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Look familiar? (XXIX)

Albert: Look familiar? (XXIX) – Fireplace ¿? in Wales castle #re4hdproject — RE4 HD Project (@re4hdproject) September 24, 2015

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A surprise behind the shutter! (room 305)

Hello people! Today I’m showing you one more room from the Island section of the game. This one is quite small in size but big in difficulty (like the previous 2 rooms). Again there was a lot of work required for one-time-use textures, but … Continue reading

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How Does Leon Know that Ashley Should Wait?

Hi everyone! Tonight I’m sharing some of the work from the room that leads to the famous Lava area. This room was satisfying to update (and a learning experience), as I was able to create some additional depth to the Lava … Continue reading

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I can hear Ashley yelling my name (what a surprise…)

Hola nois! One more room ready to go! This room had plenty of very simple 3D elements that needed to be remodeled to avoid looking too plain. It still needs lots of 3D and texture refinements but I’m quite satisfied with the provisional … Continue reading

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Running Into Luis

*** SPOILERS *** What was always funny to me in this room is how Leon mispronounces Luis’ name as he yells out so dramatically. He cared about Luis so much, but not enough to learn how to say his name. 🙂 One small note … Continue reading

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