Shields Everywhere!

I’m enjoying spending some time focusing on textures where it’s a combination of real-world sources and artistic edits.

And of course, this is a WIP. Some coloring adjustments and other small edits needed. Also, note that on the comparison shot with the statue, Capcom edited the original source location’s statue, while my version retains the Franciscan saint (for now at least).


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12 responses to “Shields Everywhere!”

  1. Pedro says:


  2. Luis garcia says:

    Well, dude, i think you and albert have to start thinking about releasing hd patch #1. At this speed we are gonna grow old. Waiting for the full release. Just my two cents. Just my opinion.

    • Terminento says:

      I, however, think they are making progress really fast. They almost already have half of the game done!!!
      Take into account that Square Enix basically did the same with Final Fantasy X HD: Remastering the textures (in lower resolution than Cris and Albert, I might add) and some minor geometry touch up; yet it took an entire team of professionals -dedicated solely to that day after day- more than a year. Cris nd Albert are just tow guys and they have redone half of the game’s textures already! Hell! They’ve redone a bigger portion of the game than Capcom had!
      Every week we have at least one update showing progress. And, My oh my! Is this some amazing progress!
      And these textures are hard to do, because they have architectural, artistic and iconographic motifs. By the time they rech the island, with it’s industrial concrete and metal, it’s gonna be like stepping on the speed pedal.
      We shouldn’t feel entitled to anything. These guys are doing an amazing work and they deserve all our support.

  3. Re6joke says:

    This is….. M A G N I F I C E N T ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  4. grub says:

    Comment: on the shield, the center icons also appear to be fleur de lis.

  5. Terminento says:

    Amazing work, as always, guys!
    And leave the francisan monk in. It feels almost three dimensional and has a volume. The “Marx-meets-church” thing Capcom did feels kind of odd, and the original statue doesn’t feel out of place, anyway. I don’t need to tell you how much of a presence catholic imagery has in Spain… (It is everywhere! Specially in castles and palaces)

  6. togan says:

    AWESOMENESS,AWESOMENESS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Shields are hard to re-create with proper motif. The centred portion shield re-creation all parts look not very good. Each cross-section of shield has different design/motif. The top right “Lion” red/gold section looks passable,as does the top right “Fleur de lis” blue/gold. But both bottom half of shield needs work…As for the Re-Created Centre,good job =) Almost forgot about the symbols on the outer rim of shield…bluebirds? really…IMHO the bottom most symbol resembles a bat more than bird;Coloured black,not blue.

    However,the 2nd Shield is done much better. Only thing that looks bad is the “cross” top left,should be more “religeous” also the lower part of cross looks to have ruby embeded into it. Maybe try searching for religeous holy “artifact” in cross shape to find better fit. The black bird,top right looks OK,however on vanilla texture,what are those two block/square parts (top neck/head area)+(bottom feet area) of the bird image…maybe egyptian?

    Keep up the good fight,Albert and Cris.

    • Cris says:

      Thanks for the feedback! The interesting story behind the shields is that they are modified versions of real-life shields found in a specific castle in the UK (I’ll save the details in case Albert would like to share in a future “Look Familiar?” post. 🙂 So with that in mind, some responses:

      Re: the lions and the fleurs de lis – those are pretty much an exact match with the original shield, including the distortion on the layout of the bottom three lions. And the symbols around the edge of the shield really are those birds. I do agree that they should be darker and less blue. On the original shield they are blue, but in the game they’ve been darkened.

      Re: the cross in the top left, I agree – there’s an opportunity to create a more appropriate cross and to match the coloring better. The black bird in the top right is exactly the same bird from the original shield. The square parts on the bird were added by Capcom. You’ll notice these same squares are on the other shield too (upper left, upper right, and bottom center). In this case there isn’t a clear indication of why they were added or what they’re supposed to be, so I think I prefer to leave them out.

      Thanks again for taking the time to examine and share feedback! It’s definitely appreciated!

  7. KALUDIO says:

    one thing i would like to comment on is how capcom mapped the texture so that a black conture would be left inside the 3d model so that the rough edges of the low poly models would not be so apparent. it would be nice if they were added back since it would make the shields look more rounded and more 3d-ish. also assuming that the shields have static lighting effect it would be awesome if the had fake reflation added to them, to simulate bump maps (like the blue pillars on the original game). In the other hand if the lighting is not static, it would be awesome if they could have real bump maps or specular effects. As always thanks for the time and effort

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