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‘Result Screen’ is done :)

Hello people! This is just a brief post to show you how the Result Screen background image looks like now. Thank you everyone for all your suggestions and help! (Of course I’m still open to suggestions as always ;D) The … Continue reading

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I need some help to identify something! (Result screen image)

Hello! I was about to re-create the background image of the Result screen, but I’ve run into an item that I can’t identify… UPDATE: Thank you everyone! You’ve helped me a lot. Based on all the info I reached the … Continue reading

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Walkthrough | Chapter 5-4 Fully Remastered

Hello everyone! Today I’m showing you the penultimate chapter of the main campaign. This chapter is filled with lots of new small improvements such as restored light bloom effects during the cutscenes, touched and even re-re-created textures and additional countless … Continue reading

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