca luz que hay. Además de eso, sus pies se clippean por debajo de la suelo, ¿no hay posibilidad de subir un poco el area de colisión o bajar un poco la textura del suelo?

    • albert says:

      Miraré de mejorar la silla. En cuanto a las sombras, me di cuenta en cuanto publiqué el vídeo. Ya está solucionado. Olvidé calibrar las sombras de esa habitación… ^_^”

  6. Aleex says:

    Hola chicos! tengo que decirles que vengo admirando su trabajo desde que empezaron el proyecto, pero no se me habia dado la oportunidad de comentar. Pimero que nada, quiero decirles que los admiro mucho por tanto esfuerzo que han hecho.

    Solo tengo una pequeña duda, ya vimos que es posible añadir specular map a algunos objetos, pero me preguntaba ¿Si es posible de añadirlo a otras cosas como las paredes de madera o puertas? ¿Hay alguna limitación? Les pregunto porque recuerdo haber visto que pudieron añadir el efecto en las columnas azules.

    • albert says:

      Hola! Muchas gracias por pasarte a mandarnos este mensaje 🙂
      Efectivamente puede añadirse a cualquier objeto, el problema es que el aspecto que el efecto especular (con o sin bump map) da a los objetos es de un aspecto muy brillante/metálico/húmedo. Y aquí se acaba lo que este efecto visual puede otorgar a una superficie. A cualquier otro tipo de material (madera, piedra, baldosas normales, ladrillos, y similares) este efecto no le sienta bien. No es como los normal maps, que otorgan cierto volumen ilusorio a las texturas. En este juego los trucos gráficos son muy limitados ya que su motor gráfico sigue siendo el original de 2005.
      Un saludo!! Y gracias por tu infinita paciencia 😛

      • Aleex says:

        Muy agradecido por tu respuesta! Pues la verdad es una lastima, pero todo el trabajo y esfuerzo me impresiona aun asi, solo espero poder jugar con la ultima actualizacion, de hecho, me espero a jugarlo para disfrutar con este grandioso proyecto.

  7. Arun Shanmugam says:

    Hi Albert,

    I love your work, but can you fix the following?

    @5:18 the floor has reflections, but during the cut scenes @33:49 or gameplay @3:11 there is no reflections on the floor. Can you fix it?

    @42:28 the fire of the candle/lamp looks fake. I mean a fire of a candle light will not look like that.

    @33:49 the parting line of Ashley looks too sharp/ugly (it does not match the color of her hair). please make it look natural.

    @6:40 the fire effect of the 2 big torch thingies and the fire effect of the “arrow” do not match when it comes to color and brightness. Fire of the arrow is brighter than the big torch thingies. And the big torches do not cast light. Can you make the fire effects of torch and arrow look same (same brightness level and color). Further can you make the fire on the big torch cast light?

    Also the new added flickering effect from the candle light makes my eye strain. Can you make it look more natural like a real candle light flickering effect or give us option to turn it off?

    • albert says:

      Hello and thanks for the feedback!

      1. About the reflections: Only the lower floor has that effect because they are not real reflections but inverted models under the stage and semi-transparent floor. So, upper floor can’t have that effect.
      2. You are right, all these lamps in the game use this kind of flame because of technical/texture optimization reasons. But I can make the lamps in this room use the regular candle flame 😉
      3. The parting… hum not sure. I see it right. A lot of people with blond hair have similar hair parting. I don’t see it unrealistic
      4. It’s not possible to calibrate the enemies weapons light/brightness/colour because every room has a specific character/enemie brightenss value different of the stage. But yes, those decorative torches should cast more light. In fact, they do it, but the light source is located behind the decorative armor !!
      5. Flickering: Fixed. It was too much in that area and it’s worse at 60 fps…

      • Arun Shanmugam says:

        hi Albert,

        Thanks for your reply and I am glad to know that a genius like you reading our feedback/comments.
        1. About the reflections: Can you remove the reflection effect on the lower floor, so it will look better (since other floors do not have this effect)?
        3. About the parting of Ashley:
        Sorry for not explaining the issue to you clearly. In this screenshot (original) Ashyley’s parting does not have a Dark-brown outline.
        However, in this HD remastered screenshot, Ashley’s parting has a dark-brown outline, which does not match the color of Ashley’s hair. Can you fix this?


