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New Ashley Costume!

And here goes “Otoño Ashley”, the beta/unused design found among the game’s files. I’ve remastered its textures and adjusted the 3D model and skinning, so it looks perfectly fine and bugfree in all contexts: ingame and cutscenes. You can download … Continue reading


Bonus page Update

Hello! This is just a heads-up post. Take a look at the Bonus page. I’ve added some extras during the latest days ;D


resident evil 4 HD project 1.1

Finally! HD project 1.1 FULL INSTALL –> HERE HD project 1.0 to 1.1 patch –>HERE (Only if you installed the HD project 1.0 previously and you haven’t installed any other people mods) It’s 10,6 GB. Sorry! A single texture edit … Continue reading

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Quick Update & a Couple of Clarifications

Hello everyone! Since it’s been a while since the last post, I wanted to keep you updated about the 1.1 patch: It’s complete, but I’m waiting nipkow and emoose to fix a couple of issues we’ve found in their latest … Continue reading

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Smaller HUD Mod

EDIT: I’VE FIXED THE PRL 412 HUD. It wasn’t ported to the new size. Please, download it again if you already did it. Sorry!! 😛 Hello! A small update about something several people has asked during the progression of the … Continue reading

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Version 1.1 for Testers

Hello everyone! As I’ve been mentioning here and there, I’m really busy these days because of the final projects of the 3D Animation course I’m doing. Because of that, I thought it would be a good idea to prepare a … Continue reading

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Update about the upcoming ver. 1.1

Hello everyone! First things first: Thank you everyone for the feedback and your issues reports! Since I’m studying, the time I have to polish all the inaccuracies has been really scarce. But I finally finished 99% of the retouches work. … Continue reading


Here comes the first PATCH! (1.0.1)

I won’t call it 1.1 yet, because I still have more than 50% of visual inaccuracies pending to be fixed. But we’d like people with major issues can test and try if this patch fix their problems, or at least … Continue reading


Release Updates (I)

Hello everyone! First things first: Thank you everyone for all the of support. I swear I’ve read all the messages! I simply don’t have the time to answer them all… There has been a looooot of technical and visual feedback … Continue reading


resident evil 4 HD project v1.0

You can find the Download links here! Nothing more to say!! 😀

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