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Salazar’s Twisted Taste and First Contact with Ada

Hello everyone! Today I’m showing you a 3-room update. (209-20a-20b) I’m having a great time recreating all these castle areas, but these rooms are certainly difficult to redo. Almost every single texture cost me hours of work… Fortunately, the results are very … Continue reading

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Why Do You Use the Original Texture Mode in Your Comparison Shots?

Hi Everyone! Quick follow up post today. Several people have asked why we use the Original Texture mode when putting together our comparison shots. I think this is an excellent question, especially for those who have not yet played the UHD version of … Continue reading

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Need to run away? Find a castle!

I’ve been working on the first section of the Castle, which brings with it its own challenges. While the village section needed so many different “wood” textures, now for the last few days my wife has said, “Whenever I look at your screen, all … Continue reading

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Look familiar? (XII)

Albert: Look familiar? (XII) – Today: Confessional door and wall detail #re4hdproject — RE4 HD Project (@re4hdproject) October 18, 2014

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Time to go to Church…

You’ve seen some shots of this area before – this post focuses on some of the textures I’ve worked on for the church area. Some color adjustment might take place, so as always consider it a work in progress. Also, the wooden … Continue reading

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Look familiar? (XI)

Albert: Look familiar? (XI) – Today: Decorative arch #re4hdproject — RE4 HD Project (@re4hdproject) October 4, 2014

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Fixing stage 3D models is now possible!

I want to thank you Son of Persia (user from “Resident Evil Modding Forum”) who developed the needed tools to edit 3D environmental models.This makes possible to fix some graphic “irregularities” all over the game. The next images show you … Continue reading

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