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Inside the Clock Tower

Tonight I’m happy to share some of my work from inside the clock tower. As you can see, we’ve been able to add some 3D depth to most of the walls in the room, and the mechanism that controls the gears was very … Continue reading

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On the Way to the Clock Tower

Hi everyone! Tonight I’m sharing an update from the section where Leon approaches / leaves the clock tower. This section was fun to work on because I was able to use some of the new photography that Albert traveled for last year. And it might sound strange, … Continue reading

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So Who Resets the Knight Traps?

Happy 2016! I’m happy to share an update from the room where you get the King’s grail. This room was fun, yet frustrating for a few reasons: The 3D modeling for the curtains were rather lacking, so I had to recreate them … Continue reading

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Salazar Sends Leon into the Pit

Since this room is only presented via a cut-scene, I thought it would be good to share the entire scene in a video along with some comparison clips. For the best viewing experience, watch in full screen of course. Enjoy!

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The Novistador Nest!

After a week of being away from home for work, I’m finally back and can share some progress! This update is from the room with the Novistador nest. I have to say that even today I am freaked out by … Continue reading

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Perverse Experiments (Room 307)

Hi! This week I’m showing you the Operating Room. This stage has lots of little details in a very small area. I’ve been in “research-mode” once again, 😛 and that’s why it took me so long to do this tiny room. Fortunately I was able … Continue reading

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Knights, a Spiked Ceiling, and a Gigantic Drill!

For some reason this is a fun little area of the game to play through for me. Maybe because it has several little traps, but it’s really easy to get through. And I always wonder how long the two monks … Continue reading

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Open Windows, Flowing Curtains, and Royalty

Tonight I’m sharing an update from what I feel is an iconic room in the game. The image of Leon running alongside the open windows with the curtains flowing in the wind is something that has stuck with me ever since … Continue reading

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How Does Leon Know that Ashley Should Wait?

Hi everyone! Tonight I’m sharing some of the work from the room that leads to the famous Lava area. This room was satisfying to update (and a learning experience), as I was able to create some additional depth to the Lava … Continue reading

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Running Into Luis

*** SPOILERS *** What was always funny to me in this room is how Leon mispronounces Luis’ name as he yells out so dramatically. He cared about Luis so much, but not enough to learn how to say his name. 🙂 One small note … Continue reading

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