Novistadores and Cultists Attack!

I finally reached the sewers under the castle. The list of exclusive textures in this area is large. There are dozens of recycled textures everywhere, it’s true, but it’s compensated with very unique surfaces which makes this area quite appealing to the eye. I can say the same for the first “water room”. Both rooms have strong personality and I enjoyed HD-ing them 🙂

You can see pictures for the room prior to the sewer room, too. And the unfinished door from room 201 is now finished 😉

Hope you enjoy the video and the pictures! Remember they are “work in progress” (rooms 208-204-205)


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24 responses to “Novistadores and Cultists Attack!”

  1. gazzellone says:

    Albert, you work is always terrific!
    Have you and Chris thought about setting up a Patreon page?
    I think me and others would gladly contribute! 🙂

    • Cris says:

      Thank you for the kind words and for the interest in supporting the project! There’s currently a donation option through Paypal in the upper right area of each page on the site. Hope that helps and thanks again! 🙂

      • gazzellone says:

        I’ve already donated via PayPal twice from the start of the project! 🙂
        I just think Patreon could give you guys even more exposure 😀

        • Cris says:

          Now I understand! 🙂 Thank you for your generosity and for the suggestion! I’ll look into it some more (it’s the first time I’d heard of it so I’ll check it out). 🙂

  2. Re6joke says:

    This is breathtaking.

  3. X6205 says:

    Amazing work as usually.. Just for curiosity, how many textures/files needs to be processed in game? Your preview release is replacing 17 files, covering first 2 stages. Is that 17 standalone textures or they are a files with packaged textures inside? I feel a need to donate again when i see these pictures 🙂

    • Cris says:

      Thanks for the question and for the support! Each of the 17 files is a “pack” of textures for a specific area or cutscene. For example, the first section where you meet the first Ganado contains approximately 160 environmental textures. The second section where you face the Dr. Salvador (the chainsaw guy) has approximately 300 textures. 🙂

  4. Lukas says:

    Because I helped you find that damn carpet, I really hope you can show a picture of the new texture in the next update. Please?

    Also, this is beyond amazing!!

  5. Bruce says:

    Fantastic work as always. Keep it up!

    P.S. Can something be done about the “jelly” water? Thanks.

    • Terminento says:

      Jelly water is a glitch induced by the way 60fps have been handled. If you play the game at 30fps the problem is gone. I ended up playing the game mostly in 30fps, as the 60fps implementation introduced more glitchs than anything (slowed down cutscenes in a pretty good PC, certain animations at 30fps that stood out, jelly water, Leon’s jacket clipping inside his body…)

  6. KALUDIO says:

    is it me, or some of the doors are use different designs/textures for each side?

  7. Terminento says:

    Those are mesmerizing!
    BTW, I am mindblown to discover that the ceiling in that part of the water room is the coffered ceiling from San Juan de los Reyes in Toledo!!! So Salazar’s castle belonged once to the Crown of Aragon, huh?

    • albert says:

      Hahaha I’m your fan! You have knowledge of Spanish architecture and history, don’t you?
      In Separate Ways Wesker’s radar points somewhere near Extremadura so… XD

      • Terminento says:

        LOL! If anything, I’m a fan of your amazing capability to recognize textures all over monumnets in Spain! You must have some pretty fun hollidays!
        It’s funny, I can’t think of any Spanish place that has a forest, rivers, a big-ass castle, karstic caves, cliffs, iberian subterranean ruins similar to Pozo Moro Funerary Monument, the sea right next to it, islands, and subterranean lava flows (although I always thought it’s actually some short of artificial blast furnace, and not actual lava). It’s like Asturias gone crazy!
        La Mancha sure feels boring in comparison…

  8. Keikato says:

    Guys, you”re great. I”ll buy a new notebook to play this game on max graphics opyions))) my computer is a bit old and will be bad if i play with lagggggs

  9. GregMark says:

    This is coming along beautifully. It would be awesome if Capcom would pay you guys for your work and have these textures merged into the game officially.

  10. Lukas says:

    Guys, check out the book “Al Andalus – art of islamic spain”
    I think there might be a few textures in the mosque pictures…

    This book can easily be found as a torrent 😉

    • Lukas says:

      Also, if you aren’t able to find some of the original paintings, you should just upscale and filter those. The one in #5 doesn’t look like a painting at all though, it looks like a movie poster.

      • albert says:

        Thank you lukas!
        That book is interesting. Even it doesn’t contain explicit textures appearing ingame it could be useful to recreate certain details 😉

        That #5 comparison image: I used the original texture but Capcom touched up to make it unrecognizable. If you look closely you’ll see al details match. Its a detail of an altar piece in Toledo. I’d say Capcom painted over the central figure some kind of woman painting with a twisted pose. Yo can see part of the original head under the overlayered woman’s face XD

        So, that picture is not a painting, it’s a figure 😛

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