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Weapons & Mercenaries (Part I)

Here comes another update! It’s time to apply all of the knowledge and edits we made in the main game stages to the Mercenaries areas. I’ll show you in the following video the first and second rooms. I recorded 2 … Continue reading

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Save/Load Typewriter Screen

Hello everyone! This is just a quick update. I wanted to show you this work in progress save/load screen. I’ve re-created all the pieces but the platen knob with Photoshop. This one was re-created and animated in 3D. I’ve been doing … Continue reading

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Back to the Village for Some Fresh Air (Part VIII) – END

Hello again! Finally, I’ve finished all Village area refinements. What does this mean exactly? This entire section finally received all needed 3-D, lighting, and effect adjustments, just like Castle section. So, the Progress Table now is accurate when it says … Continue reading

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