Look familiar? (XII)

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12 responses to “Look familiar? (XII)”

  1. Lukas says:

    Amazing find! Looking forward to the next progress update, hope it’ll be a big one! :^)

  2. Terminento says:

    No shit! I always thought those holes in resident remake and 4 were suspicious, but I would have never figured out they came from a confessional! I can’t picture Wesker saying “Ave María purísima…”

    • albert says:

      Haha good eye! Yes. It’s in Remake, too. But it’s combined with another door… which I found! I’m saving it for a future “look familiar” ;P
      “Ave María purísima… I need a complete global confession!”

  3. Lukas says:

    Make a new album! :^)

  4. kaludio says:

    hahaha you guys even got the flash reflection on the same place xD

    • kaludio says:

      oh and could you guys consider remapping the texture of the top of the cabinets featured on the “look’s familiar (vii)” I think that a less stretched wooden surface would work miracles on that specific 3D model. as always thanks for the time and effort

      • albert says:

        Yes! I took several pictures to get the same light source. It looks really good in room 20b! (Ada and Leon’s first contact)

        Cris touched up that one to avoid that streched effect. Now it looks much much better! ;D

  5. V I D A L says:

    I think it’s time for you guys to remove the phrase “Our attempt to completely revise the original textures for Resident Evil 4.” from the top of the page. It’s no longer an attempt, its pure success all the way. No reason for not being confident of the quality work you are both doing.

    Keep it up.

  6. Lukas says:

    I just realized the symbol on the Amenhotep typewriter must be an ANKH because
    a) it’s an egyptian symbol meaning “life”
    b) “Amenhotep” was a pharaoh

    I think they’ve edited it a bit though, but it’s possible to make out an Ankh in there.

    • albert says:

      Hum… you are right, it could be an ankh after all… If it’s an ankh it is surrounded by some unidentified ornament. We’ll keep in mind this detail for a future final revision for sure 😉
      Thank you again!!

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