      • Arun Shanmugam says:

        hi Albert,

        Thanks for your reply and I am glad to know that a genius like you reading our feedback/comments.
        1. About the reflections: Can you remove the reflection effect on the lower floor, so it will look better (since other floors do not have this effect)?
        3. About the parting of Ashley:
        Sorry for not explaining the issue to you clearly. In this screenshot (original) Ashyley’s parting does not have a Dark-brown outline.
        However, in this HD remastered screenshot, Ashley’s parting has a dark-brown outline, which does not match the color of Ashley’s hair.
        Can you fix this?


        • Sean says:

          I agree that Ashleys hair looks odd, the dark/brown edge around the parting makes it look almost like a wound. Could you make the parting slightly smaller?

          • albert says:

            I’ve improved the parting and now it looks better! 😀
            I’ve just noticed I recorded the video using a low-res Ashley face texture XDD

  8. Bloodyhunter says:

    Noooo, there goes my hopes to play with the classic camera angles haha. It’s really a shame they can only be obtained by using the Japanese executable.

    I have one huge nitpick regarding the colour of the mortar present on a few brick walls textures. Sometimes, the mortar between the bricks looks really “clean”, as if it were recent while the rest of the environment looks old and antiquated. I’m sure that making the mortar look darker would solve that “issue” and blend said walls perfectly with the rest of the environments. Here are the most noticeable I’ve seen:
    I’ve also seen a few at the very beginning of Ashley’s section but they just seem to be reused assets from the room where Luis dies.

    Nitpicking aside, this is again a stellar job!

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      I’ll see what I can do. The new textures are done using the exact same walls Capcom used to create the original textures. Since I took the new pictures 15 years later, some of the places have been restored or cleaned. I make them to look dirtier to match more the original texture but the mortar looks obviously brighter.
      Since it’s not absurd to think the castle received some kind of partial restoration at some point before the Plagas invaded the place, it’s not that terrible some surfaces look cleaner.
      Anyway, I’ll take this into consideration. Specially for the first 2 pictures

  9. Nameless says:

    Hey Albert, excellent work as always, can not wait for the final release!

    Question: are you doing updates on Separate Ways rooms as you go? Or putting off Ada’s rooms until afterward?

    • CiTRiC says:

      I believe those are already done, the only thing left is the main campaign. I don’t know if they plan on updating the July version from last year.

  10. Adzim Buana says:

    sorry i’am a new follower , just asking a question, should i buy RE4 HD on steam first to play this mod?

    • albert says:

      Hello! Yes, we only share the improved files, not the entire game.
      Right now, we only have a pack that was released last year, so the last improvements we’ve done (some stage edits, characters, enemies…) are not included.

      Welcome! 🙂

  11. Exraiel says:

    Dumb question wheres the direct download link, I don’t have torrent on my pc.

  12. Exraiel says:

    Total download size: 19GB if downloaded via the Torrent and 28.5 GB if downloaded via the eight direct file links

    • albert says:

      That’s correct. The torrent link is more compressed than the direct links. Now the direct download options are not available for technical reasons. So, only the torrent link works now.
      Remember this is a beta that was released on July 2018 and the last edits (some stage edits, characters and enemies are not included)

      We’ll try to offer more and better download options for the final release!

  13. me gustaría apoyar, tienes patreon? es una pagina mas confiable para poner mi tarjeta.

    • albert says:

      Muchas gracias! por desgracia no obtuvimos permiso de Capcom para hacer un patreon, por motivos legales/de copyright. Así que la única manera de “financiar” el proyecto es a partir de los donativos voluntarios a través de paypal.
      Pero lo importante es la intención. Gracias! 🙂

    • [ROLO] says:

      PayPal es 100% confiable, tienen mucha seguridad y un gran servicio al cliente. No tendrás problemas donando a este proyecto a través de dicha plataforma.

  14. Fan says:

    Everything looks ultra sharp and realistic, man I will play this game again when I buy LG C9 OlED TV. It will be a spectacle.

  15. SLH says:

    Great work again! It looks beautiful already, but I have some suggestions to improve things a little further:

    – As someone already said, it would be better to remove the reflection effect on the first floor (even if that’s how it was in the original game). The main reason is that environment gets reflected, but none of the characters, so it’s not realistic.

