Look Familiar? (XVII)

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  1. kaludio says:

    how is the new computer going along? are you team red or green team?

    • albert says:

      Haha I had to google that red/green thing
      Green… is this good or bad?? XD

      Intel Core i5 4690 / 6MB CACHE / 3,5Ghz / TurboBoost 3,9Ghz
      ASUS H97-PLUS / USB 3.0 / SATA 6 / 1x PCI-e x16 3.0
      2x 136431 – 16 GB (2x8GB) DDR3 1600MHZ KINGSTON
      Barracuda 1 Tb / SATA-III / 64Mb

      Now I can play at full 60fps smoothly with all super HD textures with no noticeable fps drops at all! A huge improvement compared to my previous 6-years-old computer…

      • kaludio says:

        overall nvidia has more stable drivers and more excursive features, on the other hand amd delivers more raw power per dollar… however they are somewhat more complicated to deal with. personally I like amd a bit more, cuz of how open source their intellectual properties are like mante or freesync, plus the’re kind of the underdog, so is easier to cheer for them, being that said, I love how maintenance free, easy to install and performance consistence nvidia’s gpus are. hopefully now you can enjoy your own work as much as we did 😀

        • albert says:

          I see! thank you for the explanation 😉
          Yeah… it was sad and ironic I couldn’t fully enjoy the HD experience by myself XD

          • Lukas says:

            Please, could you mail me shots of the cigarette box and the tombstone that I helped finding? :3

          • Cris says:

            Hi Lukas! I forgot to include it with the last update. When I’m capturing screenshots again I’ll capture and send to you (and thanks again for finding the tombstone!). After that I would like to not fulfill specific requests just to make sure that as much time as possible can be devoted to continue making progress. 🙂

      • Pedro says:


  2. Lukas says:

    Alright then.
    A general question, has any other follower managed to find you an original source asset?

  3. DarkSamus says:

    Nice screenshot Albert, maybe when you finish with RE4UHD you could redo REmastered next?

    • albert says:

      Thanks! 😀 That would be possible for 3D models only. Most benefit models of a texture rereremaster would be the doors… Too bad everybody hate the doors in that game XD

  4. darff says:

    Thanks for your amazing work 🙂

  5. KALUDIO says:

    in commemoration of the REmake launching on steam, i post more stuff i found on the game.. yay!.. i guess xD

    http://i.imgur.com/L6jFwru.png i don’t know how i feel about this one, i found out that the metal plate (green) is also on the sides of the control box, it doesn’t bother me, but i could see how other could see it as a oddity. on the bottom of the image i included how it would look without is ( a little to plain if you ask me xD)

    http://i.imgur.com/RcBaRop.png I noticed that the leafs on the bottom of the well repeat (red) on the inside, due to the nature of the texture. also, you can see how a 3d model with that leaf texture on the floor pokes out of the 3d model of the well (green). this could be fix by mapping the inside well with the same rock and concrete texture but stretched so that it doesn’t show the leafs (or using the source texture without the leafs). also some floor 3d model forgery xD

    http://i.imgur.com/ns9QPSo.jpg on the room before you fight the giant fish you can spot some brown plants that are unfortunately are the same brown shade as the background. IMO it would make it look better if the plants highlight and/or hue where to be changed so that the are more easy to see and therefore more better appreciated.

    http://i.imgur.com/F1T8wf0.jpg on the room with the catapults before you enter the castle you can spot some weird 3d models that don’t seem to seam correctly (green). two on the left and right sides of the railing and one on the left side of the stairs on the floor.

    http://i.imgur.com/hIaZ3Hy.jpg on this occasion i notices that on the torches with the barbwire, the texture that is used on the metal part that is attached to the wall is deformed, and the circles that are supposed to be on the center of where the metal rods meet the wall support are slightly off-center. now that not of a big deal, but the torches inside the castle (the fancy ones) have the same problem except that the circles are way off. i think that the barbwire torch texture would be fix by stretching the middle part of the texture while altering the ends so that the circles don’t get deformed, and creating a custom texture for the fancy tprches.
    also you can spot some black vertical lines on the top of the door fame (violet) that seem to have no purpose (not at least that i know) i could be wrong though.

    http://i.imgur.com/ipAuiZw.jpg i was wondering if we could get the full no-mirrored version of the sculptures and painting is the game (green), I think it would be nice, since most likely capcom did this to save some vram or maybe due to copyright infringement xD. also there is a random shadow on the left side of the map (red)

    http://i.imgur.com/pRtfxin.jpg the room right before the corridor with the crows has a weird texture popping out of the wall (red) and two flickering texture on the side of the door frames (green) probably due to the overlapping of 3d models such as the door frame and wall.

    http://i.imgur.com/kH9qksS.jpg this last one happens on the stairs of the room where you encounter the gandao with rocket launcher on the wall for the first time. the problem with it is that on the wall on top of the stairs there is random shadow that doesn’t need to be there (green) and that on the bottom part of the room there is some weird scaling on the texture on the wall (red), it seems that the developers stretched the texture a bit to much, which is strange because that same texture is used on the same room used at a normal scale.

    • albert says:

      All images saved! Thank you again Kaludio 😉
      I was thinking about “un-mirror” some of those textures. I have the complete version of all of them, so, it’s possible 😉

  6. Pedro says:

    Does the RE4 Engine support reflections?

    • albert says:

      I’m not sure. I’d say it doesn’t because all reflections in water and floors in the game are just duplicated, mirrored and simplificated models of the room.