The Village Release – What to Expect

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Hi everyone!

We wanted to lay out a few things ahead of time for those awaiting the Village release on Christmas day. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Date and Time: The download page will go live on December 25, 2014 at 12:00AM Eastern Time
  2. Download Size: The file will be approximately 4GB – it may be helpful to use a download-manager program that allows you to resume downloads
  3. Stability: Thanks to the feedback of those who were able to download the release early, we have been able to optimize certain rooms that were causing crashes for some users
  4. Feedback: If you do happen to experience a crash, the updated feedback form (above) will be available for you to let us know the details
  5. What’s Included: Environmental textures for the entire Village portion of the game (approximately the first third of the game), including cut-scene environmental textures (characters, enemies, and traps are not included)
  6. Corrected Stage Models: A few corrected stage models are included.

If you have any other questions ahead of time, please leave a comment!

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6 responses to “The Village Release – What to Expect”

  1. kaludio says:

    i keeps crashing after it loads when you go up the staircase on the well right before you enter Mendez house for the first time. it happens on my laptop with an inte i7 – nvidia gtx 750m and in my desktop with a intel i7 – readeon hd 7970.

    • albert says:

      Thank you for the feedback kaludio! This is one of the rooms we optimized for the Christmas release. Could you please check it again installing the final pack files tomorrow ?

      For those who downloaded the package on Dec 18th: you will have a link for the optimized files to your disposal so you won’t need to download all 4GB again 😉

      BTW, there are 2 different Kaludios here, am I right? I’m confused! haha

      • kaludio says:

        hahah yes, one is from my laptop and the other is the account that i did on my desktop xD

        • kaludio says:

          btw why does it crash? and how did you guys fixed it? xD

          • albert says:

            It’s because of the file size. Probably because of the ammount of textures the game is storing in the memory at the same time. When it reaches the limit it crashes. We think an aproximate file size of 170-180MB every pack file as a maximum is safe and doesn’t cause crashes.

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