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Walkthrough | Separate Ways – Chapters 4 & 5 Fully Remastered

Hello everyone! Finally, the last walkthrough video is here… It’s been 3 months since the last one, but there are several reasons that caused this delay. The main reason is the amount of hours of work I put into the … Continue reading


Brief update (Separate Ways Cutscenes)

Hello! Since this is taking me ages, I’m going to post some comparison images about the last thing that remains to be done for Separate Ways: Chapter 4 and 5 cutscenes. Keep in mind, this remastered cutscenes won’t be implemented … Continue reading

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Walkthrough | Separate Ways – Chapters 1, 2 & 3 Fully Remastered

Hello everyone! Wow these last weeks have been really agitated. All the fun with RE: Village and then the Copyright infringement by Capcom because of some textures used in old games. I’ve been playing Village as if there were no … Continue reading

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Separate Ways Wallpaper Collection + Project Info

Hello everyone! How are you doing? Are you already enjoying the new RE: Village game? I am! It’s a fascinating experience. It’s like RE7 on steroids + some re4 nostalgic elements here and there. Please, don’t blame me for taking … Continue reading

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resident evil 4 PC – pseudo first person view – Just for fun…

In case someone wants to take a look at this improvised video I made using Raz0r trainer camera tweaks. Of course, it’s inspired by the upcoming VR release. I’d say it looks quite interesting ;P


Walkthrough | The Mercenaries Fully Remastered

Hello everyone! Finally, a new video is here. This time it will cover ALL Mercenaries Stages and ALL characters. I don’t play extremely well, but I got 5 stars in all the stages hehe I took the opportunity to talk … Continue reading

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Chapter 5 – FINAL Comparison Images

Hello everyone! First of all, thank you everyone for all the support during all these years. I still can’t believe we are on the 8th year of this project! Finally, I had some time to post this comparison gallery that … Continue reading

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The Mercenaries – HD Project POSTER COLLECTION

Hello! The Mercenaries mini-game is almost completely finished. In the meantime, here’s a present for all of you! Download all the 11 HD Posters here: MEGA | MEDIAFIRE

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Walkthrough | Assignment Ada Fully Remastered

Hello! Here comes the first no-main-campaign video. It covers the entire Assignment Ada mission. These are the differences you’ll see in this video compared to the pack we released on 2018: Adjusted, improved and new lighting and effects. Re-created and … Continue reading

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We need your help! (Twitter account suspended?)

UPDATE: The account is restored. Thank you everyone for your support!!! Hello people! As some of you know, the project Twitter account was suspended a few days ago. RE4 HD Project @re4hdproject We really don’t know what’s the reason, and … Continue reading