Chapter 4 – FINAL Comparison Images

Hello everyone!

The 2 first Island areas are driving me crazy… Their geometry is a complete mess even after the first revision I did in the past!

Fortunately, I’ve checked the rest of the Island areas and most of the hard work is already done. By the time I did the first revision I already knew a lot of stuff about lighting, effects and baked shadows than during the Village and Castle first revisions. So, most of the remaining work in this final chapter 5 will be about enemies, touching up textures and the finest 3D improvements.


Oh! Here’s a remastered Chapter 5 end of chapter background image in the form of 4K Wallpaper:


In the meantime, it’s time to share a complete comparison gallery about the entire Chapter 4. I’ve fixed that weird ear mapping Ashley has. The antihelix was completely wrong. You can clearly see it in a couple of cutscene comparison images down here.

Other than this, I’ve also improved some small details based on feedback as usual throughout the entire Chapter 4

Enjoy them!

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