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Island Improvements (Part III) + Assignment Ada (END) + Surprise

Hello! Here is the surprise: As you can see, this is a cutscene using the “Special 1” costume option, which (as you probably know) gives Leon his costume from RE2. The surprise is that now Ada is wearing her RE2 … Continue reading

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Brief Update: Ganado Torches Casting Light, New Coin Chest

Hello! This is just a small update. I already posted the new coin chest in one of my answers in the previous post, but I also found a way to implement realtime light sources for the Ganado torches and I … Continue reading

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Island Improvements (Part II) + Assignment Ada (Part II) and more…

Hello everybody! Let’s continue with the Island / Assignment Ada remastering and refinement process. I’ve just made progress in 3 rooms: Room 307/40b (lab): I’ve polished some textures and 3D models (nothing really major was needed since my first revision). … Continue reading

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