resident evil 4 HD project 1.1


HD project 1.1 FULL INSTALL –> HERE

HD project 1.0 to 1.1 patch –>HERE (Only if you installed the HD project 1.0 previously and you haven’t installed any other people mods) It’s 10,6 GB. Sorry! A single texture edit entails an entire room texture pack has to be replaced


  • Hundreds of graphical edits based on people’s feedback. (textures, stage and character models, items, weapons, UI)
  • Dozens of other graphical edits spot on the fly.
  • Remastered “press any button” “how to play” “options” and “controls” UI text in the title screen for all languages.
  • Titles screen UI font replaced to match the original font.
  • Remastered “How to play”, “Controls” and Xbox control settings UI textures for all languages.
  • Some corrections on Spanish subtitles.
  • Inclusion of latest re4_tweaks ( by nipkow and emoose.
    • English Subtitles during all cutscenes.
    • Check all the latest re4_tweaks features HERE.

List of updated files HERE.

UPDATE: RE4_tweaks released: HERE

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Unused Stage Room video

Hello! I’ve released a new video on YT about all the unused areas I could extract among the game’s files. It’s quite interesting the amount of stuff I was able to find.

Thanks to emoose for sharing the trick to get this 😉 (click to enlarge)

Although most of them were already discovered by other people, I think a couple of them are new.

Enjoy it!


New Ashley Costume!

And here goes “Otoño Ashley”, the beta/unused design found among the game’s files.


I’ve remastered its textures and adjusted the 3D model and skinning, so it looks perfectly fine and bugfree in all contexts: ingame and cutscenes.

You can download it in the bonus page.

It also contains small compatibility patches for all the other released Bonus Mods. Let me know if I forgot something!

Enjoy it ;D


Bonus page Update

Hello! This is just a heads-up post.

Take a look at the Bonus page. I’ve added some extras during the latest days ;D


re4_tweaks fixes and update

Hello! nipkow has just released version of his wonderful re4_tweaks. You can download it HERE.

It will be useful if you are experiencing crashes because your keyboard is not Latin alphabet based, and it also improves the SideAlignHUD feature.

HD project 1.1 includes re4_tweaks version by default, but the installer will check if there is a newer version. So, if you haven’t installed HD project yet, there’s no need you do anything.

I’ll take the opportunity to suggest you to take the time to read this page: re4_tweaks DESCRIPTION. So, you’ll exactly know everything this project has to offer in case you don’t know it yet!!

I’m in contact with nipkow and emoose, both working on the re4_tweaks project, and I told them about various bugs this port has. I hope they can fix a few more of them eventually! 😀

IMPORTANT: If you download a new version, DON’T DELETE the old “re4_tweaks” folder inside Bin32, just overwrite it, because there’s a file called HDproject.ini inside “re4_tweaks\setting_overrides” folder that’s needed to run the HD project properly.

If you deleted it by accident, you can download it here again: MIRROR 1 | MIRROR 2


Quick Update & a Couple of Clarifications

Hello everyone!

Since it’s been a while since the last post, I wanted to keep you updated about the 1.1 patch: It’s complete, but I’m waiting nipkow and emoose to fix a couple of issues we’ve found in their latest re4_tweaks version. The programming part is always tricky, and when something is fixed or improved, a side effect may show up eventually… but we are on it!

Also, I’ll take the opportunity to remind you and/or clarify a few things. It may be useful info for you:

  • If you can’t open the game after installing the HD project:
    • For some reason, the re4_tweaks version included in the HD project 1.0 pack won’t work in certain computers. You can download the latest and more stable version HERE. This should fix the problem.
    • The HD project won’t work on most pirated copies of the game.

  • Some items are invisible in the inventory, Ashley clothes are broken during the cabin cutscene, etc…
    • Most graphic problems have already been fixed. You can download an almost finished version of the HD project 1.1 version HERE, although it requires manual installation, it’s easy to do it. It includes a fix for most visual and some technical issues the HD project 1.0 has, and it also includes a better version of the re4_tweaks that also fixes the problem described in the previous point. The final 1.1 version will include an automated installer.

  • You have a problem with the files’ extraction:
    • You only have to extract “part 1” (all parts must be located in the same folder). The program will automatically extract the content of all the parts.
    • If you get an error while extracting the files, try using WinRAR instead.
    • The password is re4hdproject (a lot of people are asking for that, specially in YT, and the password is next to the download links…).

  • You have random crashes here and there and/or weird issues:

Follow these steps (Only for the original HD project 1.0 with no other mods or changes):

  1. Download this SFV file courtesy of emooseMIRROR 1 | MIRROR 2
  2. Install the QuickSFV tool here (CURRENT VERSION).
  3. Run QuickSFV and Open BIO4.SFV after downloading (and extracting if you downloaded the 18 .rar parts).
  4. BIO4.SFV must be in the same folder the BIO4 folder is, as in the picture below.
  5. If you don’t get the “All files OK” message, that means some file is corrupted and needs to be downloaded again.

