Moving toward the Garden Maze

Tonight I’m sharing some comparison shots from my work on the room that leads to the Garden Maze. This room was a little tedious because of the sheer number of mapping corrections needed (there were many repeated walls that needed similar adjustments for the columns), but I think we’re happy with the results. Enjoy the work in progress!

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6 responses to “Moving toward the Garden Maze”

  1. Daniel says:

    Nice work! By any chance, do you know if is it possible to mod the new “ultimate HD edition” with old mods? I came across a “last of us mod”, and I’m not sure if I can install it on the new steam version.

  2. grub says:

    On image 6 — it says restoration, but it looks like a re-creation. How did you decide that was the same wall?

  3. Alvare says:

    Delicious looking textures once again.
    Only thing I didn’t like is the horizontal stone texture on the door post of image 6.

  4. radamantis says:

    excelent? no,………..PERFECT!! keep the good work guys, i’m so excited for this project it’s a shame that CAPCOM made an “ultimate HD edition” and it doesn’t have a single texture restored like you guys are restoring and recreating, thank you very much for your hard work on this awesome game and, despite many says, awesome Resident Evil.

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