Experiencing Crashes? Here is a Solution

For those who are experiencing crashes, this tool will likely fix the issue:

4GB Patch Tool

Quote: “This small tool patches x86 executables in order to let them have 4GB (instead of only 2) of virtual memory on x64 platforms. This is handy for applications which need a larger amount of virtual memory like games, 3D renderization, multimedia etc.”

And the file you need to patch is typically found here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Resident Evil 4\Bin32\bio4.exe

The patch tool will automatically create a backup file, so the original bio4.exe won’t be lost.

Thus far those who have patched the exe file have no longer experienced crashes. We hope this helps anyone else having a similar issue!

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90 responses to “Experiencing Crashes? Here is a Solution”

  1. Re6joke says:

    Thank you very much but i was wondering if there was any risk when transforming an exe using steam ?

    • Cris says:

      We don’t believe there’s any risk whatsoever, and the tool creates a backup of the original exe file so it can be restored easily if needed.

  2. Re6joke says:

    no problems with Re4 by the way, but it can be usefool for me with other games.

  3. Super Meat Boy says:

    Can this help with antivirus related crashes? I use Bitdefender and I get constant crashes on 3-1 castle water room and 1-3 lagoon. I had to disable my antivirus.

    • albert says:

      Hello SMB!
      I don’t think so… but I guess the best way to know it is testing it.
      It will create a backup for your exe file so you can restore it in case it’s not successful. Anyway, the patched exe file should work perfectly fine 😉

  4. Zeus says:

    Can´t make it work after the patch, error 0xc0000142

    • Cris says:

      Hi Zeus – thanks for letting us know. For now it would be good to revert back to the original exe file (the patch should have created a backup copy of the original). Everyone – has anyone else experienced this issue?

      • Anonymous says:

        Also unable to use the game exe after patching it with this “patch tool”.
        Just wanted to use it to prevent any crash, I’ll see if the game works without.
        (I must admit one thing, the game exe isn’t the “original one”,I didn’t wanted to buy the game one more time juste to be able to install it on newer OS than XP/Vista and because of an awful bug that freezes the game when talking to merchant or changing area, thanks to the lazy work of Capcom)

      • Ian says:

        Umm.. It’s been over three years and the “error 0xc0000142” is still happening.. Do you have any idea why? It’s made my game unplayable..

        • Cris says:

          Hi Ian. Not sure if you saw my reply on your other comment: “We have noticed that the 4GB patch makes pirated versions of the game crash. Are you using a genuine copy of the game?”

          For everyone: Is there anyone who has a genuine copy of the game, it works normally, but after you apply the 4GB patch it stops working / crashes?

          • Jan says:

            That would be me. I’ve owned the game on steam for ages. after installing the mod and oatch i crash when i try to enter a new area.

    • Leon says:

      What a miracle!
      I got the same c0142 error after patching. Then I deleted the patched .exe; rename the original .exe.
      Then I was able to start the game!

      • Ian says:

        Umm.. how is this a miracle? That was the original EXE. Of course it would work. The game is still unpatched..

  5. Chris R says:

    I was experiencing a crash with the village update when going up the well in the village. Right where you can shoot the fish in the enclosed water tank area. This fixed the issue right up. You guys have done a great job, I can’t wait for the finished product. I too love this game and it still holds up to this day. Thanks for all the hard work!

  6. Someone says:

    Thank you so much! The game kept crashing at the swamp area and I was unable to continue but this fixed it.

  7. Brad Bice says:

    Thank you! The game was crashing when moving from the El Gigante path to the area before the cable cars. Patch fixed it!

  8. Jacob says:

    I find that this patch doesn’t help me with my problem, I have the minimum requirements for the game and low settings, my problem is in the Castle Garden where I get crashes, with the normal story, I usually have enough time to get through before a crash, however as Ada in Separate Ways, it crashes immediately, with this patch, I get a slight amount of time, but it usually crashes after a minute or two. Is there other ways to fix this or am I alone on this one?