  • Anything described before solved your issue:
    • nipkow and emoose are in charge of the gorgeous work behind the re4_tweaks. Maybe they can help you if you are experiencing some random/weird crashes or issues. They’ll ask you if you checked the files’ integrity, so make sure you tried everything described above before asking them. You can report your issue HERE.

Thanks for the patience! I’ll share with you a polished HD project 1.1 version soon!

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Smaller HUD Mod

EDIT: I’VE FIXED THE PRL 412 HUD. It wasn’t ported to the new size. Please, download it again if you already did it. Sorry!! 😛

Hello! A small update about something several people has asked during the progression of the mod: A smaller HUD.

It’s been quite intricate since I needed to edit UWF files, and no one has created a tool to easily edit them. These files are used mostly to contain the attributes of the UI elements. So I had to manually hexedit the position and size for every one of the HUD elements: frames, life bar, characters’ names, numbers, bullet icons Ashley icons, etc… X(((

But that’s it. Now you can play with a smaller classic HUD or a slightly redesigned and simplified one (also smaller)

After doing all the tests I went back to the original and now I understand people that say this game’s HUD is massive XDD

You can download it here: BONUS content page!

Oh! About the RE4make trailer: It looks gorgeous. I hope the changes they are doing in the story and the tone of the game are similar to what they did in previous REmakes. (RE3 removed content is not included in this opinion XD).

The original RE4 game is 10/10 as a game, but the plot itself has a lot of space for improvement. I’m seeing clearly Village was not just a great title but also a needed movement before a remake of RE4. In any case… I expected a Code Veronica Remake first!

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Version 1.1 for Testers

Hello everyone!

As I’ve been mentioning here and there, I’m really busy these days because of the final projects of the 3D Animation course I’m doing.

Because of that, I thought it would be a good idea to prepare a beta version of the resident evil 4 HD project 1.1 for those who want to give it a try in the meantime. Humm… maybe this should be called 1.0.9 after all… XD

This testing will help the project (in case I messed something up during the process… I’m doing too many things at the same time these last days). Thanks!!

Click on the image to see it full size.
Click on the image to see it full size.

This is one of the hundreds of edits I’ve been doing. Some are minor adjustments like the ones in the picture, others are more apparent visual glitches, and then we have some major issues (most of them solved thanks to nipkow and emoose coding knowledge, as usual. Thank you guys and keep doing your magic to get the best possible experience for this game!)

The credits are the only part not updated yet, so, if you are a donor and you haven’t received an email from us, contact us and let me know your name (or nickname) if you’d like to be mentioned in the game’s credits, and also the email address you used for the donation (for checking purposes). You are not late yet! The list will be updated in the final 1.1 version ;D



If you are not used to install things manually, it’s better for you to wait until we have the time to prepare a decent autoinstallation pack.

When this moment arrives, I’ll also update the main download links to the 1.1 version. So, people who haven’t downloaded this mod (or simply want a clean installation pack) will get the latest build by just downloading the main links.

Of course, there will be a final 1.1 patch for people that already has the 1.0 version installed!



MEGA: DOWNLOAD LINK | PASSWORD* (both download and extract): re4hdproject OUTDATED


  • You need the “resident evil 4 HD project 1.0” to be installed first.
  • Then, simply extract the contents of this new .rar files**.
  • Copy-paste-replace both “BIO4” and “Bin32” folders inside your “Resident Evil 4” folder.
  • Don’t worry if you already installed the previous mini patch I released, it won’t be a problem.
  • It includes nipkow latest re4_tweaks build.

* The reason of the password is sometimes in the past some mod content has been removed of these sites because of a supposed copyright infringement. I thought a password protection would prevent the sites to check the contents of the compressed files. No more problems since I started password-protecting my files.

** Only extract part 1, this will automatically extract everything. Use WinRAR if you have any problems with 7-ZIP.

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Update about the upcoming ver. 1.1

Hello everyone! First things first: Thank you everyone for the feedback and your issues reports!

Since I’m studying, the time I have to polish all the inaccuracies has been really scarce. But I finally finished 99% of the retouches work. Also, I found some other small details that I’ve also been fixing on the fly.

Also, I’d like to apologize about not being able to respond to all messages because of the lack of time. I’ve been answering only those that are easy to respond for me… Thanks for the understanding!

Then we have all the weird crashes some people are experiencing in some random areas. I suggest you to download and check the files’ integrity, in case you haven’t done it yet, using the SFV file you’ll find HERE (scroll down a bit and you’ll find it). This will check 1.0 files integrity without the first small patch.

