Walkthrough | Chapter 3-3 Fully Remastered


One month later (again), I’m here with a new video. It covers Chapter 3-3. A short but time consuming chapter. The 2 main rooms of this part of the game had sooooo many graphic bugs that even after all the remaster work we did in the past they needed a lot of extra edits.

Click picture for full resolution image

What’s new since the last July 2018 release:

  • Adjusted lighting and effects.
  • A lot of small model and texture edits.
  • Improved stage shadows where needed.
  • Remastered File and Chapter End background images.
  • Remastered new enemies’ textures and models.

I’ve “HD-fied” all final cutscene elements: Luis wounded model, its textures, the Plaga sample and the medicine bottle. Also, I’ve unified the flickering of the light sources during all the cutscene and also during the game.

I’ve spent a lot of time doing minor adjustments in previous areas based on feebdack from everyone here and in my Youtube channel (Thanks!) that’s why it took me again one entire month to post this new video even this chapter is much shorter than any previous chapter

And finally, I’m really happy with the new stage shadows I think the results are much more realistic than before. I hope you enjoy the video!

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Walkthrough | Chapter 3-2 Fully Remastered

Hello everyone! And HAPPY SEPTEMBER, 28th !!

One month later, I’m back with another video covering the entire Chapter 3-2. I’ve had a great time re-creating shadows all over the area. The original low-res shadows looked quite unnatural at times…

What’s new since the last July 2018 release:

  • Adjusted lighting and effects.
  • Slight model and texture edits.
  • Improved stage shadows where needed.
  • Remastered File and Chapter End background images.
  • Remastered new enemies’ textures and models (not finished yet).

I’ve remastered the zealot’s necklaces and the goat skull helmet. So, now a few texture adjustments and 3D edits for the castle enemies remain to be done. I’ve applied an AI upscaling to the Novistadors’ textures. The organic textures are a perfect target for this kind of upscaling. I’ll probably do some manual adjustments here and there, but they look quite good right now. And Ada received some mapping adjustment in her face as well as some minor texture and 3D edits compared to the first remaster work I did to her model

And there are lots of extra improvements here and there. I comment some of them suring the video. I simply forgot to mention some of them as usual XD. Enjoy it!

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Walkthrough | Chapter 3-1 Fully Remastered

Hello everybody! I finally went deeper into the castle the last weeks and here are the results in the form of a video as usual.

What’s new since the last July 2018 release:

  • Adjusted lighting and effects.
  • Slight model and texture edits.
  • Improved stage shadows where needed.
  • Remastered File and Chapter End background images.
  • Remastered new enemies’ textures and models (not finished yet).

I’ve also touched up a lot of things in the Village area according to the feedback we’ve been receiving lately (specially lighting adjustments) and this is another reason that made me to take so much time to finish this chapter.

Enjoy the video! 🙂

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Chapter 2 – FINAL Comparison Images

Hello! Here is a summary of the entire Chapter 2 in the form of comparison images (a huge compilation) without the terrible Youtube video artifacts.

I’m now doing the final refinements for Chapter 3 and remastering all the enemies, files, and everything not included in the 2018 release. So, I’ve been doing progress during the latest weeks 😉

And here’s a present for your patience: You can download a new 4K wallpaper by clicking this image…

I didn’t notice until now the TMP model Leon is holding in Chapter 3 background image. Interesting…

I hope you like the edits. Keep in mind even some changes may seem huge they have more sense in motion. You can take a look at the previous posts videos if you haven’t done it already.

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Walkthrough | Chapter 2-3 Fully Remastered

Hello everyone! Here goes a new video 🙂

Again, it took me more time than I thought. But I think it worths the effort!

As usual I’ve been touching up previous chapter details according to some feedback we’ve received, but Leon’s flashlight has been a struggle for sure…

4K image! Click to view at full size

I’ve done the typical work on new enemies, stage textures and 3D final touches and lots of light edits and effect adjustments (mostly light bloom restored effects)

4K image! Click to view at full size

Finally, you’ll find a surprise in the middle of the video (I hope you like it!) and a short explanation about the steps we follow to restore/re-create a texture at the end of the video.

“Where am I…?”
[ 4K image! Click to view at full size]

Have a nice week!

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Walkthrough | Chapter 2-2 Fully Remastered

Hello everyone!

