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  1. Kyle says:

    Every time I check back in here my mind gets blown all over again. I cannot wait for your full release. The sheer quality of your work is astounding. The 3D editing on top of the already impressive re-texturing is just bananas. The way you’re finding the objects and art pieces that the assets were modeled after puts this work on another level.

  2. Stef says:

    This is a milestone in modding. Keep up the great work!

  3. BRASIL says:

    hello I was wondering when you guys release the final version of pach it will add to the 10 gb resident evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition . type 10gb 20gb + resident of pach = 30gb , or it will subistui the testuras and stay are the 20gb or augo thereabouts ?

    • Cris says:

      Hi there! We haven’t worked that out yet, sorry. We also don’t know the final size of the mod at this point, though somewhere in the 15GB range sounds about right (since the village was about 4GB). We’ll see. Thanks for the question!

  4. Cris Without H says:

    I really admire your work, but sometimes I’m worried that some of the textures you guys make just look way too clean. I mean, Ganados in the game seem to live in filth, so it made sense that everything looked filthy. I understand that staying faithful to the original look is sometimes different, but still, you guys are being more faithful to the original look than Capcom. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Cris says:

      Hi there and thanks for the feedback! It would be great to provide this kind of feedback more specifically on any of the individual posts / comparison shots so we can review and revise if needed. In general, please know we are striving to remain faithful to the original throughout, so your specific feedback would be welcome! Thanks again!

  5. Esgal says:

    Hi, just wanted to say that you render super work. continue so dear greetings from Germany

  6. Aria Mehr says:

    Hi.I wanted to know that when will the project be completed? 1 year or even more than that! I hate Capcom’s RE4 bullshit ports.Thanks for your great work

  7. Ignacio molina says:

    Hola amigo, por lo que pude leer tu eres de españa jaja entonces me entiendes.
    Mi problema es que nose como descargar todos los archivos hd que subes, porfavor podrias ayudarme !!!
    y una cosa mas, gracias por tu trabajo eres super impresionante y admirable por tu trabajo.

    • albert says:

      Hola Ignacio! Y gracias por el cumplido!
      Por si hay dudas… En las actualizaciones que vamos subiendo cada semana solo mostramos imágenes y videos. No ofrecemos ninguna descarga. De momento solo ofrecemos un enlace de una demo en la sección “Village Download” Y dentro de unos 3 meses o algo más ofreceremos la sección del Castillo al completo! No tendrá pérdida, lo anunciaremos a bombo y platillos 😛

      Esta versión del Pueblo (Village Download) no incluye un montón de arreglos 3D que sí estarán en la versión final, ya que por aquel entonces aun no sabíamos como hacer esos arreglos. Así que la versión final será mejor 😉

  8. lucas says:

    Hola, es impresionante lo que están haciendo, sigan asi 😀

  9. Dimitris says:

    Hello guys and happy new year!

    Since you seem to be reading this comment section, I will post here instead of directly emailing you.

    Well, I finally decided to replay the game on PC, and I am still in the village section, where I noticed something.

    The building which opens with the insignia key has two windows on the inside that are nowhere to be seen on the outside. I thought you might like to know. I am adding some steam links with screenshots.

    I wish you the best!

  10. Jeff Hook says:

    Are you all doing the whole game because i love Assignment Ada, The Mercenaries, and Separate Ways and would really like to get a true full HD remake of this game and I know i would really not like the main game to look really good and have the rest not fit in with it

  11. Mahmood says:

    When The Full Release Of This Projcet?Its Amazing.Im Waiting For It…

  12. Olá Cris e Albert Tudo bem com vocês!!? gostaria de parabenizá-los pelo grande trabalho que vocês estão fazendo com resident evil 4, acompanho o trabalho desde 2014 quando vocês começaram, e espero muito ansioso pelo final, já joguei as 2 versões que vocês disponibilizaram para download Village e Castle e está fantástica, surreal, mas uma vez parabéns e aguardando ansioso pelo final do projeto, 1000 vezes like.

