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The Castle Release is Now LIVE!

Click here to proceed: Castle Release Instructions and Download

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Project Update: Good News and Not-So-Good News (For Now)

Hi everyone.   This isn’t a standard update in the sense that I’m not sharing new screenshots. We have two items of news to share: one good, one temporarily not-so-good.    Here is the really fast version:   1. The … Continue reading

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More Novistadors??

Hi everyone! After a really busy work week I’m happy to share progress from the Novistador nest right next to the 2 El Gigantes. In general the Novistadors make me uneasy, and so I get anxious about this room each time … Continue reading

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Regenerator Cell (Room 326)

Hi! This week I’m showing you the remastered result of a small and dark area. I really enjoyed redoing everything because the original was quite a mess (again…). Lots of cables and all the chains are now 3D. I added windows … Continue reading

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Two El Gigantes?? No problem – I Have a Huge Hole in the Floor

Hi everyone! Tonight I’m sharing some of the revisions made to the room where you fight the 2 El Gigantes. This room was a bit tedious due to the number of pipes and beams that needed minor mapping corrections. But … Continue reading

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Poorly Mapped Beams, Floors, Walls, Everything…

This room is, without question, the room I’ve spent the most time on in the game. It has been my “Mt. Everest.” Just about every beam structure, object, and piece of machinery in this room needed some correction. Additionally, I learned that there … Continue reading

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“It” (rooms 31a & 31b)

Hello again! I’ve been able to post this while dealing with heat and humidity… I hate summer! haha This update will cover both cave rooms 31a and 31b. And Saddler finally introduces us to “It!” (U-3) This area uses lots of generic metal / … Continue reading

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Look familiar? (XLII)

Albert: Look familiar? (XLII) Cathedral door Sevilla https://t.co/T01vkLv3dE https://t.co/81ljwSH8lI #re4hdproject pic.twitter.com/5DLd2lc6UP — RE4 HD Project (@re4hdproject) July 1, 2016 [Show slideshow]

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Visiting the Merchant Before the 2 El Gigantes

This is a very small room, but filled with lots of small 3D corrections to make. At the end I’ve included example pictures (not a complete list) of the 3D corrections and improvements made in the room. Enjoy! Comparison Shots [Show … Continue reading

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I Still Get Nervous Around Verdugo…

Hi everyone! Right now I’m working on the room with the huge drill right before you fight the two El Gigantes. That room is BY FAR the messiest room I’ve worked on so far and almost every model is requiring some form of correction. … Continue reading

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