    • Cris says:

      Hi Jacob! I think the best place to ask for this type of issue would be the Steam forum for the game (since it’s not specifically related to the mod). Specifically in this thread: http://steamcommunity.com/app/254700/discussions/0/558752450884949551/ – I hope that helps! And of course, if anyone browsing here has had experience with this kind of issue, please chime in! I’m sorry I can’t be of more help – I haven’t encountered this issue myself. 🙁

      • Jacob says:

        Thank you, I appreciate the help even though it isn’t a direct solution, but now I have a place to check for possible info on the problem.

  9. Kernda03 says:

    I’m new to pc gaming and patches, do i just have to download this or do I have to place it in the file address stated above?

  10. Kaotek says:

    Just a quick note to thanks so very much for the patch. I couldn’t get past the swamp area because of the bug, and this fixed it up straight away.

    Been following the thread on GAF for a while now, keep up the fantastic work!

  11. Newbie Skillz says:

    Yeah ummm what happens if I am using a cracked version not the steam version,my game has been crashing on me alot

    • Cris says:

      I’m sorry, but there’s not much we can do if you’re using a cracked version of the game instead of purchasing it. 🙁

      • Newbie Skillz says:

        It’s ok I found a way to not crash on my version of the game,It seems to be crashing when not doing anything for 1-2 mins on the options screen menu.Its weird.It works but I just cant leave the game on standby on the options menu.Another issue when using the free cracked version of the game is when you play it up to 7-8 hours of gameplay it freezes.Not much of a big deal just restart and play again for long periods of hours but the crashs on the options menu is what I hate,because when it crashs I have trouble getting out of the program itself when I do (ctrl alt delete).Anyways bye,seems like everybody on here likes to chat and chat more about this HD Mod?Dont anybody like the Steam HD version of the game then the HD mod?I mean your just wasting your memory to download a mod for more HD.I just think sticking with the steam version is better.

  12. Sam Taylor says:

    I’ve patched the game with the tool, can’t get pass the “SWAMP” without having a crash during the part you have to shoot to some boxes in order to activate the waterfall passage.
    It just stops working.

    Also, I’ve already turned off my windows defender (anti . virus), I’ve tried the “Properties and cache” on steam (obviously I bought the game on steam).

    Can anyone help me ? My laptop doesnt meet the standard recomendations to play it but, with the HD off and turning screen to 800 x600 works perfectly fine and gets no lag (just the crash on swamp).

    Intel(R) Celeron(R) 3205U @ 1.50GHz
    RAM: 4.00 GB
    System: Operative system 64 bits, processor x64

    Please someone help me, should I wait for a new patch or something ? 🙁


  13. Edwardvansloan says:

    After using this patch and doing some other things This fixed my crashing problem at 1-3.

  14. Jhon says:

    still crash on windows 10 so annoying……

  15. Psyche says:

    Does not work

    • albert says:

      Could you provide us more info about your problem?
      For example, did you experience issues before installing our patch?
      Are you experiencing crashes randomly? or always in the same room?

  16. Steven Schwarz says:

    I’m running Windows 7 x64 and similar to others I get consistent crashes on the 1-3 swamp area. Tried both disabling and closing Bitdefender Antivirus as well as running the path tool, but still getting the crashes. Anyone with further suggestions or fixes? I’m really at a loss here…

    • Steven Schwarz says:

      *patch tool. I should also clarify, the game moreso freezes than crashes. The freezes happen randomly (when I’m running, picking up an item, just standing still, etc) but always in the swamp area. The game responds to nothing except Ctrl+Alt+Del where I have to kill the process.

      • Cris says:

        Quick question – was this happening before installing our patch?

        • Steven Schwarz says:

          Hi Cris, yes it was, hence how I ended up here in search of a solution.

          • Cris says:

            Okay thanks – I only asked to confirm whether it was an issue with our Texture Mod or if it happens on the regular version as well. My best suggestion would be to post the issue on either the Steam Forum for the game or at the Resident Evil Mod Board ( http://residentevilmodding.boards.net/ ). However, if you’ve already tried closing your anti-virus program, I suspect you may have already tried those places. 🙁 I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you. I simply haven’t run into that issue on my end.

