Salazar Robot (r226)

Hi people! Today I’m showing you one of the most terrible looking rooms in the game: the water room with Salazar’s Statue/Robot.

The room itself is not worse than any previous room. What makes this room look that bad is the water. Well… not just the water, but the 3D models reflected on it. You’ll see I duplicated almost all 3D models upside down inside the water and the results are pretty spectacular IMO, thanks to Son of Persia’s 3D editing tools. The texture improvement, as usual, comes from real life findings and re-creations. Picture 226G can be considered as a test. I flipped horizontally the composition because I found more natural to place those mini vertical panels on the laterals and the gilded column in the middle. If you pay close attention you’ll notice it’s the same altar but it’s not mirrored anymore 🙂

Next week I’ll post the video along with rooms 227 and 228. They are almost ready! I’ll be out of my place for one week. Hasta pronto!

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14 responses to “Salazar Robot (r226)”

  1. Gee says:

    That church-like glass, wow. Never realized it was that ugly. You made a wonderful job recreating it!! Keep us updated! Your job is amazing

  2. C. says:

    Amazing job on the church glass!

  3. Viper Snake says:

    Very nice work! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you do to the Island.

  4. Bad Guy says:

    art at its finest. thanks for all that u do

  5. togan says:

    PROTIP: Make sure to have MULTIPLE BACKUPS of your work…would hate to see you lose any data on this amazing project.

    Keep up the GREAT JOB Al & Cris

  6. Alvare says:

    Heeeeeeehaaaaaaaa! 😀

  7. Alexander says:

    It is awesome…Man, YOU are awesome! Kepp it going, please!

  8. Alexander says:

    It is awesome…Man, YOU are awesome! Keep it going, please!

  9. Matt says:

    Showing Capcom the way, one room at a time. Excellent work as always!

  10. Colmillo says:

    Wow! I love the way the water reflection, I never even noticed it looked so bad. Amazing work as always, the detail and accuracy you put into everything is great!

  11. Klaudio says:

    WOW i had an idea that you guys were going to properly mirror the room but i never though that there where gonna be changes to the 3d models. they look absolutely awesome. although i didn’t get what changed on 226c, the one with the chairs. the 3d models seem untouched.

  12. Mistery says:

    I wanted to play the game once more, i’ll wait for the castle part to be done, it’s sooo impressive, you’re doing all the work Capcom should have so don’t forget your name to Credits 😀