Fixing Seams All Over the Ground

This was my biggest seam effort yet. The ground textures in the section with the lifts have many seams throughout. Thankfully through careful analysis and revision I’ve been able to eliminate the large majority of seams with these textures.

Take a look at the images below to see the before and after, along with a bonus image showing the mapping I did of all the seams.

Note: In order to eliminate some seams, the position of wood / trash debris has been shifted slightly. This was intentional.

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12 responses to “Fixing Seams All Over the Ground”

  1. Nice work! I can’t believe they called this UHD! This is truly UHD not Capcom’s s***.

  2. Lafazar says:

    Wow, nice effort. This goes way above and beyond to what even the original artists did.

  3. Fullbuster23 says:

    Excelent Work! This just seems perfect, you guys rule!

  4. Bruce says:

    Great work as always. Silly question but do you work your way through the game in order, tackling textures as you see them or do you have certain areas in mind that you target first and finish the rest later? I only ask because your updates seem to skip large swaths of game areas. I assume this is because many of the textures start repeating between updates or are insignificant? Also, does Albert handle mainly the finer details?

    • Cris says:

      Great questions! Generally speaking we are working through the environmental textures in the order that the image pack files appear, section by section. This latest update is a little weird because the image pack file for the lifts area of the game comes right after the merchant room next to the El Gigante area. So even though I’m working through the textures in order, it doesn’t always follow the flow of the story of the game. In terms of who handles what, there isn’t a clear distinction. Of course, Albert has done an amazing amazing job of identifying and acquiring original source imagery and has done excellent work in recreating textures from scratch as well. We push each other to create better and better results. 🙂

  5. Gregs2k2 says:

    Amazing work as usual guys. Capcom should hire you guys for future HD projects. I’d gladly pay for your work. In fact, i’ll donate when I get paid at the end of the month. Keep it up chaps. 🙂

  6. Terminento says:

    Awesome work as always!
    I have a couple of somewhat unrelated questions:
    1) There were some issues with bump maps (although I think they’d be better described as specular maps, but, oh well) between versions of the UHD edition, because of some funky UWV error, which were aparently solved, but before that, if I recall correctly, Sigma did some short of patching that simply rotated specular textures. I completed the game using his patch, then uninstalled it to make space in my HDD. Weeks later, I found out that they had (apparently) corrected the issue with an oficial update, but I didn’t feel like re-installing the game to check it out.
    Did you account for this issue, do we have to have an specific version or update for the game for the bumpmaps to work?
    2) Will this be for the UHD release only? Will you create versions of the texture pack to use it in the GC/Wii versions of the game via Dolphin? And more psychotropic, could this ever work with the original PC release? I’m curious about this because of the seemingly easy transition from starting this project as a Dolphin texture pack then proceeding to work with UHD edition. Do folder trees and file names carry over from version to version?

    • Cris says:

      Thank you! Some quick responses:
      1. Specular maps: Yes, the issue was corrected in an official update, and that’s the version we are working from.
      2. Right now the work is focused on the UHD version, but we have not made any decisions about adapting to other versions. For Dolphin, the file names do not carry unfortunately, so porting it to the Dolphin version would involve copying over each and every texture and renaming it appropriately. The transition from working on Dolphin to the UHD version was pretty smooth simply because it was so early on — there weren’t that many textures to copy / rename. But again, no decisions made yet about either the Dolphin or the original PC release.

  7. CJ Melendez says:

    Awesome work, guys! Any ETA of the next or complete version?

    I’ve been waiting to replay the game just for this mod. Also, I’d like to write about it when it’s released.

    • Cris says:

      Hi CJ! Thanks! There isn’t an ETA for the next release — we continue to simply focus on making progress. In the end we hope it’s an awesome experience for people to play through. Thanks also for wanting to write about it! When there’s more information to share we’ll reach out! 🙂

  8. dash says:

    Thats pretty neat.
    What I find most impressive, is that you guys try to stay close to the original textures and work from there. There are a lot of HD mods for other games, unfortunately most of them are crap, since it seems that the modders were only concerned with putting ANY highres textures ingame that they could find while totally disregarding the overall feel and the artistic vision of environment.

    Anyway, great job guys

  9. Re6joke says:

    This fantastic work should be incorporate to the game as an update.

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