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New hair for Leon

This week I’ve done an exception and I recreated something non environmental related: Leon’s hair. I found a very very good texture to use as base for his new HD hair and keeping its original feel. As usual, this is … Continue reading

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Work Continues!

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the demo, everyone who’s commented, and those of you who donated. It’s been encouraging. And of course, the work continues and here are a few screenshots where Leon gets a moment of rest. 🙂

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Download the First Release!


Quick Reminder!

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Del Lago surroundings

Hi people! We are pleased to announce that the demo will be released next week (Saturday 4/19). It will include the first two areas of the game: from the start to the end of the first battle in the village. The … Continue reading

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Hay Everywhere…

Spent the past few days finalizing the textures for the second gameplay section (where you first meet Dr. Salvador and his lovely chainsaw). This time the big challenge was the hay / straw. With lower resolution textures, it’s harder to … Continue reading

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Videos on rampage!

New session of WIP recordings 🙂 As usual, these textures are not final. There’s still a few original textures and they all need Cris’ final magical touch. They are videos from room 105 to 109 I hope you enjoy them! … Continue reading

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Shots from the Main Village Set-Piece

Here’s some progress from the second gameplay section of the game. For the outside of the broken down wooden shed, Albert did like 95% of the work on the texture. 🙂 Also, I now don’t like shingles. 🙂

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