  13. Dan S says:

    Hello, loving the Castle update, almost going too fast! I’ll be on the Island in no time…except, well attempting to leave the “Bug room” (the 2nd encounter where there is a hive and Ashley gets swiped away, not the dungeons) crashes the game! As soon as I hit X to OPEN, it fully exits the game. I imagine the castle update possibly is causing this?

    • albert says:

      Hello Dan!
      Did you try the 4GB patch? It works for all crashing issues caused by the big size of our textures
      Let us know if this tool solved the issue for you aswell! 🙂

      • Dan S says:

        I honestly thought I did….perhaps only for the Village release though. I guess it would make sense that there is a separate patch. I will give it a try and report back!

        • Dan S says:

          Unless I installed the patch wrong, it did not appear to help! Maybe I should try loading the default textures next? Maybe it’s just that room or something.

          • albert says:

            Ok! Let’s try soemthing else.
            Can you confirm me the game crashes when you enter the door just after lowering the bridge?
            If that’s the case, could you check the following files are in the right folders?
            r214.udas (with no lfs extension) BIO4\st2 folder
            44000214.pack (with no lfs extension) BIO4\ImagePackHD folder

          • Dan S says:

            Using search, both files seem to be in their proper folders.
            And, yes I can confirm the crash happens only after lowering the bridge and entering the door.

            Haven’t tried entering with the textures off yet, maybe I’ll give that a shot just to see what happens.

          • albert says:

            Perfect, Now could you try the following?
            Move r214.udas.lfs (the one inside the backup folder) to BIO4\st2 folder
            Move 44000214.pack.lfs (the one inside the backup folder) to BIO4\ImagePackHD folder
            This will revert to the original files for the crashing room

            Also, could you tell us the file size for both files r214.udas and 44000214.pack (with no lfs extension)? Just in case they got somehow corrupted…

            Thank you again!

          • Dan S says:

            Reverting manually within the game did let me in to the room. Saving, then going back to the main menu to go back to the HD textures didn’t change the crashing.

            File sizes:
            r214.udas 5,989KB
            44000214.pack 0Bytes

            There also seems to be more than one 44000214 (3 in total, 2 at 0 bytes, 1 at 256MB) different folders though.

          • albert says:

            44000214.pack inside BIO4\ImagePackHD folder should be the 256 MB file

            Could you try again after making sure the biggest 44000214.pack file is inside BIO4\ImagePackHD folder?

            There shouldn’t ba any 0KB files. So, maybe something went wrong during installation process…

          • Dan S says:

            When I tried overwriting with the noncorrupt file, I think it was just the backup file. I’m not sure if the uncorrupt HD file made it in to any of the folders.

            It’s not a big deal as the area is small and you go through it quickly. When I entered the actual clocktower, the HD textures loaded up fine, most likely due to none of the files having 0 bytes to them.

            Perhaps if you can email me the 44000214.pack, I can place it in and playtest to double check that it does work correctly, before I progress further.

          • albert says:

            The 256 MB file is our project HD pack for that room. So, this file inside ImagePackHD folder should solve the issue 🙂
            So, do you need the original file for backup purposes?

          • Dan S says:

            No, I don’t need a backup file, just the HD one please. Unless I misread the file info, the only one I had that was uncorrupted was the original file.

            On a sidenote, no additional issues playing further in to the game.

          • albert says:

            Hello again Dan! You said in a previous message:
            “There also seems to be more than one 44000214 (3 in total, 2 at 0 bytes, 1 at 256MB) different folders though.”
            That 256MB file is our project HD textures .pack file for that room and you should place it inside BIO4\ImagePackHD folder
            So, you already have the right HD file.
            If it still crashes, try to extract it again from the Castle Release rar file. It should be OK! 🙂

  14. Denis says:

    Hello, I installed both Village and Castle releases, and i was playing through the village part normally and beautifully until I got to the door with the eye scanner right before the entrance to the Castle, as soon as i try to open the door after the short cutscene, the game crashes.
    I tried installing the 4GB Patch but i get the error 0xc0000142 when trying to start the game.

    • Denis says:

      There’s no files on the RE4HDTEXCASTLE folder except for the other folders after installing through the batch file.

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