Walkthrough | Separate Ways – Chapters 1, 2 & 3 Fully Remastered

Hello everyone! Wow these last weeks have been really agitated. All the fun with RE: Village and then the Copyright infringement by Capcom because of some textures used in old games.

I’ve been playing Village as if there were no tomorrow. A+ game IMO. Also, all of a sudden that news about Capcom popped up… I really thought they paid for her picture collection. This is really shocking! Some may think this is unprosecutable after so may years, but we must keep in mind the game has been released in several platforms until today.

The funny part is a colleague of mine paid the photographer to obtain some of her book images in HD quality for our projects XD (because the pictures in the CD included in the book were too low resolution for the standards of this project)

Anyway, Capcom can pay with no problem if they lose the claim. I guess someone in the art department was careless and the department in charge of copyright stuff had no time to check all material used in the game was licensed because of deadlines… I guess…

Let’s start with the important stuff. Today, I’ll show you the first 3 chapters of Separate Ways in video format as usual.

These are the differences you’ll see in this video compared to the pack we released on 2018:

  • Remastered prerendered cutscenes.
  • Adjusted, improved and new lighting and effects.
  • All main campaign last improvements have been ported again to Separate Ways
  • Re-created Start and End of Chapter renders.
  • Exclusive stage edits for exclusive Ada’s stages.
  • Remastered enemies and characters.

I hope you like this loooooong video πŸ˜›

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Separate Ways Wallpaper Collection + Project Info

Hello everyone!

How are you doing? Are you already enjoying the new RE: Village game? I am! It’s a fascinating experience. It’s like RE7 on steroids + some re4 nostalgic elements here and there. Please, don’t blame me for taking some time to enjoy the new RE title XD

About HD project, Separate Ways Chapter 4 final adjustments are finished and Chapters 1-3 HD cutscenes are already refined and polished as much as possible. Here are some random comparison shots…


I can’t provide much news about all the programming stuff that this game needs to be completely polished because everything it’s in a “maybe/probably/almost sure” status. So, I’ll keep you updated as soon as things become a reality.

Another programmer will probably come into scene, but I still have to talk personally to him, and I’m really excited because he’s pretty known between the fans. Oh well… I’ve just said I wouldn’t say anything until is 100% sure and look at what I am doing XD. Contradictions make us humans after all…

Anyway, the project will be released after my work is finished. Any programming adjustment would come later in the form of patches. As I promised, the programming stuff won’t delay things further. So, the final pack that we’ll release here before all the programming issues are fixed will be named re4HDProject 1.0.0 … I guess

And what’s left now: SW chapter 5, the remaining low-res cutscenes (including endings) and the extra costumes for Leon and Ashley. And of course anything wrong you find. As you know, I change a lot of small details based on your feedback I find here and in my YouTube channel. And a lot of boring optimizing files and tests…

Next posts I’ll do will probably be: SW chapters 1+2, SW chapters 3+4 and SW final chapter + some Extra stuff

Anyway, In the meantime I’ve prepared a pack of all the beginning/end of chapter high resolution wallpapers of all Separate Ways chapters. I hope you like them πŸ˜€


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resident evil 4 PC – pseudo first person view – Just for fun…

In case someone wants to take a look at this improvised video I made using Raz0r trainer camera tweaks. Of course, it’s inspired by the upcoming VR release.

I’d say it looks quite interesting ;P


Walkthrough | The Mercenaries Fully Remastered


Hello everyone!

Finally, a new video is here. This time it will cover ALL Mercenaries Stages and ALL characters. I don’t play extremely well, but I got 5 stars in all the stages hehe

I took the opportunity to talk a bit about the project in the video, so I suggest you to take a look at those parts. Jeez… it took me ages to prepare this video! I can see the amount of work a real YouTuber has to do to prepare decent videos haha

Right now I’ve just finished Separate Ways chapter 3, and all Start and End of Chapter renders for the entire mini game are already done (You can see them all at the end of the video). I’ll do another post sharing them all in form of wallpapers soon ;D

So, now I only have to do the final revision to chapters 4 and 5 and do a lot of minimal edits all over the game based on feedback.

I hope you enjoy the video! I really enjoyed playing The Mercenaries. I didn’t remember it was so fun this minigame ;P

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Chapter 5 – FINAL Comparison Images

Hello everyone! First of all, thank you everyone for all the support during all these years. I still can’t believe we are on the 8th year of this project!

Finally, I had some time to post this comparison gallery that covers the entire Chapter 5 (the Island section of the game)

Before that, I’ll take the opportunity to post what’s the status of the project.

I’ve hired a programmer who’s creating a few DLL files that will fix some issues this game has. These are the bugs I’d like to fix:

  • Restore “DoF”.
  • Fix water and light bloom effects.
  • Restore the “intense fire effect” that was in the original GC/Wii version of the game (that subtle halo around most fires in the game that gives an extra realistic feeling). The porting process broke that effect, and it became that reddish tint some areas have.
  • Fix the black shadows in the floor (the characters and enemies shadows in the floor are always black even at long distances).
  • Black “Take item” screen. The screen becomes black when you take an item. It should be transparent.
  • Weapon scope and binoculars “zoom effect” it was lost during the porting conversion. The image should be blurred when you zoom in and out.
  • Custom HD movies. This is almost done! The game will be able to load custom HD mp4 files instead of the crappy .SFD movie files!
  • English subtitles on the way!

