I Can See The Finish Line! (Resident Evil 4 First Scene Environmental Shots)

I’m really enjoying this so far, and I’m almost done with the textures from the first gameplay section of the game. I’m still dreading redoing the Ganado facial textures – every attempt so far has been underwhelming, so I keep putting it off… If anyone has any tips for drawing face textures, please let me know!

Here are the latest progress shots!

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3 responses to “I Can See The Finish Line! (Resident Evil 4 First Scene Environmental Shots)”

  1. Lucas says:

    Gotta say, this is first time I see someone redoing textures who actually knows what he is doing. Textures looks very similar to the original ones but higher res. They seem to fit in the world really nice ! Hopefully we will be able to play RE4HD with your updated textures because they look much better than capcom ones. 🙂
    Amazing work dude ! 😀

  2. crisdecuba says:

    Thanks, I appreciate it! The first thing I wanna do is port over this work to the UHD version and then continue working from that version.

  3. RE4Life says:

    Looks Very, Very Impressive!Wow!