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Life Update from Cris

Hi Everyone! This is an update to this post from late November where I indicated that my job was being eliminated and that I needed to figure out employment for my family. I’m finally at a point where I know how things … Continue reading

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The Castle Release Trailer!

Hi everyone! Today we’re happy to share a trailer for the upcoming Castle release, with some key information about the release date. Enjoy and please share! 🙂 We will share more specifics as the date approaches. Thanks everyone!!


Image Gallery Issue Corrected

Hi everyone! The issue with the image galleries has been corrected – thanks for your patience! I’ll delete this post once the next update goes up and it will be as if it never happened hehehe. 🙂 We did lose a couple … Continue reading


Prelude to Krauser’s Final Fight (room 31d)

Hi! I’m getting closer to Krauser but before reaching him I must go through some kind of Ganados militia camp… I thought this small area would be easier to re-create until I realized there are 3 different kinds of textures in just one … Continue reading

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Q&A with RageQuitters

Gregs2k2 over at RageQuitters was kind enough to reach out to us for an interview. Check out the Q&A here! There are also a couple of more recent comparison shots at the end of the article. Enjoy!  

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A New Start

So I’ve decided to actually make a site where I document my progress and share it with the world. So far (in addition to the previous progress made on Leon’s outfit) I’ve gotten through the opening scene of the game … Continue reading

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It’s Fun to Redo a Fireplace…

As a diversion I started working on some environmental textures. 🙂

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Jeans, Environmental Shots

Gonna have to take a break for the rest of the week, so here are some more progression shots. I almost tackled the tree textures tonight but then I realized it’s one texture that’s used on every single tree in … Continue reading

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On To Leon’s Shoes

Next up, Leon’s shoes hahaha… this one was tricky because I ended up having to redraw the texture from scratch due to a texture misalignment between the side view of the shoe and the top-down view. Also did the bottom … Continue reading


Hated Leon’s Gloves…

This has been the hardest thing to do so far!! So much work and tweaking for minimal, imperfect results. The problem is that Leon’s hands and wrists move around and as they do, the textures (two textures here – one … Continue reading