            For anyone reading these comments — please do reply if you have any ideas on how to address!

  17. Gabe R. says:

    My game keeps crashing after the patch. it always crashes in the same spot , right when you are entering the “waterfall”.plz help me

  18. Tony says:

    Hi I bought an alienware (windows 10)I download the patch file, I patched the file, I did the cache instruction still I get constantly crashes even though I’ve turned off (Disable) my anti-virus which I use the AVG. Can someone help me? I keep getting crashing every 10min I play, I bought the game and I’m a big fan of RE4! Please help me..!

    • Cris says:

      My understanding is that the game may crash in Windows 10 and that there is no solution *yet* for this issue. For this reason we have not upgraded to Windows 10 on our end. To be clear for everyone, this is an issue that happens with or without our mod. I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you. 🙁

    • Robbyz says:

      Turn Back your windows 10 to windows 8

  19. Nazeroth says:

    I had the problem with the game crashing on the maze of the castle, after doing this 4gb thing it still crashes.

    • Nazeroth says:

      Noticed a problem after doing the 4gb patch, whenever i try to open a door leon’s foot goes right through the door

      • albert says:

        Oh that sounds like a really odd issue! Does someone here suffered of the same issue? It’s the first time I hear something like that

    • albert says:

      Hello! The 4GB patch solves crashing issues that appear after installing our texture patch. The maze issue has no relation with our project so I’m afraid we can’t help. Could you try asking in the Steam forums? Maybe someone there can help you!

  20. Skywatch25 says:

    I had constant game crashes during the first village fight in the beginning of the game and could almost never make it to a typewriter. If experiencing crashes like this try going to your task manager, go to services, and right click “tabletinputservice” and click stop. This fixed all game crashes throughout the game for me. You just have to ensure the “tabletinputservice” is off as you will have to stop it every time before you start the game. I found this through other re4 threads.

    • albert says:

      Thank you for the tip!
      This might be useful to some users.
      I guess this isn’t related to our HD project. Am I right? I mean… Did you have those crashes before installing the Village Demo pack?

  21. gonzalo veron says:

    my game save is lost after i put this patch how do i put the backup file as bio4.exe again?

    • albert says:

      Hello Gonzalo!
      It’s easy: delete “bio4.exe” file and rename “bio4.exe.BACKUP” to “bio4.exe”
      But this is the first time I read someone experience this issue… O.o

  22. Yeral says:

    I have several crashes in windows 10 and when i use your patch show me error 0xc0000142
    i had windows 7 before and the game worked very well but in windows 10 it’s very annoying with those crashes, please release a solution for this game !

  23. Evan says:

    My game still crashes after a random amount of time. it can crash after the first cutscene (when you cross the bridge to the village) or in the middle of battle. The patch didn’t work 🙁 PLS HELP ME

    • Cris says:

      Hi Evan! Thanks for reaching out! Usually the first time someone posts, we have to approve the post before you will see it on the site. That’s why your comments weren’t appearing right away.

      About the issue you are experiencing, can you confirm whether the issue happens without our mod installed? Also, what operating system are you running? I believe that there is an issue with running the game on windows 10, where the game will crash periodically after some time. This happens with or without our mod installed.

      Please let us know!

      • Evan says:

        Thanks for clearing up the comments part didin’t know how this sites comment’s worked :P. Anyways I had the crashes BEFORE the mod was installed. My OS is windows 10 and the game crashes most of the time when idle in the screens that pause gameplay and can happen in gameplay just randomly idk my laptop kinda sucks(just an FYI). Also do you somehow need my system specs? Thank you. Please reply soon!

        • Evan says:

          Oh also forgot to say that the game crashed a little less frequently before the patch but was barely enough time to reach the end of a chapter or the next typewriter.

