Look familiar? (XV)

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7 responses to “Look familiar? (XV)”

  1. Pedro says:

    From which room is this floor?

  2. albert says:

    Shooting range minigame 😉

  3. Lafazar says:

    Okay, now you’re just messing with us. The odds of finding something like that seem completely insane.

    • albert says:

      Haha yeah… it seems something insane I know. This is a dirty narrow street nearby a famous monument in Barcelona (which is plenty of RE4 textures). My mental radar spot a potential positive when I saw those red tiles… and I was lucky! XD

  4. luis says:

    that re4 have to have normal or hd?

    • albert says:

      Hi Luis!
      Are you talking about the texture option or the version of the game this project is for?

      We are working on the last PC version released on 2014. This project will replace the textures used in the “HD” option. So you will be able to switch between Original Gamecube textures and our HD remastered textures

      I hope this answer your question! 🙂

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