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Look familiar? (XLV)

Albert: Look familiar? (XLV) Palmyra (Syria) carving detail in RE4 !! #re4hdproject — RE4 HD Project (@re4hdproject) August 28, 2016

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Image Gallery Issue Corrected

Hi everyone! The issue with the image galleries has been corrected – thanks for your patience! I’ll delete this post once the next update goes up and it will be as if it never happened hehehe. 🙂 We did lose a couple … Continue reading


Leon vs Krauser (room 31c)

Hi! Today I’m sharing my progress on the ancient ruins area where Leon fights Krauser. First of all, I found out the way to edit the ugly shadow that Leon and the enemies cast on the floor in this room and … Continue reading

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Poorly Mapped Beams, Floors, Walls, Everything…

This room is, without question, the room I’ve spent the most time on in the game. It has been my “Mt. Everest.” Just about every beam structure, object, and piece of machinery in this room needed some correction. Additionally, I learned that there … Continue reading

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Look familiar? (XLIV)

Albert: Look familiar? (XLIV) More Frankenstein doors #re4hdproject — RE4 HD Project (@re4hdproject) August 6, 2016

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