Look familiar? (XX)

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  1. Kris says:

    How do you find all the original art work? Do you know where it is by heart? Do you actively scour someplace till you find it? Do you post a picture somewhere and hope that people recognise it?

  2. albert says:

    Hello Kris!
    After years in search of good textures to replace the original low-res I found by chance some actual doors, windows, etc appearig in the game. I investigate a little about those pictures I found and I uncover their location (several places in Spain and Wales). So, I’ve been always looking in the same places.
    And after all this time looking at this game textures… well… my brain jumps everytime my eyes glimpse something RE4 related XD

    So, yes, I scour places, but only those I know in advance they have (potentially) textures of the game 🙂

  3. kaludio says:

    are the island texture traceable to somewhere on spain?

    • albert says:

      It’s like the village area more or less, just a few textures. The big “party” of located real life assets is in the castle area 😉
      Anyway, the island area contains mostly generic textures. Only the machinery/control panel textures would be harder to recreate.

      • kaludio says:

        hahaha now that i think of it, it’s true… the only part i can remember that had odd texture was the hospital facility, specially the kitchen and the x-ray thingies on the walls xD. as a side thought, it would be cool if you guys included Easter eggs like the ones present on the halo games, it would be awesome to find a photo of you guys on the background, or quirky stuff on the labels of the food cans e.g.”might contain traces of Jill sandwich”

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