It’s costing me an arm and a leg, but this is what happens when you ask for some professional help ;P Fortunately I don’t have to maintain a family XD

According to the programmer it’s a matter of time and patience if we want to fix all these aspects of the game. I’ll leave it on her hands, and I’ll cross all my fingers!

Oh, and NO, this won’t postpone the release date even further. It’s being done while I’m remastering Separate Ways πŸ˜‰

And about the regular progress of the project:

  • Mercenaries: It’s already complete, I’ll post a video next time.
  • Separate Ways Chapter 1 almost finished, I only have to adjust some church lights and re-create the end of chapter render.
  • Mission start render is done:
  • The cutscenes for this first chapter are already remastered. I’ll go in depth in the methods I’ve used to do it, but I’m 99% certain there’s no way these horrible 512×336 pixels cutscenes can look better than this:
  • Opening Sequence is already remastered.
  • I’ve spent an entire week editing small details all over the game based on feedback from people πŸ˜€

And finally, here comes the Chapter 5 gallery. It’s a random selection because there were sooo many different details compared to the 2018 version…

Enjoy it!

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The Mercenaries – HD Project POSTER COLLECTION

Hello! The Mercenaries mini-game is almost completely finished. In the meantime, here’s a present for all of you!

Download all the 11 HD Posters here: MEGA | MEDIAFIRE

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Walkthrough | Assignment Ada Fully Remastered


Hello! Here comes the first no-main-campaign video. It covers the entire Assignment Ada mission.

These are the differences you’ll see in this video compared to the pack we released on 2018:

  • Adjusted, improved and new lighting and effects.
  • Re-created and restored some textures.
  • A lot of small stage model edits.
  • New and improved stage shadows where needed.
  • Remastered enemies, characters and exclusive cutscenes textures and some slight 3D edits.

I included some minutes of behind the scenes Photoshop analysis at the end of the video. I’m showing the work some Mercenaries Result Screens entail. But this is just the Photoshop work, there is also the 3D work that is needed to obtain the character renders:

Oh! And look what I’ve found:

I hope you like the video and don’t hesitate to share your comments about it!

And now let’s back to work! I hope I can share with you some good news about that DLL file soon ;D

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We need your help! (Twitter account suspended?)

UPDATE: The account is restored. Thank you everyone for your support!!!

Hello people!

As some of you know, the project Twitter account was suspended a few days ago. RE4 HD Project @re4hdproject

We really don’t know what’s the reason, and we are waiting for their answer.

It’s taking some time, and we are afraid this is not going to be fixed until some “real person” in Twitter verify there’s nothing wrong. And who knows how much time this is going to take!

So, I’d like to ask you some help: Could you tweet at theΒ @twittersupport account asking about why our account was suspended to get their attention?

As you know the only stuff we tweet is about the progress of our project, so this is a mistake for sure (Maybe you could mention this).

Anyway, thanks a lot in advance! ;D


First and Quick 2021 update!

Hello and Happy New Year!

Since it’s been almost a month since the last video, I wanted to post something even if it’s just in the form of a few images.

I’ve been remastering Assignment Ada mini game the last weeks. And it’s already complete!


And now I’m finishing The Mercenaries mode (only Super Salvador and the character’s renders and result screen images remain to be done).


Now all characters use their Hi-poly models. Krauser’s head is the only model that hasn’t been upgraded because the game can’t handle his hi-poly head and his ingame facial animations at the same time. Fortunately, the differences are really not that noticeable. The shape is identical, but it has a few less polygons and the face scar has no volume, but there’s no way you can notice it while playing.

Wesker’s head was drastically downgraded. It’s the most noticeable of all 5 characters:


Also, for some reason Weser textures on the old PC port (and PS2) had better textures than in any other version of this game! The fabric pattern was clearly visible in that port and I re-created his clothes based on that higher-resolution textures:


The renders re-creations are really time-consuming, but the results worth the invested time! :

Posters of the other 4 characters… coming soon!

So, next thing I’ll post will the Assignment Ada entire mini-game.

And a few days later I’ll post the forgotten entire Chapter 5 comparison gallery (the same way I did with the previous 4 Chapters).

That’s it for now! Have a great week!

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Walkthrough | The Final Chapter Fully Remastered

Hello everyone! Finally, the final chapter is here!!


I’ve been dealing with countless small visual issues everywhere this last month. All of them minimal, but time consuming!

They were mostly related to effects appearing briefly during the cutscenes…

I also spent a lot of hours remastering the end credits video. And this leads me to ask you something. Could you check the first 5 min of the video? I’m asking for some help, because I want to edit a .dll file that allows the game to load HD videos, and I’d like to optimize it. Unfortunately, The creator of the .dll doesn’t respond my emails.

The link to that .dll file is in the video description ;D

If we can’t edit that .dll file it will be a pain to properly play HD video files without suffering from some side effects…


These are the differences compared to the pack we released on 2018:

  • Adjusted, improved and new lighting and effects.
  • Re-created and restored some textures.
  • A lot of small stage model edits.
  • New and improved stage shadows where needed.
  • Remastered Files and Chapter End background images.
  • Remastered enemies textures and some slight 3D edits.

Like in the previous chapter, here’s a side by side comparison between PS4 and this HD remaster project that allows us to clearly see the missing effects and some new/improved effects


And here’s the video. Enjoy it!

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