Sorry for taking so long to make a new post. I’ve been touching up previous chapter according to some feedback I’ve received from the latest video (and decorating my new home, too)

NOTE: The site has been hacked and Cris restored it from a prior backup. Unfortunately all comments about this post have been lost…

Adieu moustache!

This chapter is quite short compared to other parts of the game. There are almost no texture 3D edits other than the ones I made in the daytime version of the same areas. The important edits I’ve done (compared to the July, 2018 release) are related to light and effects stuff.

I’m sure I forgot to comment in the new video a lot of things I’ve improved, but I reached a point I can’t remember what and when I’ve remastered certain details ;P

Anyway, hope you like it! And if you like all weird and complicated stuff about this project take a look at the final part of the video. I’ve improvised all those explanations, so don’t expect any accurate tutorial XD

Have a nice week!

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Walkthrough | Chapter 2-1 Fully Remastered

Hello everyone!

Finally!!! Arghhh Chapter 2-1 is finished. No comments are needed this time. Take a look at the previous posts XD


Hmm… The longest video so far, haha. As usual, it has Spanish and (cheap) English subs.

What’s new in the video compared to the July 13th release pack:

  1. Leon’s flashlight has light in all areas, and the light is properly and realistically positioned. (Good or bad for the game’s playability? Let me know what you think!)
  2. New and improved shadows.
  3. Restored fire bloom effects (¡!)
  4. El Gigante, Saddler and Ashley are now remastered
  5. File background images are fully re-created
  6. Some minor 3D adjustments
  7. Lots of lighting adjustments

And here is the video. I hope you like it! … You must like it!! Because it took me ages to do the 2 language subs XD

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The Weight of the World

A quick render I did to remaster the Ashley Instruction Manual you receive after finding her in the church (SEE BELOW. This camera angle is impossible to obtain in-game).

Hello everyone. I just wanted to share with you that I finally finished Chapter 2-1 (!!!)

It’s not that I need to justify the wait, but I want to explain a bit so all of you can understand why sometimes some things take much more time than expected to be done.

In this case a lot of things happened in the last month (both personal and technical matters).

The personal part is that I’m moving right now. This is a good thing for me because I’ve been suffering some anxiety problems the last 2-3 years and I wasn’t able to handle major changes in my life. I’m working on that, and I’ve improved a lot the way I manage my thoughts and the way I see all the things that happen around me. It’s not easy, but it’s possible!

I’d be lying if I said the last 2 years weren’t bad and almost terrible sometimes for me, and even then I’ve been able to continue with the project. I guess this is good proof that there’s no way we’ll stop until it’s fully complete!

That is the main reason the post has this title. I guess some people will understand me. If not… lucky you! ;P (Also, it references the weight Leon has to suffer every time Ashley is unable to climb down a ladder XD ).

The technical reasons have been… the damn cut-scene models!! You can’t imagine how time-consuming it was to find out what the problem was when I edited Ashley’s model. This game is terribly restrictive! I’ll delve into this in the video I’ll post next week. 😉

Have a nice Sunday/Monday!!

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Quick update about Chapter 2-1 (II)

Hello! Since this chapter is taking me more time than I thought, I’m posting this update before posting the walkthrough video just to let you know the work hasn’t stopped at all!

It’s just that the El Gigante textures and countless seam issues all over his body have been really time-consuming… And I’ve already made all kinds of stage corrections here and there.

What’s left to finish the chapter:

  • Revise some stage models, shadows, and textures (mostly copy-paste from the daytime version of the same areas). The Merchant cave in the lake is finished and the other areas just need minimal corrections.
  • Finalize Saddler (currently 75% complete)
  • Finalize Ashley (currently 90% complete)
  • Re-create the Ashley Instructions Manual screenshots.
  • And that’s it!
A small reward for your patience!
Right click and open in a new tab to see it full size
El Gigante eating a poisonous mushroom
Right click and open in a new tab to see it full size
HD ballistics (yeah… it was foreseeable…)
Right click and open in a new tab to see it full size

Have a nice week!

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Quick update about Chapter 2-1

Hi! I’m working on the new characters and enemies from Chapter 2-1 and I wanted to share a pair of work-in-progress pics in the meantime before I publish the video. El Gigante, Saddler, and the final stage refinements are half done.

As you know I’m doing things as fast as possible. So, thank you again to everyone for the patience, support and comments. 🙂

Have a nice weekend!

Ashley having a crush on Leon
Colmillos having a crush on Leon’s neck
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