“Las Plagas” Mining Area and the Novistadores’ Cave (r220, 223, 224, 21d)

Today, a complete chapter 4-2 update!

As you may know, we are correcting texture mapping issues as we go through each area. The mining area is a complete mapping mess. For now I’ve tried to fix major issues, but there will be further improvement in the next revision stage. I want to say thank you again to Son of Persia, a member from the RE modding community. All 3d edits are possible thanks to the tools he developed. 🙂

Almost all real life assets / original hi-res textures were found for the ornamental elements of the cave area (lucky us!)

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22 responses to ““Las Plagas” Mining Area and the Novistadores’ Cave (r220, 223, 224, 21d)”

  1. gazzellone says:

    Wow, I’m really speechless.
    You (I mean both) are going out of your way, fixing even model problems.
    I already donated a little (10 bucks), but now I feel almost bad because you guys really deserve more!
    I’ll certainly donate more as soon as I can :D!

  2. Marx says:

    Wow! Every time I come here and see your work, you gain my respect!
    Also, I would like to know what do you use to make this mods?

  3. kaludio says:

    is it me or all the chains now are 3D instead of being flat textures?

  4. Alvare says:

    Keep it up guys. Looks great.

  5. paulo says:

    ta very lovely two guys are the guys , I wonder when the next saira mod update to download ? please reply me.

  6. Diego Siqueira says:

    OH My!
    Finally! Finally! The update i was waiting for! The lava pool floor! that huge open holes always bothered me since the first time i seen then at the PS2 version back in the day!

    I really can’t wait for the full release! I deleted my UHD saves so i can enjoy this game with your work from the very first second <3

  7. kaludio says:

    i can’t tell by the pictures but i think that it would be better to use cut metal mesh http://www.steellong.cn/high/utp/wz397_1.jpg rather than laced wire fence http://www.chainlinkfencing.org/upfiles/image/diamondwiremesh1.gif for the industral parts

    • albert says:

      Thank you! I see your point and I agree. So I surely will change this texture to something resembling the picture in your link 🙂 It looks more stable and solid

  8. Idroblast says:

    Really awesome work, guys! You are going out with it! I’m sure that the end result will be amazing!
    Thank you!

    • kaludio says:

      is this mofo supposed to be transparent or is my computer tripping balls again xD, as always, thanks for the time and effort 😀

  9. Patrick says:

    Amazing… I will be donating when I have the extra money, you guys deserve it.

  10. togan says:

    Looking real nice guys =)
    However,just small “nit-picking” here regarding room 223D the Las Plagas Rock
    In Original state the “Fossil” looks correct,like captured in stone. It is bumpy/outward in appearance,like the Parasite was covered in stone.

    But with your Re-creation,the Parasite looks imbedded deep into the stone,even casting shadow…maybe try to find some real-life Fossil sample at local museum; to get the best look.

  11. albert says:

    Hi togan!
    I see what you mean and I had the same thinking. The thing is… I did use a real life fossil to recreate this texture. What made me think if this isn’t suposed to be a fossil after all!
    Or maybe it’s just a matter of how the light is applied at differnet angle/intensity on the source image Capcom used to create this texture compared to mine.
    We”ll think about this in the next revision stage 🙂

  12. Alvare says:

    I think the gray ladder in the boss fight area still looks bad and out of place. Sorry.

    • albert says:

      No problem! Yes, I agree. It’s too bright and flat.
      Buuuut… Maybe it was done this way on purpose: the player sees the ladder easily while the crazynees of fighting 2 Gigantes at the same time thanks to that texture.
      Anyway, let’s see what we will do with that texture in the next revison stage… 😉

      • Alvare says:

        I’m glad you agree. 🙂
        Indeed it looks flat. Heck, is the uvw even correct or is it a mess?

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