Look familiar? (X)

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7 responses to “Look familiar? (X)”

  1. Lafazar says:

    You did it again! It’s really fun to see where all these textures came from.

  2. Pedro says:

    You have it in your home? Amazing! It’s there only one of them or there is another?

  3. Hunk says:

    Whaaaaat? In your home? =X

  4. Nacery says:

    Albeit being mass produced, its not something I would call “cheap”.

    • albert says:

      I got it cheaper, probably because I bought it directly in the same place it was produced (Toledo/Spain).
      “Mass produced” was unaccurate… I meant there are lots of them, not just one or two, and you can buy it in several places. I’m not sure about the production method itself but looking at it I’d say there is handmade work on it for sure 🙂

  5. Diego says:

    Genial. Ahora queda hacer otro pack de texturas para Resident Evil HD Remaster. Sería ya lo máximo. Gran trabajo.

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