        • Cris says:

          Hi again! If the crashes are happening without our mod then we are pretty limited in our ability to troubleshoot. From what I see on the Steam forum for the game, Windows 10 users are having issues with random crashes. A couple of users said that they were able to solve this by going into Services in Windows and disabling the Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel services. I’m not sure if that will work for you, but it’s worth trying. If you have more questions it might be good to post it on this thread where that solution is mentioned, or start a new thread in the Steam community forum for the game — I hope that helps!

          • Evan says:

            Sorry wasen’t able to get back to you sooner i was busy. Anyways
            I have the mod installed and I tried the solution with disableing the driver you mentioned and the game dosen’t seem to crash anymore! (AWESOME) Thanks for the solution and the mod is great! If there is a problem I will contact one of you guys again THANKS!

  24. midul says:

    I installed resident evil 4 but it crashed I read here to download 4gb patch but not able to install it

  25. Paul says:

    Hi guys.
    So I installed a game today. I get crashes in 2-1 waterfall area. Turned graphics to low and repeated all the steps that were provided but nothing works. The game crashed before and after the patch. I am running on win10, but I turned the game for win7 mode and also turned off the driver. No result what so ever. Any help or advice?

  26. Austin says:

    I dont know if anyone is still here but i have a problem that i have not seen anywhere else. When i enter in the video menu its fine until i exit, then it just crashes and i have no idea whats causing it. Does anyone else know how to help me? It would be very helpful!

    • albert says:

      Hello! Is it related to our Texture pack? If not, you should ask in the Steam forums, too. Maybe they have an answer for you. Or maybe someone here can help. This is the first time I hear about this issue…
      Does it happen always since the very first time you entered the video gallery? If not, try uninstall and reinstall again. I’m sorry I don’t have a better solution 🙁

  27. Boredman says:

    Hmm, nothing happen after the patch and it still random freezing at 3-1 and 3-2. Maybe I did it wrong but any solutions?

    • albert says:

      Did it happen before installing our HD pack?
      This 4GBpatch solves the issues caused by our huge textures, but not the issues that already took place before installing our project files

  28. Reactem says:

    I just found a fix for anyone who experiences crashing when trying to exit a section, for me a new game fixed everything (sorry to those already 54% of the way done)

  29. SR212787 says:

    Followed all instructions and installed everything. Seems like everything works as in starting from any save I have at just about any part of the game, and playing a new game, but crashes when selecting new game plus (Cleared Game). After it asks to select which costume it tries to start the Merchant screen and I can hear WEL…. And it crashes.

  30. Rodrigo says:

    if i don’t patch the game (with that 4GB Patch) i can run the game, but, the game crash when i trhough loading door, (on chapter 2) “The Game stop working” =P and if i patch, the game give me error 0xc0000142 xD i can only play the original version HD.

    • albert says:

      The 4GB patch will make useless a cracked or pirated versions of the game. It’s mandatory to use a genuine copy of the game (Steam or disc) in order to use our pack.

  31. La Rage says:

    It doesn’t work for me. I have installed the patch and nothing works. crashes appears in thr laberint part of the castle. I have the Steam version lf the game. I need help!

    • albert says:

      Hello! I’ve heard of this issue in the Steam forums sometimes since the release date. It seems it’s not related with our HD project, am I right?
      The crashes this “4GBpatch” solves are the crashes caused by the huge HD textures of our project pack, but any other issues you had previously with the original game are not solved by this app.
      Unfortunatelly, some computers simply have issues with this game for unknown reasons. I’m not sure if someone at the Steam forums managed to find the problem of the maze area. You should ask in the Steam RE4 forums.
      Did you try deactivating the antivirus?

  32. Victor kaminski says:

    Hello albert, i need your help, my game is crashing when i get in the pueblo, chapter 1-1, the game doesnt show the cinematic, it just crash when i open the door, i’ve tried the 4Gb tool but it still crashes, what i can do to resolve this issue? I have the steam version of the game, thanks!

    • albert says:

      Does it happen without the texture pack?
      Did you apply the 4GB pacth on the bio4.exe file?

