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Making Steady Progress!

The nice thing about some of the textures I’m remaking at this stage is that they appear for the rest of the game (for example, the item boxes). It’s nice to know some of what I’m doing now will be … Continue reading


I Can See The Finish Line! (Resident Evil 4 First Scene Environmental Shots)

I’m really enjoying this so far, and I’m almost done with the textures from the first gameplay section of the game. I’m still dreading redoing the Ganado facial textures – every attempt so far has been underwhelming, so I keep … Continue reading


HD Leaves Everywhere! (Resident Evil 4 First Ganado Environmental Shots)

It was so satisfying to replace most of the outdoor environmental textures from the first section of the game — this is where it really starts to feel like a new experience. One thing I noticed is that so many … Continue reading

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A New Start

So I’ve decided to actually make a site where I document my progress and share it with the world. So far (in addition to the previous progress made on Leon’s outfit) I’ve gotten through the opening scene of the game … Continue reading

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It’s Fun to Redo a Fireplace…

As a diversion I started working on some environmental textures. 🙂

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Jeans, Environmental Shots

Gonna have to take a break for the rest of the week, so here are some more progression shots. I almost tackled the tree textures tonight but then I realized it’s one texture that’s used on every single tree in … Continue reading

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On To Leon’s Shoes

Next up, Leon’s shoes hahaha… this one was tricky because I ended up having to redraw the texture from scratch due to a texture misalignment between the side view of the shoe and the top-down view. Also did the bottom … Continue reading


Hated Leon’s Gloves…

This has been the hardest thing to do so far!! So much work and tweaking for minimal, imperfect results. The problem is that Leon’s hands and wrists move around and as they do, the textures (two textures here – one … Continue reading


Finished Leon’s Gun

Finished Leon’s default gun. Thank you guys for all the encouragement and feedback – it’s spurred me on! Observations:* Parts of a texture can be mapped to the model in weird ways that you wouldn’t expect. Makes certain parts hard … Continue reading

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Finally Gonna Do It

For the longest time I’ve wanted to make an HD texture pack for Resident Evil 4, specifically for the Wii version played through Dolphin (since it retains all of the original effects from the GCN). I’ve come across texture mods … Continue reading