    – 5’49” still in the same room, the destroyed pillar and debris near the red door where Ashley escapes look like they were made of granite. It might look better and closer to the original game by using a smooth texture on these surfaces rather than the granular texture that was used here. https://imgur.com/oTkZDBf

    -23’29” the knight armor gloves look light grey instead of black. I know Ashley’s flashlight is pointing directly at it, but maybe it should still be a little darker.

    – 25’37” the chest containing the serpent ornament looks shiny and brand new. I think it would be better if it looked older, with less light reflection, and by using darker and less vivid colors (it’s too golden in the hd version and it was more of a darker blue in the original version) https://imgur.com/jqCJw0w

    – 28’11” I love your idea of recreating the objects seen in the background of documents, but that lampshade doesn’t look good. I think it would look better if it were rounder and more even. Unless you specifically wanted that shape, in that case, forget this point.

    – 30’26” Salazar’s portrait doesn’t look right with the other portraits in the room. The style is too modern and is closer to anime than classical paintings (it was probably done by the chara designer). What would work better would be to create an oil painting by using the 3d model of Salazar.
    I couldn’t see the the little photo of Salazar clearly since it was small, but if it was made with the 3d model of Salazar, just re-use it while adding the sky in the background and add a light oil painting filter for the big portrait. If that photo was not made with the 3d model , you can re-create the portrait with the 3d model of Salazar, with adjustments to make him look not infected, younger and with black hair, with the same sky or a real picture of a similar sky, with a light oil painting filter at the end. And the version without filter could be used to replace the photo on the table (or not, since it’s small and doesn’t really catch the attention, unlike the big portrait). I assume it would be roughly the same process you use for your beautiful end of chapter renders.

    • albert says:

      Thanks as always!!
      -Reflections: Not sure to remove something that doesn’t look bad. There are reflections in chapter 4-1 in 2 more areas and in the 2 castle water rooms aswell.
      -Pillar: You are right, with that comparison it looks clear something is wrong with the new texture. Easy to fix!
      -Knight gloves: That’s the exact same colour and brightnees the original low-res texture has. It’s grey not black
      -Chest: Again agree, the texture was ported from another area but it looks way toooo saturated
      -Lampshade shape is based on one real modernist lamp and similar to what’s in the background image (when you edit the image and make visible the darkest areas) ;P
      -Salazar portrait. Yeah, the original texture is obviously a Capcom reused concept art. The render idea is a nice one. And yes, the picture is done from a custom render using a non-infected younger face texture ;D

      Does somebody know a decent and realistic filter that can turn images into oil paintings even if some work is needed? Photoshop filters look too fake to my taste

      • mofail says:

        When i tried to mod the Salazar painting for the 2007 pc re4 game, this is what i did using GIMP.
        Took an in game screen shot…

        Then using gimp some what age it & try to make it look like a paining of Salazar made in that very room where the painting is hanging. GIMP has some filters I just messed around with them…

        Then the final result…

        It kind of looks like an old oil painting now…
        Good luck with the photoshop filters there must be a solid way to get a nicer result than that anime style image, it does look brand new & a little out of place..

      • SLH says:

        Glad I could help! About the reflections, it does look good but while the environment is reflected, the characters are not. So is it possible to add a reflection effect for the characters as well? (I only proposed to completely remove the effect because it was the easiest option) I am thinking about the realism aspect, but at the end of the day, you decide what works best.

  16. Yazdgerd says:

    Do you have any plan to make the Project playable on other platforms, like ps4 for example?

  17. Arun Shanmugam says:

    Hi Albert,

    I love your work and I will be always thankful to you for what you are doing to RE4 fans. I have just noticed something while you were playing as Ashley.
    1. I noticed some weird thick-stripe on the back of Ashley’s hair and this stripe looks odd and can’t unsee it after you notice it. I have added the snapshots of them in the links below:
    However this stripe is not visible on console versions. Please check the snapshot of Switch version in the link below:
    2. Compared to the original/console version, the square puzzle thingy looks too clean and the pointy things in the corners of the puzzle are not pointing up on the HD project video. these pointy things pointing slightly down. Kindly refer the links below:
    however on the console version, these pointy things does not look like they are pointing slightly down. And the puzzle does not look too clean. kindly refer the link below:

    Appreciate if you could fix these issues if possible. many thanks in advance.

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