      • Victor says:

        Without the texture pack and the 4gb patch, the game works just fine, i have apply the 4GB patch on the exe file, but it doesnt seem to work

      • victor kaminski says:

        hello albert, i’ve read some of the questions that you answerd, and i had an idea, i’ve tried create a new game and started from zero, just to try it out (the game that crashed was new game but a new round of a saved game), and when i tested, the game do not crash in that moment that i’ve mentioned earlyer. so, what it could be the problem?

      • victor kaminski says:

        and about your questions, ive answerd earlyer but it doesnt show in the forum i dont know why, but, this only happens with the texture pack. about the 4gb patch, i have applyed but the game works just fine without it too

      • victor kaminski says:

        and to be clear, i dont have another mods installed in the game, actually i really dont use mods that much, i use when it could make the game “pretier”, this could be an error because the save game file that i have, was no played with the texture pack? do i need that the saved game has to be played with the texture to play with the bonus? (not the special skins, but the infinite rocket launcher and other guns)

      • victor kaminski says:

        My PC is way above the minimum requirements.

        my configuration:

        intel I7 7700
        16 GB RAM
        GEFORCE GTX 1060 3GB VRAM
        Using the game on SSD (i’ve tried using the game in the HDD but i didnt see any diference)

      • victor kaminski says:

        i’ve forgot to mention: i use windows 10 pro, latest build

      • i’ve been playing the game that didnt crash, but, there are some other problems beside the crash that i’ve mentioned. playing the game itself with the texture pack dont have any issues, but when i get in the cutscene with the leon meeting luis serra in the closet, in the final of the first chapter 1-1, the closet texture bugs, along with the enemies textures and leon’s face textures. and it seems to me that Luis is with his original textures, not with the textures of the texture pack. if i could upload the image to you for you to see this, would be very easyer, i’ll try to upload in googledrive to share with u the images of the game

        • albert says:

          Hello! those texture issues take place when some files are not properly installed
          It seems some EVD files have not been installed for some reason, but I can’t say what could cause the problem.
          For example, you should see r106s00.evd inside the BIO4\EVD folder, but you’ll probably find r106s00.evd.lfs aswell.
          The .lfs shouldn’t be there, only the evd file
          But again, I can’t say why the installation had this issue..
          Anyway, keep in mind this pack is outdated (2018) and the character and enemies textures and a lot of extra details are not remastered yet.

          • victor kaminski says:

            thats ok then, i’ll just play with the original textures, i’ve imagined that since the updates in the progress summary was that the main campain was complete, i thoght that the texture pack was updated or something like that. but thats fine, i hope one day to play this mod with everything remastered. i hope my feedback helped you to enchanced the development of the mod. thanks very much for your attention.

  33. Rimawi says:

    Hi, how can i restore the game because the patch file crashes before i enter the game so i think it does not work on my copy of the game.

    • albert says:

      A clean reinstallation is the fastest solution. The save game files won’t be changed, they are in a separate folder. Just delete the entire BIO4 and Bin32 folders and reinstall the game.

  34. capdaddy says:

    Thank you so much! I was stuck crashing on the ladder after the large bass and this fixed it. Cheers for what you do.

  35. dii says:

    Hi guys, I did the whole mod installation process, I tested it on version 1.1.0 and the game doesn’t open under any circumstances, I I just managed to make the game work by looking for a version 1.0.6 which is where I’m having this problem and the game doesn’t work after Twerk applies the 4gb Patch with the following error (0xc0000142),, any solution?

    I’m on Windows 11

  36. Max says:

    Hello, I had already tested the previous version and it worked perfectly. Now after the first cutscene the loading screen appears and the game closes.
    What can it be ?

  37. Eduardo says:

    My game is crashing when i interact with the door that trigger the Ada and Krauser cutscene. I set the textures in options to original and the game passed normally. After this, i set back the textures to hd and when the u3 cutscene will start appearing, the game crashes again. Please help me, i can’t stop playing this