If all files are OK, my next suggestion is to ask nipkow and emoose about it (A huge thanks to both for all the work they are doing to improve even further the ultimate re4 experience!!). Open an issue HERE and they’ll probably ask you to send them a crash report dump/log file, so they can examine the exact reason of the crash. They are making the re4_tweaks dll file bigger and better!

Finally, I’ll have more time this summer (when the course’s 1st year is over) to do those extra/optional packs I mentioned in the past.

Here’s an ultra-condensed gallery of the fixes I’ve done. I’m pointing with a red arrow where the difference is. The people that sent me the images that show the visual inaccuracies will immediately identify what’s been improved ;D.




Armored Ashley was a mess… not only her face was still low poly, 2 armor bumpmaps were upside down and this generated a weird specular effect…

Of course, there are dozens of extra improvements of all kinds! This gallery is just a 10% (or less) of all of them.

I’ll be out of the city during 4 days (a brief vacations) so I’ll read you all when I’m back! In the meantime, I’ve sent the new donors an email asking for your name/nickname. I’ll update the credits for the 1.1 version!

Have a nice week!! Feliz Semana Santa!


Here comes the first PATCH! (1.0.1)

I won’t call it 1.1 yet, because I still have more than 50% of visual inaccuracies pending to be fixed. But we’d like people with major issues can test and try if this patch fix their problems, or at least a few of them.

So, If you are experiencing some of the issues mentioned below, it would be great if you can test and confirm the patch solves your game’s problems! THANKS!



  • No need to say you need to install the HD project 1.0 first. This is just a patch for the people that already have the HD project 1.0 installed. If you are looking for the entire mod, it’s HERE.
  • Don’t worry, when the final 1.1 patch is released, there will be both options:
    • Patch format: available for those who already have the HD project 1.0 installed and don’t want to download everything again.
    • Updated HD project Direct Download links including all 1.1 final content.
  • This patch I’m releasing today is a partial “emergency” patch for people that have the issues in the list below.
  • If you don’t have any of the issues mentioned below, It’s better for you to wait for the final 1.1 patch to be released 😉
  • This patch includes an unreleased build of re4_tweaks (dinput8.dll and .ini files) by nipkow and the help of emoose. Big Thanks to both!!! (


Restore the original bio4.exe first!

Since some problems of the first version are potentially a consequence of the way the EXE file was patched, you need to recover the original EXE. It should be located inside the “Bin32” folder of the game, and you’ll see it renamed to “bio4.exe.bak”. Delete the existent “bio4.exe” and rename “bio4.exe.bak” to “bio4.exe”. OK! You are ready to install the patch.


  • Unzip the file. PASSWORD: re4hdproject OUTDATED
  • Copy or cut the 2 extracted folders, “BIO4” and “Bin32” and paste them inside the “Resident Evil 4” game’s folder OUTDATED
  • Overwrite what’s already there. OUTDATED
  • Again, make sure the bio4.exe file in the Bin32 folder is the original non-patched file. OUTDATED
  • Run the game! OUTDATED

Check your files’ integrity:

  1. Download this SFV file courtesy of emoose: MIRROR 1 | MIRROR 2 OUTDATED
  2. Install the QuickSFV tool here (CURRENT VERSION).
  3. Run QuickSFV and Open BIO4.SFV after downloading and extracting the patch.
  4. BIO4.SFV must be in the same folder the BIO4 folder is, as in the picture below.
  5. If you don’t get the “All files OK” message, that means some file is corrupted and needs to be downloaded again.

What this patch fix:

  • Invisible inventory items.
  • Different EXE file patch method. The previous one didn’t do it exactly like the 4GBpatch tool. It generated some occasional random crashes.
  • Chinese and Japanese corrupted/invisible text prompts that even caused some crashes.
  • Settings in the configuration menu not saving (F1)
  • Major Desync issues during certain cutscenes.
  • Anonymous Letter in chapter 2-1 missing texture when playing in French (crash).
  • Spanish Item description texts restored.
  • Corrupted Ashley Special 1 costume model in the cabin cutscene.
  • Black Ada’s decap-head in The Mercenaries.
  • No shooting effects when Luis fires in the cabin battle.
  • Dozens of subtle visual inaccuracies.
  • Some collision issues.

Known issues:

  • Even more dozens of subtle visual inaccuracies I have in my list 😉
  • Some distorted water effects while playing at ultrawide resolution.
  • The typical 60fps animation issues we all know.

SLOWDOWNS TIP: If the game suffer from fps drops, specially during the cutscenes, deactivate the “EnableGCBlur” option in the DLL menu (Press F1 ingame), or manually edit “dinput8.ini” file inside “Bin32” folder (EnableGCBlur = false).