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When Shooting a Glass of Wine Opens a Door…

Tonight I’m sharing some of my efforts in the room with the giant cage and the Garrador. I can still remember how tense it was to see the cage drop down, then Cultists running in, and then to top it off, the Garrador jumps down… 🙂 … Continue reading

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Look Familiar? (XXIV)

Albert: Look familiar? (XXIV) – Stone carved shield in Barcelona! #re4hdproject — RE4 HD Project (@re4hdproject) June 19, 2015

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Salazar’s Fall (r227-228)

Hello! I’m almost done with castle area… Today, the Ritual Tower and the Salazar Battle Arena. 🙂 We still need to work with some ugly shadows in some places (for example, the wooden floor, stairs at the top of the … Continue reading

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Salazar Robot (r226)

Hi people! Today I’m showing you one of the most terrible looking rooms in the game: the water room with Salazar’s Statue/Robot. The room itself is not worse than any previous room. What makes this room look that bad is … Continue reading

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