Look familiar? (XLVII)

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More Novistadors??

Hi everyone! After a really busy work week I’m happy to share progress from the Novistador nest right next to the 2 El Gigantes. In general the Novistadors make me uneasy, and so I get anxious about¬†this room each time I play through the game. It’s not particularly difficult, but swarms of gigantic bugs are pretty much my worst nightmare. ūüôā

As always, your feedback is welcome, and if you have any questions just let us know

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Regenerator Cell (Room 326)


This week I’m showing you the remastered result of a¬†small and dark area. I really enjoyed redoing everything because the original was quite a mess (again…).

Lots of cables and all the chains are now 3D.

I added windows in the¬†cells because you can see them in the previous room. They are all closed to justify the absence of light coming from outside, of course.¬†What you can see in the comparison images¬†is¬†just an idea. I don’t know if the final windows will look like that or¬†if they will be in all the cells or not. They¬†should at least be present in the first¬†cell (because those are the ones you can see from the outside) but I added them in all 4 cells¬†(my¬†assumption is¬†that doesn’t make¬†sense for¬†only one¬†cell to have¬†them).

I also added a specular effect on the splattered blood and on the final door. As you can see in the video, the specular effect now is much more noticeable than in previous videos because I edited the default specular textures used in the entire game. Now it’s not necessary to force the camera angle to notice the effect! You just need to walk by and you see¬†the effect clearly ūüôā

I also improved¬†something else, which I’ll explain in a¬†future “technical issues” update. Let’s see if someone notices the improvement in the video. ūüėõ

And finally a small anecdote: the wall you see in image 326H.jpg is in front of the bus stop I used everyday to go back to my previous home XD.

I hope you like the work in progress pictures and video. Don’t hesitate¬†to comment on them!


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Psycho Leon! (Room 325)

Hello again!

This week’s update will cover room 325: the ancient¬†ruins¬†where Leon shows his “love” for Ada.

This place has¬†plenty of textures based on pictures that Capcom took during their travel to Europe (a brief break after lots of rooms using quite generic textures. I guess that’s why I always loved this small area :)). Fortunately I was able to find most of them. And the rest are re-creations as usual.

I gave some 3D volume to the windows and beams at the end of the room (They were simple 2D surfaces with an opacity channel) and fixed some inaccuracies here and there.

The door at the end was originally too brightly highlighted. Its 3D model was stored separately using its own lighting values. That’s¬†why it doesn’t react to Leon’s flashlight the same way the rest of the room’s models do. I¬†fixed that and I also placed the door knobs at a normal height…

Please, fell free to share your thoughts about these work in progress comparison shots and video! ūüôā

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Look familiar? (XLVI)

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Fixing Lighting Issues, Crushed Whites, and Environmental Pop-In (Technical Improvements – part I)

Hi everyone!

Today’s post is somewhat special. While testing some non-texture-related files of the game, I was able to edit a few things I never thought were¬†possible to change…

I’d like to be¬†clear that I have no coding knowledge or anything like that. I’m just terribly obstinate!¬†What you’ll see here is the result of hours of “what if I change this <random number>¬†with another <random number>” trial-and-error hex-edits. In¬†the end, I learned the function of certain bytes of data.

So if someone asks:¬†“Could you fix¬†<some other issue>¬†as well?” The answer will be: “I have no idea if that’s possible right now.” haha ;-P

I fixed the following issues (you’ll find a comparison video at the end of the post):

  • Lighting Pop-In


This is by far the most annoying graphical glitch to my eyes… This problem happens in rooms where¬†the player has the¬†flashlight on.

This issue depends entirely on Leon’s closeness to the 3D model… The problem is that some 3D models don’t react to the light until¬†Leon is too close to them.
The solution I found is really cheap, but 100% effective: I just placed extra polygons (not visible in-game) all around the model at a certain distance. The game engine will “notice” the model is closer to Leon than before and it will start reacting to flashlight light at longer distance than before. The result is a nice and soft gradient from dark to light.

  • Crushed Whites

Something that always bothers me when I play this game is when I see lights that literally make the surroundings look completely white. All detail is lost!
It seems this is a general problem throughout¬†the game and no edited gradient file or Sweet FX configuration can fix that. You can make the white darker¬†using those options, but you’ll never get back the¬†lost image¬†detail from a crushed white area.

The solution: I found the bytes inside the LIT file for each room that controls the intensity, contrast, and brightness of the overall light in the room. The problem is resolved by reducing the contrast!

  • Cold and Warm Ambient Colour

Another issue I noticed while playing this port is a specific point where the color of the ambient light changes from warm to cold (this occurs in the castle, specifically in the puzzle room with the paintings).

The solution: This was a glitched effect (not sure which one). I¬†edited the¬†EFF file of that room and deactivate that broken effect. The right¬†color-temperature¬†for¬†that room is the cold one. ūüôā

  • Pop-Up Trees

Did you notice the trees popping in the distance all of a sudden when you approach them in the first area?

This¬†was likely an optimization method Capcom implemented because the number¬†of polygons in that area is huge. This is now¬†unnecessary given that we are no longer bound by the Gamecube’s hardware limitations.

The solution: Fortunately, I found the bytes inside a LIT file (every room has its own LIT file) that control the distance to the player before certain models are rendered on screen.¬†But those numbers doesn’t control all¬†models… So, after some additional research¬†I also found the bytes that control the density of the fog at that¬†distance as well!

And here’s¬†a comparison video for all 4 corrected issues!:

I hope you like these edits… And as always, feel free to comment about them!

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Two El Gigantes?? No problem – I Have a Huge Hole in the Floor

Hi everyone! Tonight I’m sharing some of the revisions made to the room where you fight the 2 El Gigantes. This room was a bit tedious due to the number of pipes and beams that needed minor mapping corrections. But it¬†also had some satisfying elements, like being able to improve the central opening (where you can drown one of the behemoths) and finding floor panels and pipe structures that were incorrectly placed below the floor. I’ve tried to explain the corrections in the images themselves, so¬†please take a look!¬†Thank you!!

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Mike to the Rescue! (Rooms 320 & 321)

Finally, someone realized¬†that one single person fighting an unknown entity that kidnapped the President’s daughter was not that good of an idea. ūüėõ

This area is huge, and huge were the inaccuracies I had to confront.

The main problem in the first room were all of the shadows in the floor. Most of them were floating at unusually long distances from¬†the floor/wall. I had no choice but to remodel them all from scratch because it all was a mess… but the results were satisfying!¬†Other than that, the rest of edits were the usual. The room needed lots of small (and not that small) 3D fixes everywhere, but lots of textures were recycled from previous rooms. So, one thing compensated the other.

About the second room. I noticed some 3D models¬†didn’t react to Leon’s flashlight. I found out what caused that and I was able to fix it.

Enjoy these work in progress comparison shots and video. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about them! ūüôā


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Look familiar? (XLV)

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Image Gallery Issue Corrected

Hi everyone! The issue with the image galleries has been corrected – thanks¬†for your patience!¬†I’ll delete this post once the next update goes up and it will be as if it never happened hehehe. ūüôā We did lose a couple of recent comments made on the site, though – I’m sorry (it was¬†unavoidable).