A glimpse at chapter 4-3 (Testing 4K Recording)

Hello everybody! Long time since the last video.

I’ve been doing regular progress as usual, but since my graphic card was dying I took the opportunity to get a new and super fast machine.

Right now I’m transferring all data to the new PC. In the meantime, I’ve tried the game in my new beast and the game runs smoothly at 4k, max game settings and max video recording quality!

Here’s the sample (NO AUDIO):

It’s fun how my old computer can’t even play the 4K Youtube video properly!

Only the second half of the underground mines remains to be done. After finishing it both chapters 4-2 and 4-3 will be ready. So, next thing I’m going to do is record the chapter 4-2 final revision video (finally!)

Thanks for the patinece!!!

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