The Water Room, and a Little Bit Beyond

Hi Everyone! Here’s a brief update from my work on the Water Room (r208) and one shot from the Machine Gun room (r209). One of the things to notice is that the full painting has been restored, where before it was only half the painting, mirrored. And as always, please consider this a work in progress. Thanks!

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12 responses to “The Water Room, and a Little Bit Beyond”

  1. kaludio says:

    like i’ve said before, i like keeping it as close to the source material as posible, but alien jesus had to go xD i welcome this update and our new asymmetric savior with open arm, and i don’t even consider myself to be christian, so that’s saying something xD

  2. togan says:

    Mirror,mirror on the wall…who’s the best two modders of them all…Cris & Albert outdoes them all 😉

    • Cris says:

      Oh, and to be clear, all of the edits to the 3-D models that corrects issues like this are done by Albert. 🙂 and he found the original source painting to begin with. 🙂

  3. Steven says:

    Looking very nice, keep up the great work.

  4. Joel says:

    You guys never cease to impress!

  5. Richard says:

    Very good , your work is amazing !!! I am Brazilian , I am very eager to enjoy their work this will be a dream come true to play Re4 with this graphic quality .

  6. John Smith says:

    I like everything else you’re doing, but I really hate that you “restored” the full image. The original has very obvious symbolism, using a painting of Christ to create the Antichrist. You should stick to the source material, or just call it a remake.

    • albert says:

      The original is using a mirrored picture to save some VRAM because of hardware limitations of the original version of the game.
      It’s just a random painting so blurred that it was impossible to see what was happening in the scene. But at HD resolutions it becomes an obviously cheap mirrored texture (like a lot of doors, walls, chairs, etc)

      EDIT: Cris explained it much better 😛

    • Cris says:

      It took me a moment to understand what you meant. When you say “the original” you mean the original mirrored texture in the game, not the original real world painting, correct?

      My sense is that the mirrored texture is more intended as a space-saving measure. I think this because there are many other instances in the game where real world paintings are used and Capcom has edited them to make them different or to achieve a certain look (for example, changing the background in a painting, really darkening the eyes in another painting, etc.). And so if they really were going for a symbolic statement they could have done the same thing here. But instead they just mirrored the entire texture (the painting, the wall, the emblem above the painting, etc.), which to me sounds more like a space-saving measure. Something similar happens in the room with the flowing curtains. There is a ceiling mural with cherubim and angels that is made up of 1/4 of the real world painting, mirrored. In both of these cases, the result is something that looks bad especially in HD resolutions.

      Of course, that’s simply my own thinking. Thank you for taking the time to share and for your interest in the project!

      • Sean says:

        its sort of like how a lot of the wood textures were too shiney in HD… the low res image seems a bit scarier or more foreboding… funny how that works when you improve resolutions lol, I think the fact that our brains are seeing a blurry image causes us to imagine something “less human” like since its not only low res but also mirrored, it makes it look like an image of baphomet rather than an image of angels XD although, maybe that was intentional?? anyway the new high res images are awesome but they do remove that aspect of “what the hell am i looking at” lol

    • Anh says:

      The painting mirrored is indeed intentional. I’m studying this tecnhique right now and searched for re4 example remenbering this had this. This is why this game is just different. The wooden doors also use this technique to create devil heads.

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